Geri Halliwell in a bikini

June 8th, 2009 // 101 Comments

Geri Halliwell (a.k.a. Ginger Spice) and her boyfriend Henry Beckwith jetted off to Italy for the weekend where it appears she became very concerned about her vagina. What thought could Geri have possibly had forcing her to check down her bathing suit?

“Wait. Did I just spontaneously grow a penis? Better look.”
“I should go back to carrying a purse….”
“Victoria? I know you’re in there.”
“Yes, guv’nor, them coals are piping hot. Too right.”

That blonde hair doesn’t fool me, woman!

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  1. Gil

    1st bitches

  2. Better Than You

    She got a dick down there??

  3. Valerie

    Wow… her belly button is almost as scary as Kelly Ripa’s

  4. dk

    Thats is the reason we have swine flu!

  5. havoc


    4th photo gets the award. Now I wanna see what’s done there.


  6. John

    Why can’t she get a top that fits her boobs? The boobs falling out at the bottom is as attractive as her belly button.

  7. Ryan the Canadian

    They won’t go away!

  8. dirk


    Spice? Me winkie smells like garlick.

  9. Kelly

    I think she is wearing a new device in her bikini that is supposed to prevent the appearance of camel toe. It is a piece of plastic that lines the garment to prevent the fold there that creates the camel toe. Maybe it was her first time using it. Please notice there is no camel toe presence in any of the photos and one can almost see the outline of the device in the first photo.

    Also, she looks great, rocking bod!

  10. JPRichardson

    Whatever. Lady Galliwell is looking good.

  11. Zanna

    @9 – no no no Kelly….you’ve got it all wrong…she’s wearing THIS:

  12. Parker

    Boy do I love the up-the-butt bikini shots. She’s got a little meat in her seat and I’m willing to add more if she promises not to talk and I don’t have to take her bikini bottoms off. I’ll just pull them down far enough to stick my dick in her ass.

  13. Zanna

    Parker…be a man and just grab the crotch and yank the binkini bottoms to the side.

  14. Excretement sex

    Why do you depraved closet fags always wanna bugger a bitch in the shit hole? Please feel free to use the vagina there is no feces there.

  15. Karen

    Pooper Porker Parker doesn’t want to be a man, he wants to be with a man.

  16. Bigo

    Shit hole sex is gross!!!!!!!!!

  17. Dr. Phil

    “Why do you depraved closet fags always wanna bugger a bitch in the shit hole? Please feel free to use the vagina there is no feces there.”

    1. To indulge the gay fantasy.
    2. To FINALLY experience a tight fit for a wee peen.

  18. Her belly button looks like it’s giving birth… scary…

  19. rkbedi

    These women are all so trashy. White trash that has money can’t buy class.

  20. Parker

    @13 yes, but they’re white so I wouldn’t want them to get dirty.

    @14-17, only fags think only fags have anal sex.

  21. Zanna

    @20 – you’re just going to wipe your dick on them anyway. Who cares?


  22. Having anal sex with a woman is exteremely arousing because it’s so naughty and pleasurable… her heaving breasts as she bites her lip and looks back at you, panting… her desire to be drilled fighting against her desire to be a good girl… getting her so aroused that she’d literally do anything sexually with you… it’s pretty fucking amazing… and it’s not even something you should be doing all the time… just when the time and mood are right…

    If you think anal sex = sex with a man… well then you’re already gay… that or you’ve never had a woman to the brink of her own inhibitions…

  23. Michelle

    Instead of worrying about what is down the front of the knicker part of the bikini shouldn’t she be worried about the fact that the top half is about two sizes too small? You can buy separates these days you know…

  24. AJ


    They both got tummy tucks.

  25. Ralph


    Enjoy your gay sex.

  26. Superbiggerevil

    Perhaps checking to see if the crabs would like something to eat?

  27. miggs

    #22 – you skipped the best part: the look on her face when she realizes that all that faux erotica stuff is nonsense and you simply enjoy hurting her.

  28. She could have at least bought the correct size for her busted biscuit.

    I bet it is hard for her to go from MILF to LOL in about 60 seconds.

    Waiting for the eurotards to explain how she is still a standard to be measured against.

  29. Well, that is an unfortunate photo.

  30. Zanna

    @27 – I’ll have you know he was not hurting me.


    @25 – what’s it like to have a name that is the same word people use for vomiting?

  31. GrammarMenshevik

    Damn, Almost fifteen years on and I’d still hit the hell out of that given half a chance.

  32. Richport is Gay by his own testimony

    Man putting your dick in the end of the digestive tract is actually sick. You are aware, whether or not it turns FAGS like yourself on, that is where shit is evacuated?
    Saying that it turns you on does not qualify your perversion. Any woman that let’s a man do that has no respect for herself. Either that or she knows her vagina is worn out and needs the new stimulus.

    Let me guess Richy, you like to lick assholes too don’t ya?


  33. Kristal Pearce

    What’s the deal with the belly button?

  34. L'il Billy

    I love it in my ass!

  35. 32 has a hard on for RichPort

    @32 – obviously, shit is evacuated out of your mouth too. The very same hole you use to blow men and kiss your mother with.


    @32 – I have a feeling you only do it missionary with the lights off. And you never watch porn. You feel Playboy objectifies women, and have never had a lapdance. Women who shave their pussies are degrading themselves for not letting themselves go au natural.

    And yet… find NAMBLA perfectly acceptable.

  37. Richport's #1 Fan (I'm gay)

    One does not have to restrict sex to missionary. All sorts of pleasures are obtainable with a penis and a vagina without having to resort to an anus. You guys are really nasty motherfuckers.
    I kinda like you though. You amuse me.
    Now die.

  38. Proactive

    I’ve overhead this from my gay friend, but the shit smell actually turns them on. Lol. But yeah, there’s a reason the guys are fascinated by the anus and porn is plays a major role. That or they have homosexual tendencies or their lil member is too little for the vagina. But they attempt to turn it around and say the vagina is too big, actually no, if the dick was the size of a healthy black mans, then it wouldn’t be a problem. Later.

  39. Shawn

    Oh, the things I would do to that….

  40. Zed

    Sam Kinison on this topic:

    “Come on, guys, it doesn’t feel good, you know you do it just to see the look on her face…”
    *popping sound, followed by squeal*
    …”oh SORRY honey, I slipped! It was an accident! What? No, it had nothing to do with you wreaking the car! What are you saying? I love you!…”
    *laughs, then again popping sound followed by squeal*
    “…oops, I slipped again!”

  41. Beauty

    Hi there Proactive! I’d let you in if your are 10″. If so send me a pic! :)

  42. #32 – Lemme guess… you don’t get very many intimate encounters, do you? I mean, has anyone sucked your dick without asking for a credit card first? See, you have to actualy, stay with me here, turn a nice woman on to the point that she’s willing to act like a whore for you.

    I’ll bet you have that same look on your face now that my dog does when I ask him about quantum physics…

  43. Richport is a Poof

    Hmm credit cards for sex? Man you are a sleazy fucker aren’t you! I turn women on in many ways, but never does it involve the anus bud. Going down usually works. I don’t know man. I think you might be a little queer chump.
    Not sure what quantum physics and sex have in common. Of course, I don’t put my dick near shit either.
    Perhaps the thought of sex reminds you of your dog?

  44. Andrea

    #42 – I can only assume that “Quantum Physics” is a brand of peanut butter.

  45. havoc

    LMFAO @ #44….

    That was, by far, the best….



  46. Mother Nature

    Looks like she is wearing a panty liner in that first pic.

  47. @ #32

    u sound very homophobic

    either that or u are mother theresa

  48. #44 – That was pretty fucking funny.

    #43 – I’ll believe a woman has let your mouth next to her nethers when I believe you’ve been with a woman that doesn’t come folded up in a box.

  49. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Im pretty sure your boobs arent supposed to pop outta the bottom of the bikini top like that. And whats the deal with that bellybutton????

  50. MikeOck

    The Spice Ventriloquists and their Amazing Talking Vaginas.

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