George Clooney’s new girlfriend seems nice

July 31st, 2009 // 121 Comments

Here’s George Clooney’s new girlfriend 30-year-old Italian actress Elisabetta Canalis who apparently has a deep love for showing her breasts. Even while playing a nun. I love her already. Which is unfortunate because judging by a recent interview , she’s in for a world of disappointment with the Clooney. People reports:

“I have now become more fussy about who I date. And in any case my future boyfriend will have to share my bed with [her mini Doberman] Piero, too,” she recently told Italian magazine Tu. “Before in love I used to play much more, now I don’t want to waste any more time with wrong relationships. I just want someone who can make me find tranquility. I want to get home and find a person who can make me feel good.”

Jesus. She’s looking for a lasting relationship and thought George Clooney was the perfect candidate? The George Clooney who goes through cocktail waitresses like toilet paper? Seriously, I saw him use one the other day just to wipe mud off his tires. Then he balled her up and threw her at the neighbor kid for stepping on his lawn.

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions of divine nipplegy.


  1. Jamie's Uterus

    Nice tits.

  2. meh!

    woof woof!!

  3. JPRichardson

    Sure, she is ugly as hell.

    (WTF????????????????????????????????, she is perfect!!!!!!)

  4. cokkiepuss

    George Is GAY !!!!! she’s just another of he’s beards

  5. nope

    @31. That’s what I meant by “both being pinschers.” Yes, they are both descended from the German pinscher – I just didn’t want to get overly complicated. My main point is that mini pinschers are miniature versions of dobermans :)

  6. unreal101

    every single person that says she is either ‘ugly as hell’ or ‘butterface’ or says that George has bad taste…


    this girl is fucking hot as fuck!
    any person that says otherwise is 1 of these things:
    a fat and/or ugly chick
    a gay ass dude
    a closet fat and/or ugly gay dude.

    haters for real, the girl is a fucking 10! face, body and all
    i’m just saying

  7. AmericanWhiteTrash

    99% of the people posting here wont even come close to getting a very attractive man or woman so they reach for any flaw they can find(in their own mind). No guy would ever turn her down or not think about what they would do with her.

  8. titsonsnack

    Body is nice, face looks like Michael Jackson’s secret son.

  9. DocGrrrl

    She looks like a transvestite… & her tattoos are trashy. What the hell is Georgie thinking?!

  10. gotmilk?

    wow 57, thanks for breaking it down for us. we’ve never heard any of those things before ever on this site. how fucking original!

  11. gotmilk?

    and 57, did you even bother looking at pictures 3 and 7? she’s got a fucking man face.

  12. Freddo

    Face looks like a bloke and in 10 years her tits will be down at her bellybutton. Great legs though.

  13. fetus_mcnuggets

    good ol fashioned waffle titties
    just like how mama used to make em

    the first pic made me go WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW hottttttttttttttttt

    then i saw the other pix and squirted bile throo my eyeballs

    this nigger is grooooooooooooooooooosss

    the ginger waitress chick was WAY HOTTER !!!!!!!!!!!


    This is really more of a painting then a photo.

  15. Venom

    @ 40

    Thank you, Amy. But I wouldn’t tap Michelle… she’s old enough to be a grandma! Besides, I could probably brake her brittle old ass! >O_O<

  16. IKE

    If there were more nuns that looked like this (and dressed like that) there would have been a lot fewer little catholic boys having trouble sitting down after visiting Father Friendly’s office.

  17. In the super hot picture she looks great but the ones with no makeup? Not so much. In fact “ACK!! GOD HELP ME!!” She’s just like Eva Longoria- can be hot with lots of makeup and the right lighting but O’Naturallllle she’s puppy chow.

    Nice body though!

    Twitter with me! hollysdailyrant

  18. Jesse

    That blonde in the backgrond of pic 5 is absolutely humungous.

  19. crimsonidol

    Pic 1 – nice mullet, just like George used to have.

  20. Niketown

    There’s NOTHING here. You go to Barcelona or the south of France, and you see girls like this (and way hotter) on every corner. And you go to the beach, and the same girl is sunbathing topless there.

    And yeah, the either the blonde in #5 is like a modern day amazon, or everybody else in that pic is really tiny.

  21. fluffgirl

    george clooney..had more pussy than the local pet store..

  22. jd

    Each consecutive girlfriend of Clooney’s is worse than the last one. I remember that pretty blonde French girl he dated a long time ago, but it’s been downhill ever since. Soon he’ll be hitting on Tory Spelling and Lady Gaga.

  23. zane

    Well, at least they have something in common. They can shave their hairlines together.

  24. Beautiful women , lucky george.

  25. Sibi

    She has the kind of face that keeps the cosmetics industry in business.

  26. rob85

    Clooney clearly likes to be the good looking one in the relationship.

  27. jimz

    She has the kind of face that keeps the paper bag industry in business.

  28. AP

    Clooney gives butterfaces everywhere hope.

  29. she is sexy

  30. michelle_

    Oh non provate assolutamente a offenderla che lei è molto meglio di quelle sciacquette bionde americane….meglio le italiane!vai Ely!

  31. emma

    Sei arrivata tardi Michelle: piace il suo corpo, ma il suo viso mascolino non piace a nessuno. Non posso dar torto a nessuno di loro, non e` certo bella come Monica Bellucci, che ha un viso favoloso.

  32. #29..Venom…I will be 25 next month. Maybe I just have a thing for older men? I really do find him attractive. I think there’s a lot of women my age that feel that same! Regardless of the money lol!

  33. Oh..and yes, I do have a father figure in case that last post brought up any question… =)

  34. spinal

    I would KILL for this girl’s body. It’s amazing. I’ll keep my own face though, not really feeling the “man jaw” look.

  35. bmose

    knock, knock, who’s there? Orange, Orange who? Orange you glad I spray tanned head to toe!

  36. Venom

    LOL @ bmose

    @ 86/87 Alli

    Isn’t it funny how ppl seem to stop having birthdays after 25? (o_O) Just playing, but still… yeah… he’s… umm… old. Heh. But he’s rich and famous… so… you’re still lying! haha.

  37. CRod

    Who in hell invented red stars? That peron ought to be shot.

  38. AT

    No way.
    Trashy girl, she seems like a chip and heavingly used and abused porn star. Sorry.

  39. GG1000

    I’m a little confused, because the boobs in the laying back picture are not the same boobs as the other pictures? Oh well, Photoshop strikes again. Easier and less painful than plastic surgery – just let the photo wizards do their thing.

    Guys, George Clooney’s way hot, OK? He looks good in jeans, in shorts, in a tux – he always looks confident, comfortable, and like he doesn’t take himself that seriously and he’d be lots of fun to be with. We like to have fun too, you know! So, George Clooney invites you on a motorcyle ride and you’re gonna say “No, I’m sorry, I’m looking for a lasting relationship.” Don’t think so.

  40. el ces

    She is fyne.

  41. Mama Pinkus

    nasty, and not in a good way

  42. But it’s George! I’d eat my words, too, if given the opportunity. :D

  43. Yes i know, i know, calm the testosterone the fuck down, even though she looks like a baby bird id still do her…& eff cloony did i say that?

  44. bitingontinfoil

    ‘make me find tranquility ‘ = a sugar daddy to supply me with a platinum AMEX while I fuck his gardner on 300 count egyptian sheets

  45. me


  46. He could do better, hell he has done better.

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