Geri Halliwell & Guy Ritchie?

March 24th, 2009 // 58 Comments

A newly single Geri Halliwell (a.k.a. Ginger Spice) dolled herself up for the UK premiere of The Boat that Rocked last night then went out on the town at Guy Ritchie’s pub The Punchbowl. The two reportedly left within ten minutes of each other, according to The Sun which is awesome in my book. After years of sleeping with Madonna’s undead carcass is anyone seriously going to begrudge Guy a shot at Yams McBronzeAlot here? God, it must feel nice to bed a woman who doesn’t disappear in the middle of the night to eat the neighbor’s children and/or puppies.

Photos: Flynet, Getty

  1. 1st

    i’d bone her


    KICK IT #2

  3. mimi

    Have you noticed how your traffic has slowed down? And it will never pick up again because this website is disgusting and you have lost your edge.

  4. I’ve wanted to do her so badly since I saw these pics of her…

  5. Unemployment line! mimi not everyone has a trust fund like you…and good for guy Halliwell is hot

  6. *takes a poop on mimi’s head*

  7. Zanna

    @3 – Shut your pie hole.

  8. Zanna

    @8 – you know how you are always saying RP is witty, clever, etc…why don’t you try to emulate that if you want to troll him so badly? Who even uses the word ICKY

  9. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Thats a bad dress. Makes her look like a bag of microwavable popcorn.

  10. spindoc

    That is a SERIOUS upgrade for Guy, going from a cadaverous bundle of angry twigs to a woman.

  11. JPRichardson

    She looks like a million euros.

  12. Jrz

    She should go to North Dakota….they need sandbags.

  13. Jrz

    Actually, #14, England or whatever the fuck they call themselves still uses pounds. So she looks like a million pounds. Which is very funny, in a fat kinda way.

  14. chupacabra

    Jesus, whitey, lay off the damn bronzer, you’re putting Lezlo to shame! Why is it that people with perfectly creamy, milky pretty skin want to fuck it up with fake tan shit? Why? WHY?!

  15. Gando

    He has been quite busy after his break-up.It’s amost like he’s catching up lost time!?

  16. I wouldn’t go near Guy… I would be too scared of catching something.

  17. Nero

    One boob is almost flapping out!

  18. octokid

    What the fuck is up with her hand?

  19. havoc

    Fucking this after Madonna? He should be seeing Care Bears and rainbows while little birdies chirp.

    Go for it dude….


  20. Sauron

    She doesn’t have cankels but are kneekels possible!?

  21. Darth

    Olympic earhangers,am i right!?

  22. Sauron

    A Briton dresses in a Louis XIV dress.He used to ballet dance in these kind of dresses.

  23. Darth

    She doesn’t look like a ballet dancer to me at all!

  24. Divole

    WOW! She looks great.

  25. If Rich Port was here, I’d surely be kissing his ass.

  26. Galtacticus

    Eww! Even after 10 pints of guinness i wouldn’t do her!

  27. Rhialto

    So romantic,they both having fish and chips by candlelight!

  28. Jrz

    ZannaTroll ….because chewing on sandpaper just isn’t annoying as fuck enough.

  29. Nero

    If Guy Ritchie gets bored he can always flap-in and flap-out her boob!

  30. JustSayin

    If I was on an island with both Geri and Madonna and I couldn’t talk the two into a threeway then for sure I’d be throwing Madonna to the sharks. If I had to choose between a fugly filthy rich woman and a beautiful sorta rich woman to cure my cravings. It’s a slam dunk. I choose the woman I could screw without taking Viagra.

  31. question

    She’s… old. And that tanner just makes her older.

  32. fearsarewishes

    Dear Jrz,

    You are still the most idiotic cunt that has ever appeared on this or any other blog.

    Fuck you and all your cunty friends. Fuck you all the way to Fucksburg.

    Thank you.

  33. #35 –

    Dear Douche (ahem)

    Douchity douche , douche douche douche, douche douche .

    Douche you very much.

    RichPort’s Ghost

    PS – Jrz rocks

  34. Fuck U

    Even though mimi is an asshole…I have to agree with her.
    Fish, this site is fucked and so are you.

  35. Jrz

    Thanks #35. Coming from a scumbag like you that’s a compliment.

  36. Jennyjenjen

    ZANNNNNA!!! This is such a proud day! You’re a woman now… You have your very own troll!

  37. I will say, this chicks tits look oddly like Cisco Adler’s balls.

    PS – Zanna rocks too

  38. Frank N Stein

    I would suck on those Spice Girls until she became my lover.

  39. kingofbeer

    oompa loompa spice

  40. Circlejerk

    Rich, Zanna, and JRZ are wiccans in a polyamourous living situation somewhere in the area of Sherman Oaks, CA.

  41. Pheel

    You mean he’s gonna fuck a Madonna wannabe ????? The woman even named her daughter Madonna for christ’s sake ! That’s hilarious and horribly pathetic :)

  42. 1moreidiotintheworld

    That dress was made to hold up tits twice the size of hers………

  43. >That dress was made to hold up tits twice the size of hers………

    Haha, exactly.

  44. #45
    >That dress was made to hold up tits twice the size of hers………

    Haha, exactly.


  46. demiiio

    of course Not.she just went to his pub with lots of friends.they never speack.and the most important thing.geri is a huge fan of madonna.and she will never date him.its guy own a pub and its normal that lots of celebraties go there.guy looks terrible old

  47. mmm

    first madonna is 50 but looks incredible hot and i wonder if my wife will look like her at 50.second one,geri met her ex boyfriend at guy ritchie pub.just that.geri never talk to guy and geri loves loves madonna.and yes geri daughter named madonna

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