George Clooney tries to throw down with Fabio

November 7th, 2007 // 92 Comments

George Clooney and his girlfriend were out to eat in L.A. over the weekend and just happened to be seated next to Fabio and a group of women. Things were cool until one of Fabio’s friends started snapping pictures which seem to ruffle George Clooney’s feathers, according to Page Six:

According to numerous eyewitnesses, Clooney, assuming the woman was taking snaps of him, asked her to stop – prompting Fabio to explain that the shots were of his group, not Clooney, and to tell the superstar, “Stop being a diva.” Clooney started arguing back, and he and Fabio then got into a shoving match. “The waiters broke it up before it got out of hand,” a witness told In Touch.

“George was drinking . . . He wasn’t drunk, but he certainly wasn’t stone sober, either.” Fabio’s manager told the magazine, “George is lucky he didn’t end up in the ER.”

I wonder who would win in a fight between Fabio and George Clooney. On the one hand, Fabio is a pretty solid dude, but didn’t he get sucker punched by a bird once? Then there’s George Clooney. Not exactly a heavyweight but he’s pretty athletic. Also, he seems to have a drinking problem which gives him a distinct and awesome advantage in my book. Then there’s that chin. That wonderful, wonderful chin. “Give me a man with a solid chin over a muscle-bound brute any day,” I always say. I mean, in a, uh, totally heterosexual way. Women are awesome, yeah. I love them. Everyday. I sometimes make intercourse in the pelvis with them. Because I love them so much. The, uh, women. Save me with your magic, George Clooney’s chin!

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  1. Jade

    Is Fabio gay?

    Men don’t call other men divas unless they’re gay…

  2. George George Clooney
    you smell like old cigarettes and Hepatitis
    your pussy is all loose and saggy and your boner isn’t even firm

    Fabioooo, Fabioooo, you have such beautiful hair, beautiful haaaiiir
    but the rest of you is nah-ah-ah-aht nooot so beautiful!

    Umbrella, ella, ella under my umber-ella, hey, hey, hey, hey, ella, ella, ella, ella


  3. kix

    I would have loved to see these two geezers throw down. It’s funny when old people fight, and cuss…. yeah, cussing old people are funny.

  4. redsonja1313

    They can be an opening match for Kid Rock and Tommy Lee !!!

    I am betting on George and Bobby :
    George wins TKO
    Mr. Richie KO in the second round

  5. Joe Nobody

    Geez: If Clooney had really want to hurt him he should have immediately launched into one of his foreign affairs rants. F*ck me.

  6. Missystar

    Oh Gawd, those fucking fairyish boots Fabio is sporting. Oy. Hey, does anyone else think Clooney kinds resembles Uncle Charlie(Manson) in pic #1?

  7. bosendorfer

    clooney looks old, almost like a homeless man with expensive clothes. without his famous aunt, he’d still be in kentucky working at a gas station.

    fabio would shove clooney through a wall and then clooney’s cronies would ruin any chance fabio ever had to even work in low, low grade endorsements and he’d be forced to fade even deeper into obscurity.

  8. EZ

    Kudos to Fabio’s manager for making a clever reference to Clooney’s tenure on the (then) hot NBC drama, “ER”


  9. Lady Sin

    Clooney’s old & Fabio’s gay!

    I wanna see Duhamel vs LaBoeuf!!!


  10. Emmyem

    Why, what a smart PANTS SUIT Fabio’s BEARD is wearing. She looks like a frightened beard at that! And Fabios PANTS, nice! If he pulls them up any higher he’ll get belt rash under his armpits.
    Oh, and ha ha ha. Stop! You’re almost ALL correct! George Clooney has two beards! The “date”, or his “galpal”, and the hair on his chin!
    Those two are the faggiest fag-men, and oh, they are OLD.
    George Clooney is a modern day Rock Hudson, minus the good looks.
    Remember? Clooney’s mysterious MARRIAGE? WAY back when? That phony thing? Like Rock had? And Clooney won’t “settle down”. He wants to be like Pee Wee, a rebel, a loner. Right. He’s a big HOMO and so is Fabio. Good Lord.
    Ask Kevin Pollack. Really! He knows! He told me about TOM CRUISE being SO FAGGY, and the details, too! So, if you find Kevin, ask him. He’ll tell!

  11. RJ

    If it’s true, then they need to put aside their differences and team up. They would be the mightiest duo. Movies, foreign policy, book covers. Together, none could deny them.

  12. GeorgeClooneyisaselfimportantjerk

    George is just another left-wing preachy jerk!

    Fabio was just having lunch with some contest winners who were taking pictures of him. Fabio sounds like the gentlemen and George the jerk.

  13. Ian Brooks

    is that T-Bag in the back of the first picture? Clooney’s 14 year old girlfriend better look out.

  14. GeorgeClooneyisaselfimportantjerk

    George is just another left-wing preachy jerk!

    Fabio was just having lunch with some contest winners who were taking pictures of him. Fabio sounds like the gentlemen and George the jerk.

  15. frrr

    I know Clooney is old and all but he’s rich, so why is he dating an ugly Asian chick?

  16. Hee there george!! The famous month of december is closing in with ofcourse the need for Santa Claus.
    Don’t panic, just call george to give him a helping hand. His looks are quite the same!!

  17. Theron Parlin

    It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.

  18. Terrin

    First, for the record Fabio was entertaining guests who won a contest to go on a date with him sponsored by the I can’t Believe it is Butter people. Those ladies wanted pictures of Fabio to show their friends.

    Second, I met Fabio a couple of times in New York. He is very large and all muscle. The guy essential got paid to work out. Back then, he didn’t drink or do any drugs. His father is also an old school respected surgeon in Italy. George was very lucky Fabio has class.

  19. Fabia

    Fabio was judging some kind of bikini contest with fellow judge Buck Henry. Henry told the story of how Fabio leaned over to say something, and he thought he was going to get some kind of commentary or ‘hunk’ perspective on all the beautiful women parading by…instead Fabio pointed up into the sky and said, “That bird just-a dumped on me.” That just makes me laugh.

  20. rob zoomby

    Faggio would stomp Clowney’s head into the the floor and invade his poopshoot

  21. Sebastian

    “I sometimes make intercourse in the pelvis with them” Pure genious. Thanks for your majestic awesomeness.

  22. Devin

    Clooney’s main advantage in a fight would be that he is Irish, and we all know that the Irish love to fight and usually win. Fabio is big, but he got his ass kicked by a bird, so that pretty much says it all. Fabio is lucky the whole thing got broken up before Clooney laid his ass out.

  23. Lindsay

    This is what happens if you think you’re the shit. Clooney swears he’s that attractive. Get over yourself. You’re way over the hill.

  24. Here’s baby Clooney starting it up. Stay home! Move to France! No one bothers Johnny Depp and he’s more entertaining than Clooney!

    Fabio looks more like Will Ferrelo in this pic.

    or just click my name

  25. BaconMessiah

    Hey George having a little problem witht he whole actor/ reality thing?

  26. mike motorcycle

    Clooney …… What a turd this guy is. Just another angry, deprived communist who’s mad at the world because it doesn’t fit his leftie idealism. Where’s Senator McCarthy when you need him? We need another senator like McCarthy to call out these Neo-Comms and send them packing. Left wing hollyweird actors can all fuck off. Especially Clowney

  27. sara says clooney is a smug bastard

    clooney is an arrogant asshole. he strives for fame, but treats fans like they are shit. celebs do owe their fans for the success they have, period. the least they can do is smile for a picture.
    i have actually met fabio before. he is nice and even gave me a hug, he feels like he is made of cement. he could have killed little old man clooney.

  28. i hate looney

    72 – yeah right! clooney is a scrawny old wimp. being irish doesn’t mean you can fight, it could mean you’re a lush that likes to drink… like clooney. clooney is an ungrateful overrated lush. fabio’s muscular and large and would have KILLED Clooney.

  29. Here’s Clooney getting it started. Kind of a baby. Stay home! Go to France! I don’t see Depp all over tabloids and he’s more entertaining than Clooney!

    Fabio looks more like Will Ferrelo in this pic.

    Or click my name.

  30. sam

    Who would win? Are you kidding? Clooney is 5’9 with a beer gut. He probably could’t lift that tranny looking girlfriend of his.

  31. Lamb

    LOSER Clooney LOOKs like he ‘s hanging out with his DAUGHTER

  32. Dehlilah

    Grampa George
    You look fucken OLD
    You ARE OLD
    HAHAHHAHA loser

  33. jimmyl

    Let me see if I got this right . The good looking blonde with Fabio is a contest winner. The fug with the horse teeth is Clooney’s girlfriend. So random fans of Fabio are better looking than Clooney’s dates. No wonder he got mad.

  34. Ms.dolli

    Poor Ol’George . . .
    My sisterinlaw is a nurse and when he wasrecently hospitalized his chart indicated he has advancing kidney disease, the asian kiddi he’s dating thas some medical Aid training certificate
    therefore she is available to moniter his dialysis or simply good at changing his adult diapers

  35. whiterabbit

    you fucking little shits act like there women are so fucking ugly even though if one of them even talked to you’re little virgin ass’ you would probably nut in your pants

  36. RCA



  37. BaconMessiah

    #85 congratulations you are the 1 000 000 th person to make that very same post. Your un-originality should be celebrated and mocked! You my friend are trully a douche!

  38. Cardinal Ximenez

    My opinion… never fuck with a guy who can pull off wearing a jumpsuit and still get some fine tail. Seriously.

    Clooney is a poser. Fabio should have shoved a fist full of “I can’t believe its not butter” up Clooney’s ass, then butt raped him with a Vespa muffler.

  39. Tiffany

    Always put my eyes on this sexy and perfect man. LOVE YOU FOR EVER. BTW, someone told me that you appear on the celebrity and millioniare dating site called ( Is it really you? If it’s true, I will send an email because the profile looks sincere, attractive and sexy. Charlie sheen already found his girl at that site

  40. Joe Mahma

    “ER” my arse!

    Just because a guy lifts weights doesn’t mean he can fight.

    Fabio is a dork.

  41. Tania

    George Cloney is an asshole really! Fabio is not only the sexiest man alive yet! and still kicking ass ! The Brad pitts and Cloneys are hilarious compared to Fabio. Just because he may not be on the list of actors not all have that kind of talent but what he HAS compared to all is something they can never dream of. fabio is so beautiful and pretty successful still. He doesnt need to be a Brad or stupid Cloney!

  42. cool hand luke

    my money is on Fabbio knocking out Clooney in 38 seconds

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