George Michael arrested

February 27th, 2006 // 35 Comments

*george_michael_thumb2.jpgGeorge Michael was arrested on Sunday on suspicion of possessing drugs after he was found slumped in a car in central London. A London police spokesman issued a statement saying a 42-year-old man had been held on suspicion of possessing Class C drugs, which includes cannabis, tranquilizers and some painkillers.


  1. Pagina

    Hes never gonna dance again

  2. Sheva

    Two years of jail for some pills? George will probably take it as his dream vacation.

  3. veggi


  4. CheekyChops

    Well at least he wasn’t wackin off in a men’s room this time.

  5. No, but I’m pretty sure debating Clint Eastwood’s penis would probably put you on some George Michael manliness scale.

  6. Todd

    Too bad no one woke him up so he could go go.

  7. jugsgirl

    i was holding my breath waiting for comment # 6.

  8. jugsgirl

    feels really good to breath again

  9. ESQ

    I am sure George just revealed too much to the bobbies in a “Careless Whisper.”

    In response to comments #3 & #6 – You guys beat me to it! I think we are on a roll now.

  10. Tetsuo

    Reading this made me lose my Faith in him. I fully expected him to be slumped over some Father Figure giving some Fast Love.

  11. Celetina

    Unfortunately for George Michael, his one phone call from jail was answered by Maebe, who was staying with his father until they found out if Lindsay really had fled to Mexico.

  12. TaiTai

    #11 You took the words right out of my mouth. I just saw the headline and George Michael…Arrested…of course the next word must certainly be Development. Surely HBO will pick up this series now just so we can find out what happens to George Michael in jail. Maybe his twin brother will show up to take his place with Maebe. Or just maybe his dad will step forward once again to be his Father Figure….

    Sorry I couldn’t help myself there for a moment.

  13. playahater101

    I wonder what his new husband thinks about all this. I was hoping for something better, like “George Michael was found asleep, naked in his car with an 18 year old male prostitute and rails of coke on his dashboard.” That would be a better story.

  14. playahater101

    #1, his guilty feet ain’t got no rhythm.

    You know what’s sad? That fact that all of us know so many George Michael songs. And could probably go on all day like this.

  15. It’s funny of all things, George Michael looks least like a Pot-head.

  16. ribbit25

    I’ll bet he wishes he could shake this (drug) Monkey off his back. Time in prison? I’ll bet he wishes he could keep his Freedom. It was a Hard Day for Him. He needs One More Try. At least he wasn’t caught Kissing a Fool or putting things Hand to Mouth again….

  17. He can hang out now with the other stupid cokehead, Boy George, and sing “Do you really want to hurt me before you Go-Go”.

  18. ESQ

    In response to #16 – that was funny as shit!

    In response to #17 – well done, well done : )

  19. gogoboots

    what’s with GM song motif from the album Faith?
    i wasn’t aware he still had a drug problem, this is awesome!

  20. He is definitely no Father Figure.

    LOL @ WHAM!

  21. Hollus

    The first thing I thought of was “it’s not for him! His uncle’s girlfriend has the dizzies!” but then I realized they were talking about the singer-songwriter.

  22. jennifer11

    It’s The Strangest Thing, poor george can’t seem to Move On. All he wants is To Be Forgiven and for people to say You Have Been Loved. But he’ll be Waiting For That Day when someone will Heal The Pain and he can be Free.


  23. senin

    He’s gonna make someone a real nice BITCH…

  24. HughJorganthethird

    If I had been the one to come across George Micheal slumped over the wheel in a drugged out stupor the last thing I’m doing is calling the cops. First I’m taking some funny ass pitures, then I’m searching the car for any unused drugs, you know so George doesn’t get in trouble,and then I’m calling the police, to report that I was just sexually assualted by a drug crazed George Micheal. Cause you know, a man has to make his money some how.

  25. Foxbase Alpha

    Whammer in the slammer.

  26. Jeremy1Esq

    Normally I like to bash gays pretty hard, but George is one cool cat. His music is good and he is an icon. I cant make fun of this guy.

  27. hafaball

    me not knowing any of his songs, I can’t make any puns like others have, but good job :) (though, I’m very happy I don’t know any…) Anywho, I didn’t know the brits were so damn strict about drugs. They’re all so damn boring, you’d think that weed would of been legal ages ago!

  28. Mr. Fritz

    Does anyone else remember when George Michael made controversy for his “I Want Your Sex” video? Every girl I knew had the hots for him. I always thought he was gay, but it didn’t bother me. He’s a cool cat for smoking da reefer.

  29. LaydeeBug

    C’mon Yorgos, pot and liquid X? That is sooooo sad. I mean, some H, an 8-ball, Veuve Cliquot, but come oooooon?

    He is A-typical 43 year old who still thinks he’s 21 and fuckadorable. George, be a reqpectable gay man and stop trying to pick up the teene-bopppers. Sooo unattractive.

  30. hey he’s sexy!!!

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