Gerard Butler Should Be The Poster Child For Rehab Because Jesus Christ

February 27th, 2012 // 19 Comments
This. Is. REHAB!!!
Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler Had A Coke Problem. He's Better Now. Read More »

On Friday, we learned that Gerard Butler disappeared for a few weeks to get his shit straight in rehab presumably after finding out he banged Brandi Glanville and/or finally seeing his reflection in the mirror he was snorting coke off of. Long story short, it worked because here’s Gerard Butler at last night’s Vanity Fair Oscar party looking like the suave, debonair kind of poonhound instead of a strung out diddler of whatever reality skeez he can drag into a sewer for a bonny go. Seriously, he should give motivational speeches now. “Once I got off them wee drugs, lads, it was nothing but fancy pussy for ol’ Gerard.”

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  1. Holy Hell

    Wow! He looks great!

  2. Dan

    I once drank 36 beers.

  3. Cock Dr

    Strung out diddlers never change. He’ll be back to gray STD ridden wraith status soon enough.
    Kudos though to Gerard’s wardrobe, hair and makeup team….they done good.

  4. Actually, Robert Downy Jr. cleaned up his act-Mr. Butler can do the same. Looking gorgeous!

  5. cc

    A nice tux, a shower, and some bronzer can work wonders. He probably still looks like hell.

  6. El Jefe

    Is it really rehab when you go in for one day?

  7. forrest

    hahahahahahaha: you ask for a scotch?

  8. Chupacabra

    Yea, that’s some tanning lotion, a shave, and a good night’s rest, or 6 in a row that has him looking better. Also, he’s appeared to have finally eaten some food instead of just snorting blow and drinking his dinner…

  9. Mmmm. He is so hot. He seems so nice, too… Just cuz he’s a manwhore doesn’t mean he’s not nice. He probably smells like vanilla. *swoon*

  10. judging you

    Seeing him now makes you realize how bad he was looking.

  11. I Complain A Lot

    Hollywood stylists are goddamn sorcerers

  12. pornstar

    Gerard Butler should get an award for looking better than 99.9% of the rest of the male population.

    He should also come to my house and fix my washing machine, while I watch.

  13. Carla


  14. Armando

    A small miracle, his team really cleaned him up well.

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