Gerard Butler is a goose monster

March 29th, 2010 // 58 Comments

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler were in Paris promoting The Bounty Hunter yesterday where TMZ snagged a photo of Gerard Butler grabbing a handful of ice-butt. Some might say this clearly proves they’re fucking while others, like myself, will say this was coordinated move because the movie’s tanking. On that note, I’m amazed they haven’t been forced to “make one of them Shiloh babies.” You’d just assume that would’ve been in the contract.

Photos: TMZ, WENN

  1. Tucker Jay

    :D Ha ha. Nicely done.

  2. BOBBO

    Maybe he’s just checking her oil?

  3. Fai

    That’s a little bit more suggestive than just a butt grab. LOL! Classy

  4. -Lmega5-


  5. Big bad barry

    does anyone else think Gerard Butler is gay and the whole thing with Jennifer Aniston is just a cover up.

  6. Anna Banana

    He seems like an immature dirtbag. Too bad because he is hot looking.

  7. Anna Banana

    He’s a butt wipe

  8. Richard Cranium

    SMELL THAT FINGER. John Mayer just left some mayonnaise in there!

  9. Marlene

    LOL :D

  10. name withheld

    The Bounty Hunter…doesn’t need any help..

    any movie with Gerard Butler is going to have hit written all over it.

    Gerard Butler is the best thing since sliced bread, spanx, and cock rings.

    Gerard Butler is hotter than summer in the Sahara..

    DO I think he’s gay, gayer than a dress on George Micheal.

    That gay.

  11. Taz

    she has a great ass, so grab it

  12. nar

    degrading ..this is so lower

  13. Don’t care if their “relationship” is fake or not. He gets a lot of ass and i can respect that.

  14. crazypants

    Groping and fingering and what have you w/ your partner’s fun bits in a dark room or away from prying eyes is great – but I always have a problem when some dude’s hand s are buried in his girls ass in plain view.

    In NYC, Euros always seem to be the one’s doing this.

  15. Kondron

    One in the pink, one in the stink!

  16. The Listener

    BUSTED! LOL ; )

    Whether the relationship is fake or not, he DEFINITELY did not fake feeling her up her butt.

  17. Moggster

    Stay classy Gerard! I lol’d so much.

  18. VA

    Very funny, but can you blame Gerard? Jen has a hot ass!!!

  19. Gueibor

    First it was that Montag chick writing boob-shark screenplays.
    Now Spartaaaaa goes and gets ‘imself a handful of Rachel ass…

    WTF Hollywood, are you bent on gaining my respect at any cost???

  20. What’s most exciting about this is that Jennifer Aniston allows herself to be groped and probed to be part of the Hollywood machine. It’s like she knows she has to play ball. I’m sure she hates herself for it and that makes these displays all the hotter.

    I believe any actor costarring with Aniston can grab her ass anytime they want. It’s part of the deal and she’s a good lil whore.

  21. Erica

    They are officially the saddest couple in existence. Something about them just screams “I SETTLED”.

  22. Cristobal


  23. TekMoney

    HAHA! Gerard is like my new hero. First it was the epicness that was 300, and now this. Jen is still fine as hell, so I’d be copping a feel if I could… hell, I’d be doing more than that if she let me, and I’m pretty sure that’s what Gerard is doing. And even IF it’s just to promote the movie he can still say that he smashed that! So I salute you, Leonidas.

  24. SO RIGHT

    I usually like the way she dresses but this pink dress is awful!

  25. Kangaroo

    I bet that finger smells like cookie dough.

  26. Solo

    I take it she likes anal then.

  27. rican

    I don’t know, but that fifth finger looks to be WAY in there!

  28. Mr. Nice Guy

    Get over it. This is what fun sexy couples do, even in NYC. I have stolen feel ups of every part on women in public, and have been groped by Hot Woman many times.
    Yes, even with my Wife, one of the reasons I married her.
    FYI- we love to see the looks of either approval or the looks of disapproval when caught, something to laugh about either way.
    So good for them.

  29. me

    letting a guy grab her butt, in public no less, who won’t even admit he’s dating her? sad

  30. Wendy woo

    The booty hunter .. Cumming to a theatre near you haha.. I love him ! He is a hunk .. She is sooooo boring

  31. me

    I knew this dude was gay

  32. me

    Why is he doing the New World Order hand signal on her ass???? Just wondering.

  33. Ryan

    She is a disgusting whore. She has no self respect. It does not take all of this to put a movie out. I have lost so much respect for her with this movie. I know the movie was not that good so they think the have to sind to these cheap pr tricks.
    This must be how she get sex, screw her co-stars. What a whore.

  34. flight ticket $1

    hotel Room $1

    Rental Car $1

  35. Bruce Wayne

    It’s confirmed. Jennifer Aniston likes it in the butt.

  36. Mr. Nice Guy

    Ryan you are a sick ASSHOLE.

  37. captain america

    don’t be fooled: THIS IS A FAGGOT-TRICK, folks!!

  38. Don’t care if their “relationship” is fake or not. He gets a lot of ass and i can respect that.

  39. yuvi077

    he is so f***ing her in bed… fake or not…. he enjoyed it and i think she enjoyed it to……..

  40. Rhialto

    It looks like he did find her weak spot? She’s like a tame lamb.

  41. Darth

    That finger is for sure knocking on the front- or back door.

  42. Galtacticus

    Is it this what’s called ‘knocking on heaven’s door’?

  43. BeeTee

    Grabbing her ass? Look at his hand….I see the pretense to a SHOCKER coming on.

  44. gigi

    oh please, this chick’s Greek! backdoor shenanigans is what they do for mild sport…. whatever the outcome of this little resurgence of ‘interestingness’ however, Angelina still trumps her…. Gerry needs to wash his hands

  45. Weasel

    Take a closer look people. There are TWO fingers up that snatch! Dannng.

  46. I bet all Gerard got out of this was frostbitten fingers.

  47. That man is so Ugly.

  48. I don’t want to say about that man.

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