George Clooney’s girlfriend parties her face off

March 28th, 2008 // 160 Comments

George Clooney’s girlfriend Sarah Larson looks prim and proper on the red carpet, but these pics that surfaced of her go-go dancer days in Vegas say otherwise. Taken just before she met the Clooney in July, these photos show Sarah getting her drunk on in a bikini and practically doing a guy in the middle of a dance club. I’m not saying George Clooney knows how to pick ‘em, but this is a girl you take home to mom. Then have sex with in the linen closet. Ah, sweet romance.

Photos: Last Night’s Party (NSFW)

  1. Lee

    Well, those are pretty skankerific, but at least she’s wearing some sort of spandex underneath her super short dress. No vag flashes! Yay!

  2. dude_on_a_wire

    Now we’re talking – drunk chicks rule.

  3. Being FRIST!!! is boring. Someone else be FRIST!!! for a while..


    I’m 5th or 6th or 7th! haha

    ew @ her arse.. george clooney can get a model? get a good one.


    I’m 5th! haha

    ew @ her arse.. george clooney can get a model? get a good one.

  6. ChicagoEric

    Bottom line, George is one lucky dude. Every girl has a couple nights like this in them. That’s why us boys are attracted to them. They know how to have fun, but also can be very elegant. I subscribe to the perfect women is a cook in the kitchen, a maid in the living room, and whore in the bedroom. Lucky George.

  7. Chauncey Gardner

    This is not surprising. Celebrites are a bunch of savages. In fact, before Clooney became Mr. Classy Cary Grant Redux, I remember him telling Jay Leno back in his ER days about a practical joke he played on a roommate. He tried to convince the guy that the guy’s cat was sick by taking a shit in the litter box, so the roommate would be alarmed that his cat was taking human-sized shits. This is the kind of brain we’re dealing with, here. I wouldn’t be surprised if catbox-shitting is part of George & Sarah’s bedroom repertoire.

  8. Randal

    Ah, the days of our youth when we had little to worry about and very few concequences followed. No doubt she looks back and remembers those wild days and has no regrets.


  9. Auntie Kryst

    These awesome pictures are awesome.. George invested well. This chick’s stock just went up 15 points on the TRSE (Tara Reid Scotch Exchange).

  10. Alice

    I think she just has a stomachache, maybe some really bad gas.

  11. FromOutOfNoWhere

    sweeet mama,


  12. #10 HA!!!!! Good one..

    These pictures are making my thirsty!! (picture me saying that in George Costanza’s voice, it’s funnier)

  13. George C.

    Poor girl…I wonder how she hit her head – accidentally – and ended up floating face down in Lake Como?

  14. Well I’m outta here. As Veggi would say, “See ya fuckers!!”

  15. Jack

    Isn’t that girl in pic#3 on the left Spitzer’s whore?

  16. Trover

    George obviously has an open relationship with this one. Which is probably why it is true love. BOO-YEAH! Best girlfriend ever.

  17. deacon jones

    Man, if ever there was a reason for human cloning!

  18. poopems

    Chauncey Gardner i think its funny that these ladies pretend- i think they should let it all hang out on the red carpets and show the world what is really going on behind closed doors. as they say, hollywood is one big brothel; now please stop insulting us with the “fake” and pretentious airs, everybody knows what’s up.

    probably fans of r kelly. lololol

  19. woodhorse

    She must be so proud of The Golden Funnel trophy in her living room. The nameplate reads “Victor drank my douchewater 2008″. Not everyone has one of those. Almost, but not all.

  20. chickado

    there are way hotter chicks out there, but they probably wont let ol clooney piss on them.

  21. Sarah Larson


  22. Meaghan

    I think she is too too skinny. Men dont like that.

    What about us, real ladies? So how has everyone gone today?

    No exercise so far today, although I think housework counts! LOL

    Food so far has been porridge and low fat yoghurt for breakfast,
    1/2 Peanut butter sandwhich, Baked beans sandwhich (both with whole grain bread)

    Dinner tonight is bolognaise sauce with all fat drained off the meat after cooking, and mashed potato.

    anyone like to contribute?

  23. Snides

    At least George is eating kosher.

  24. RENEE

    What an average looking girl (well, aside from the whole ho ass slut thing). You’d think George would find better; that teacher he once dated was really pretty. In fact, this new girlfriend is barely even average; she’s actually kind of unattractive, aside from the cute butt and long legs.

  25. Groucho

    Nice legs.

  26. @18 deacon, You are not thinking of yourself are you? I am not sure what this world would do with two of you.

  27. KickRocks

    Busted! as in, “She is busted”…used as an adjective, not a verb.

  28. juju

    She’s a paid ESCORT for the N9NE gambling group in Vegas. Here are some of her other fun photos: =sarah+larson

    and w/o any “stars”:

  29. All Guys

    “she’s actually kind of unattractive, aside from the cute butt and long legs.”

    Our penises translate that as “she’s actually very attractive.”

  30. braponbro

    brap indeed
    *peeing noise*

  31. braponbro

    brap indeed
    *peeing noise*

  32. Veroonica

    23. WTF are you talking about? This isn’t the weightwatchers website, fatass.

    P.S. What The Fuck is a backed bean sandwich? Holy fucking Mother of God. You have to be one of those trailor park fat bitches to eat fucked up shit like that. You drink it with strawberry Koolaid?

    I have something to contribute. How about a razor blade mcmuffin for breakfast tommorrow. Fat, smelly bitch!

  33. Frank Lucas' Bitch

    Wow, that’s fucking hot. She’s instantly much hotter in my eyes.

  34. jFp

    Ok, Clooney. Dump her now before she goes all Heather Mills on your ass.

  35. @33,That is exactly what she is looking for. If you ignore her or it, it will go away. It has been around now for a couple of days spewing the same strange crap. Don’t indulge it or it will make more comments..

  36. sam M

    how much older than this girl is Clooney?

  37. Racer X

    George Phony.

    /got nothing.

  38. combustion8

    what happened? she was much hotter back then… george must be giving her truckloads of cocaine.

  39. caljenna66

    LOL @ Jimbo

  40. Kleinfeld

    Her tush is righteous and definitely kosher. Good on ya Georgie boy!

    Love pic #5 (…drool…).

  41. ixz

    #7 You’re pretty shallow… you’d probably fuck anything that moves.

    This girl is a dumb hoe trying to be famous who just happened to be lucky enough to have good looks and hook up with a rich guy… now we’re giving her the attention this attention whore wanted…

  42. 23 – So, you know how to spell bolognaise, but not “sandwich”?

  43. nipolian

    Ok George……let me help you out………You could have been pulling this kind of tail back in your Rosanne days……Dump this skank and set your sights significantly higher… me……You can do MUCH better.

  44. Newsface

    In Breaking News.

    Sarah Larson and George Clooney have called it quits.

  45. BunnyButt

    #8, I remember Clooney on Leno telling that story, and it was the first time I thought George just might not the total douche I suspected he was. I figured anyone that sick had to be okay.

  46. dave31

    i think the reading of replies makes for pretty funny and dare i say, insightful reading.

    as a general rule, you can tell the sex of the poster – males tend to say “she’s hot” or “George is lucky”, while women tend to post something along the lines of “bitch” , “she only wants his money” etc. etc.

    or, i could just be reading into this too much.

  47. FRIST


  48. pee

    they probably play the “pee on you song” by R Kelly alot


  49. pee

    they probably play the “pee on you song” by R Kelly alot
    lovers gonna love
    haters gonna hate
    i want to piss on you…
    yes i do piss on you,

    ahhh. clooney is a class act, so naturally he had to choose something like himself; much like most whorellywood stars

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