Gerard Butler Has No Idea Who Brandi Glanville Is

The Superficial | January 27, 2012 - 12:21 pm

Earlier in the week, Brandi Glanville openly admitted to banging Gerard Butler because she’s on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and therefore by definition a gaping wang depository for wealthy men. And possibly even a lying wang despository at that considering this was Gerard’s response to TMZ when they asked him if he’s really an 11 out of 10 in the sack:

Who’s Brandi Glanville?

Jokes aside, I fully 100% believe Gerard Butler actually banged Brandi Glanville and has no recollection of it. In fact, I fully 100% believe he banged her for an entire week like she said and still has no fucking clue. To put things in perspective, there’s probably a woman at Gerard Butler’s house that’s he plowed for 10 years anytime he’s home, and he couldn’t tell you her name if you put a gun to his head.

PLOW-GIRL: Gerard, baby, your accountant forgot to pay me this week. Could you help a girl out?
GERARD: Sure, lass. Just one thing though.
PLOW-GIRL: Yeah, doll?
GERARD: Who the fuck are you and how’d you get in my bloody house? SPARTA!!

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Photos: Pacific Coast News