George Clooney’s new girlfriend seems nice

Here’s George Clooney’s new girlfriend 30-year-old Italian actress Elisabetta Canalis who apparently has a deep love for showing her breasts. Even while playing a nun. I love her already. Which is unfortunate because judging by a recent interview , she’s in for a world of disappointment with the Clooney. People reports:

“I have now become more fussy about who I date. And in any case my future boyfriend will have to share my bed with [her mini Doberman] Piero, too,” she recently told Italian magazine Tu. “Before in love I used to play much more, now I don’t want to waste any more time with wrong relationships. I just want someone who can make me find tranquility. I want to get home and find a person who can make me feel good.”

Jesus. She’s looking for a lasting relationship and thought George Clooney was the perfect candidate? The George Clooney who goes through cocktail waitresses like toilet paper? Seriously, I saw him use one the other day just to wipe mud off his tires. Then he balled her up and threw her at the neighbor kid for stepping on his lawn.

NOTE: Pics link to NSFW versions of divine nipplegy.