Geri Halliwell in a bikini

June 8th, 2009 // 101 Comments

Geri Halliwell (a.k.a. Ginger Spice) and her boyfriend Henry Beckwith jetted off to Italy for the weekend where it appears she became very concerned about her vagina. What thought could Geri have possibly had forcing her to check down her bathing suit?

“Wait. Did I just spontaneously grow a penis? Better look.”
“I should go back to carrying a purse….”
“Victoria? I know you’re in there.”
“Yes, guv’nor, them coals are piping hot. Too right.”

That blonde hair doesn’t fool me, woman!

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  1. richard

    In the butt, no babies!

  2. Sardonic

    More proof that eventually each of them will become Scary Spice.

  3. Richport's #1 Fan (I'm gay)

    “#43 – I’ll believe a woman has let your mouth next to her nethers when I believe you’ve been with a woman that doesn’t come folded up in a box.”

    Dude, I don’t want anything to do with “the nether”, a vagina is just fine. Men have anal sex because, well, they are retarded and wish that one of them had a pussy. You sad, lonely, demented old fuck. Now go rub Skippy Peanut Butter all over your ass crack and call your St. Bernard.

  4. Warren Piece

    Ummm… dunno if any of you have a chance. Big dong in shot #5. PS – not gay.

  5. Worst post ever, I feel like im eaves dropping! no wonder the fish dwellers are discussing Anal ramming…

  6. neptune

    I didn’t even realize it was physically possible to wear a bikini top like that…whoa.

    @9 – I agree! I didn’t notice until you said that.

    And furthermore, I don’t know why this is a hard concept, but female + male sex, regardless of position/devices/techniques = hetero sex. The end.

  7. cureholder

    She was probably just saying thanks again to the reason she’s never had to work a day in her life.

  8. @ #56

    i agree….why dont people get that WHERE you want to penetrate or be penetrated has nothing to do with sexual orientation….it is WHO you want to be with that matters….saying guys who like anal must be gay is like saying that women who like it in the vag must be straight…WRONG.

  9. Superbiggerevil

    I think my platoon sarge back in the Army wasn’t exactly gay as he was kinky, because when any of us would fuck up he’d get in our face and scream: “I’LL RIP OUT YOUR EYEBALLS AND SKULL-FUCK YOU!!!!!!!”

  10. The Zohan

    Title should have been:

    “Geri Halliwell Has Scariest Belly Button Ever”

  11. me

    How can anyone pick her apart…. shes at least 38….. better bod than than 99% of 20 year olds

  12. justifiable

    #53 “Nethers” means lower parts, specifically below the waist/upper thighs in humans. The fact that you don’t want anything to do with them proves you’re clueless about the actual anatomical location of the vagina – and probably other things as well. Good luck in your ongoing fruitless quest to find peanut butter at the hardware store, a willing drunk female to finally teach you what goes where — or coming close to providing a smackdown on Rich here. All will come to failure and tears.

  13. de profundus

    Anal sex is a taboo. A boring taboo.

    The whore/nice girl dichotomy that a large majority of men want women to play is proof that they cannot handle a woman who is unapologetic about what she wants. And I mean at ALL times. There is no slut/nun absolutes.

    When you talk about sex in a forum you will find that men still think they invented sex and that they STILL define women by very narrow and arbitrary rules.

    That’s why I like fucking men as opposed to little boys that think anal is the pinnacle of dirty and hot.

  14. What exactly is she looking for?

  15. ok ok

    Once more for the freaks here: the function of the anus is to discharge feces. The thought of any man inserting his penis into the domain or “nether region” whether or not that phrase entails the inclusion of the female sex organ (justifiable I am looking at you as well, homo) or foot, where shit may have passed and I would imagine there to be a flourishing multitude of bacteria is perverted.
    I would imagine fondling little boys is sexual but that does not mean that it is the right thing to do. Having sex with animals and rubber dolls and masturbating in traffic and stealing and lying and cheating are all highly stimulating activities as well. You can do whatever you think you can get by with.
    Some men fantasize about putting their penises a couple inches above where it was actually designed to be. You know, where shit resides.

    Why not just fuck women in their pussy? Why do men talk about fucking them in the ass all the time? That is my point. And the fact that some of them make these comments for the world to see is somewhat disturbing and quite amusing!

    Don’t forget guys, don’t step in doo doo! Happy shit sex!

  16. Funeral Guy

    Jeez, she looks like a pink bag of mashed potatoes. And WTF is up with that belly button?


  18. ok ok is far from ok

    #65 And the purpose of the mouth is to take in food, and it’s chockfull full of flourishing bacteria, so it’s good to know that by applying your reasoning blowjobs and muffdiving are off limits. Thank God you told us! Some men fantasize about putting their penises a couple feet above where it was actually designed to be. You know, where the teeth reside. Any other tips as to how the universe should be run, or was that about it?

    As for the nanny no-no on pedophilia, obviously “consenting adults” is a phrase you’ve never come across, but then your freak kind always loves to throw that into the mix to try and make your point. You can’t even figure out the difference between hetero and homo sex, so why even bother to try for that one? Oh yeah, one last thing – good deal linking cheating and lying etc. to all stimulating activities to show how evil they are as a group and how righteous sex as you dictate it is. You’ve just begged for bungee jumpers en masse to beat your solely-designed-to-shit ass to a pulp for the thrill of it.

  19. amisaki

    It really amazes me how many celeb women can’t choose a top that fits them to save their lives. Underboob flowing out of an undersized top makes her look porky, like she’s eaten her way out of it. Stupid.

  20. Iris


  21. justifiable

    #65 Let me try to explain something. I’ll use little words so you can follow along without becoming too confused. I know this is your normal state anyway, but what the hell, let’s try. “Nether region” means a whole area, not a hole area. People who know what words mean are “educated”, not “homos”. You probably know very few of either, but that’s no excuse. Men who like to have sex with men are often called “homos”. Men who like to have sex with women are not called “homos” – except by people like you who have no education. See how that all ties together?
    No one who likes to have sex with either men or women likes to have sex with children. People who do are called “pedophiles” and that sort of sex is illegal. Sex that adults have with other adults is not.

    Now, this is important, pay attention. People like to put their sexual organs in many places where they are not “designed” to be. They also like to put their hands on their sexual organs when there’s no “designed” space around. And unless you’re God, who is often credited with all that designing, you have no business telling people what to do with them. Remember, your head probably wasn’t designed to be shoved really far up your ass either, but since you did such a great job of it in your post, you see there’s plenty of leeway – even for you.

  22. Niche pictures, maybe she got a dick down there?

  23. Amazing collection of self decieving closet types

    Dear justifieable, you have beaten the “nether region” thing to death as I answered that one stupid. Richport’s Fag IMPLIED the anus when he said the phrase much like when babies say “gaga googoo” they might imply “give me some tit juice, bitch”.
    “God is dead” so let’s leave that one out. Wow God wants you to fuck in the ass I take it.
    I know I know there are lot’s of smal dicked types that cannot be satisfied with having “normal sex” with a vagina is the same sense that there are those incapable of going through day to day mundane life without resorting to useing drugs. But your God designed the world and so I guess that’s ok as well, right?

    None of you little dicks have adressed my main point I notice. And that has to do with sticking you penis in a shit hole. Why not tell the world how having some shit on your dick is perfectly natural while you’re at it?

    Oh and justifiable, you can use words with me so big that your go into a Grand mal seizure. It will be ok I can handle it. I am smart enough to know not to stick my sex organs near feces unlike semi-men like you that are somewhat retarded.

    Now go thoroughly wipe off your dick, it stinks and tell your boyfriends it’s time to get up and go to work.

  24. mikeock

    I have to deduct points for the cigarette. Anyone who smokes these days, knowing what we know about smoking,has to be retarded.

  25. anyway

    @73 A lot of people addressed that point but because they’re not agreeing with you you’re ignoring it. Men who like to fuck women in the ass aren’t gay and women who like it aren’t gay either. Different strokes for different folks so get over it. No one’s making you go up anyone’s ass but you’re still fussing about it so that means you’re thinking about it pretty damn hard and often and trying to convince us you aren’t. And just like your mouth isn’t always full of food, your ass isn’t always full of shit. Well maybe in your case it is and that’s why all the hooha on your part. Shit washes off but stupid and boring in the sack is forever.

  26. double abalone

    It’s obvious #32, 37, 43, 53, 65 & 73 are all the same poster with a dookie obsession. Looks like he really wants Richport to assfuck him but he knows that will ruin sex for him for the rest of his life.

  27. Richport's Blatant Admirer

    #75 shit washes off? Man not on my dick you fag!
    #76? How could you tell we are all the same postor? Was it the fact that the freqent postor argued the same point with everyone defending feces sex? Nothing escapes you!

    Yeah I would love Rich to fuck me in the ass. I would then force the little bitch to suck the shit off my dick!

    Remember closet fags, the anus is for defecating and the vagina is for fucking.
    I actually wonder if some of you go to work with shit on your dicks?

  28. The Superficial Public Service Announcement

    #77 Remember ladies, if you want a man who’ll squeal in horror when he even sees your asshole (and hey who doesn’t?) call this jerk. Because if he even touches it, it means he’s gay. Good times!

  29. Just Say no to Gay Sex with Half Men

    I would imagine most ladies would prefer to not be sodomized since it is both painful and increases the stool size. I am very willing to engage in all manner of sexual position though. Just none involving my penis and another person’s asshole.
    From my personal expertiences with women, they seem to delight in having their clitoral region stimulated, not their anus. Men like #78 enjoy their G spot manipulated with long wide objects though.
    Please keep your penis free of feces.

  30. Darth

    Hasn’t her kitty drowned yet? Or does it need mouth to mouth from her boyfriend?

  31. Nero

    Her belly buttom is staring at me!

  32. Condoms people… keeps the dick clean. Nothing better than my GF’s strap-on sliding in and out, while she does the reach-around and fondles me through my pretty panties.

    Nice bikini, i’d love to have one like it.

  33. Colon Mung

    Meh, I rather enjoy the sensation of shit on my cock! Fuck the flies and maggots.

  34. funny how geris the oldest of the spices yet shes the hottest……awesome bod./

  35. a gay perspective

    it seems like a lot of uneducated homophobes on here love to make hypocritical arguments.

    -everyone loves to point out that shit is up the asshole. i concur, it’s disgusting. but you know what else is disgusting? blood and other nasty things in the vagina, which by the way, is where urine (also a by-product of digestion) is also evacuated. “but there aren’t always those things in the vagina.” well i’ve got news for you friends: there is not always shit up the ass. it’s true. if it were there, you’d excrete it.

    -the asshole is no more or less “natural” than the mouth or the hand.

    -the male g-spot is located in the ass, whether he wants to admit it or not.

    i’ve never heard a legitimate argument against homosexuality. every point i’ve ever heard is self-contradicting.

  36. stu

    yah! she got her tits back!

  37. jj redick

    she’s got really short arms.. what the heck

  38. Nyx

    Blood and other “nasty” thing come out of the vagina, like “urine”? Well, FYI, urine is completely STERILE when it comes out of the body. And in fact in life threatening situations, people have had to drink it to stay alive. NOW, I am NO proponent of doing such a thing…it’s GROSS beyond words, but it is the POINT. Shit is full of bacteria including e-COLI which can make you sick and even cause DEATH. Urine is not going to kill you. I doubt period blood would either since it’s simply the remains of the lining which would support the growth of LIFE in utero. To compare SHIT with that?? Sorry you are messed up. Shit is shit. And yes, it does ‘wash off”….but how much bacteria do you miss? You won’t catch me putting one in my mouth that’s been anywhere near someone’s asshole. Oh, yes, there’s condoms. But why in God’s name would anyone WANT to or think it was sexy to stick their dick in a shit hole (and for homosexual men, especially?) I don’t understand it. I don’t condemn anyone who wants to…but I just don’t get it. A MAN”S shit hole being what turns another man on. But hey….to each his or her own. You want to arouse a woman trying tonguing her ciit not shoving your hoo-hoo up her shit hole. Plain and simple.

  39. Blizzard has been cleverly trying to sprinkle PvP elements into the PvE side of the game, such as the Princess Delrissa encounter in Magisters’ Terrac

  40. its more recent, scaled-up version, the Faction Champions in the Trial of the Crusader.

  41. If the message isn’t already clear, Blizzard is trying to make you like PvP.

  42. At any rate, this whole new PUG craze is a happy byproduct of the cross-realm Battleground system.

  43. The only difference is, in Battlegrounds, group composition isn’t as important.

  44. he’ll make sure to get a small dose of Battlegrounds PvP to brighten up his day. You should, too

  45. They’re like vitamins. Bloody, face-melting, honor-gaining, sword-clashing vitamins.

  46. I will still hit it even if she doesn’t have make up and aren’t as graceful.

  47. Commented on this photo:

    With that white bikini,she’s ever a sexy bomb

  48. kilroy
    Commented on this photo:

    fuck me would i pound that ass

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