George Clooney’s girlfriend parties her face off

March 28th, 2008 // 160 Comments

George Clooney’s girlfriend Sarah Larson looks prim and proper on the red carpet, but these pics that surfaced of her go-go dancer days in Vegas say otherwise. Taken just before she met the Clooney in July, these photos show Sarah getting her drunk on in a bikini and practically doing a guy in the middle of a dance club. I’m not saying George Clooney knows how to pick ‘em, but this is a girl you take home to mom. Then have sex with in the linen closet. Ah, sweet romance.

Photos: Last Night’s Party (NSFW)

  1. Meaghan

    Hey I want to thank all of you that gave advice on this thread as well, it was encouraging to me to read your input!

  2. Ben!

    You people are fucking hilarious. Too skinny? She’s not particularly skinny at all, actually. She’s probably close to her ideal weight.

    Strangely enough, it’s people named “Meaghan” and “RENEE” who want to talk about “what men want.”

  3. She seems nice. :)

  4. Juaqin Ingles

    Damn she’s got a nice ass. Now Renee and Meaghan, THAT is what an ass should look like.

  5. zsa

    I smell a breakup. And if Giselle Bunchen is curvey then I’m toilet paper. She does have a nice ass though…the girlfriend and Giselle.



  6. That chick isn’t too skinny. Her body looks petite, but not grossly disgustingly skinny. She’s just tiny, but in an attractive way.

  7. Janelle

    Meaghan-What is this a diet log book? Why don’t you get a life and go on or something and write it there where someone might give a f*ck.

    “I think she is too too skinny. Men dont like that.

    What about us, real ladies”

    Are you Kidding me???? You need to get a reality check, and stop trying to make your 200lb+ heifer ass feel better by trying to convice yourself men like fat girls. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I forgot to add in that she’s got a kick ass tan, her body looks healthy.

  9. TJ

    I’ll bet that she takes it up her ass by George and then she sucks his pee pee. Now, THAT’S what a good stripper does…

  10. Vas Deferens

    She is hot. Very nice body. An ass you could eat off of. Que bella.

  11. kellygirl57

    @59 – wouldn’t that give her poo breath? I’m just sayin’

  12. Liz

    Meagen, it doesn’t matter what you think about her body she’s dating Clonney, i’m not a big fan of his but he is considered one of the hottest men in Hollywood and he likes her body. you are always dissing on some girl my gosh.

  13. Liz

    Meagen, it doesn’t matter what you think about her body she’s dating Clonney, i’m not a big fan of his but he is considered one of the hottest men in Hollywood and he likes her body. you are always dissing on some girl my gosh.

  14. Carla N.

    This is the kind of crazy shit that leads to things like “2 girls 1 cup”.

  15. Liz, that is just someone posing as me. I’m the original Meaghan, and I said above i thought that chicks body was fine. She isn’t too skinny or anything like that. The person posing as me is the same person posing as other people, posing racist stupid shit and he’s going to get banned. I already e-mailed the contact people, because what he is doing is more so trolling then anything else said or done on this site.

  16. gadjo

    Big-up to George, at least this bitch has both legs!

  17. dave31

    compared to some of the women usually displayed on this site, she is as well-formed as beautiful as they come. curves in all the right places, too.

    plus, a nice skin-tone – she looks like a healthy girl.

  18. That’s so sexy and hot .I saw her always dating in millonaire dating site”W e a l t h y L o v i n g . c o m”.Dose she had searched her new love in this site?Dose she really has a new baby?

  19. Angie

    Many a girl has had a night or two like that, so you have to forgive her.
    AND I think that we should take notes on her dress & drink etiquette:
    o Comando vag shots: nasty. Come on, girls. That’s just freakin’ nasty.
    o Panty shots: be sure to have a good waxing before getting wasted…
    o Spandex: you’ve earned a “Get Wasted” pass. At least you’re covered…:)

    George should be proud (but I still hate her…hate her.:)

  20. blow me

    George isn’t bothered by slutty behavior. He dated Krista Allen on and off for quite a while, and she’s done porn, along with her other “acting” gigs. He’s always said he’ll never remarry, so he ain’t looking for a wife, people.

  21. Monstra

    Georgie will date this girl, but he will never, ever, ever, marry her. And she needs to realize that. Her meal ticket WILL end.

  22. lori

    George, you old queen. We all know you like boys And wipe that stupid smirk off your face for chrissake.

  23. lila

    Oh, wow, I bet her folks and George are really proud! Now, that is someone I would want on my arm.

  24. alex


  25. Frybread

    This chick is totally average, or just barely above average. You guys who say she’s hot must have never had a decent-looking girlfriend.

  26. kat

    the pic where she’s got her mouth to that one girls ear? That girl is hooooootttter than George clooney’s girlfriend.

  27. sindiva

    Oh you people. Meaghan is a troll.

    Just ignore it. Then it will hopefully gain a new gimmick that’s actually amusing.


    Oh right, so the chick…she’s got a great body. anymore than that is giving her way too much attention.

  28. Eeeeewwww!

    If Meagedelic is the real ”Meaghan”, then our suspicions are confirmed; she is both ugly and fat. I digress.

    I hate fat chicks.

  29. Kelly

    I’m a straight girl and I think she’s HOT! I wish I looked like that. Go Girl!

    George is in love and finally happy with someone…stop hating.

  30. Meaghan will commit suicide eventually

    As her youth fades and the lonliness eats away at her mind, inevitably she will realize that life has no meaning – gods are archetypes, myths are phantasm, men only want the pussy and love usually is fleeting. The endrometriosis from all the abortions will cause her bladder to fail. Even a laugh must be excercised with caution lest she leaks into her sofa. Then she no longer finds humor as laughing is now a kind of pain. What man wants a woman with the scent of urine? What will be left? Her nine mostly mixed race children are scattered upon the streets and prisons and brothels.
    Then our girl will need a fix and know what she must do. Again and again and again. Mouth, pussy, asshole, he wants his anus licked. Again and again and again.

    And then one night it just won’t be worth it. Please let us all know when that night comes darling.

  31. xc

    she’s a hottie with a nice butt. absolutely nothing wrong with the way she looks so stop hating(aka #23)

  32. HuckyDucky

    Binky Janeane,
    Binky Hootad,
    Where The Fuck Are You?

    Binky: Attending an Art Bell Fan Club meeting.

  33. Kinda Bland

    She’s cute but no raging beauty. Nice body but not paricularily shapely. Nice butt tho. If Clooney’s gonna keep her around a while she could use some cosmetic dentistry – tone down those horsey-teeth a little. True, Clooney could do SO much better. But I think they’re both just in it for the good time while it lasts.

  34. She is hot. Just saw her sexy photos on a dating site called WealthyLoves.c o m where people can find their perfect matches or quality friendships. Don’t know if it is her.

  35. Eggy

    Look, if any of us had cameras following us around when we were young and partying, they’d come up with some worse sh*t than this Hell, I had a priest pry a girl off me in my Grade 9 high school dance. Then again, I had a girl pry a priest off me in our grade 10 dance, so who am i to talk.

    Father Vincent if you read this, call me. Otherwise I’ll be in confession on Sunday at 11. As usual.

  36. Katey

    –Usage note Irregardless is considered nonstandard because of the two negative elements ir- and -less. It was probably formed on the analogy of such words as irrespective, irrelevant, and irreparable. Those who use it, including on occasion educated speakers, may do so from a desire to add emphasis. Irregardless first appeared in the early 20th century and was perhaps popularized by its use in a comic radio program of the 1930s.

  37. shane

    This slut is not some college girl on Spring break. She’s a pro. She worked as one of the girls. These sluts are hired by online gaming outfits to “entertain” clients.

  38. kauai

    Have any of you commenting on her good looks actually bothered to look at page 2 and enlarge the 2nd pic – the one of her face? I didn’t think so. All I can say is bring out the hay!

  39. Mandy

    Okay, seriously? These pictures are from Lastnightsparty, right? So tame in comparison to most of the stuff he has on his site! I’m not impressed by these claims of her “raunchy past”.

  40. Grunion

    I can smell these pictures.

  41. me

    Most of the girls who work in Vegas are disgusting. The fact that he is dating her makes me respect him less.

  42. sam

    But this one is more of a whore in the kitchen, a whore in the living room, and a whore you gotta pay in the bedroom.

  43. Tom

    More WW sluttiness evident here…

  44. Meaghan


    When I was vegetarian, my highest weight was 280(ish). I looked like george clooneys girl in picture 4. As soon as I cut out all the cheese, milk, and eggs I dropped (a steady slow)30 pounds, kinda like picture 2. Then I got a little stricter about the processed foods and sugars…dropped another 15 lol! so now i look great, and i DID have a nice ass.
    I picked up doing yoga (stretches only cause i cant reach my toes) about 10 minutes each morning and dropped about 3lb more. I’m going to start a walking program for myself about 4 times a week and see what else will happen. As of yet, other than a few simple stretches, I haven’t excercised at all…and I know that’s KEY in losing. so, I’m excited to see what happens when I start that, since eating better has done alot on it’s own, evenutally i want to look like her. thats my dream.

  45. wp

    Clooney must be vasectomized because no dude in his right mind would trust this ho with birth control. Nobody’s that adventurous, except maybe Paul Mcartney.

    Quit bragging.

  46. monkeyfightclub

    now that’s a fun girl.

    I need to see what happens next after the last pic. The chick in the shower is bad ass.

  47. Twzzlrgirl

    #7 — a cook in the kitchen, a maid in the living room, and a whore in the bedroom? Are you from three centuries ago????

    If I were your girlfriend/wife and you called me a maid or a cook, your hand would be the only action you’d see for a decade.

  48. I'm lost plz halp me kat?


    My GOD your a fucking genius! Please let us normal people know what really happens out there in the “real world” before we start eating paint and tree bark, unless thats what you do because we’ll totally do it if it makes us see things how they really are.

  49. I'm lost plz halp me kat?


    You only have to hit the period button once.

    Unless your handicapped in some way then disregard this comment.

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