George Clooney tries to throw down with Fabio

November 7th, 2007 // 92 Comments

George Clooney and his girlfriend were out to eat in L.A. over the weekend and just happened to be seated next to Fabio and a group of women. Things were cool until one of Fabio’s friends started snapping pictures which seem to ruffle George Clooney’s feathers, according to Page Six:

According to numerous eyewitnesses, Clooney, assuming the woman was taking snaps of him, asked her to stop – prompting Fabio to explain that the shots were of his group, not Clooney, and to tell the superstar, “Stop being a diva.” Clooney started arguing back, and he and Fabio then got into a shoving match. “The waiters broke it up before it got out of hand,” a witness told In Touch.

“George was drinking . . . He wasn’t drunk, but he certainly wasn’t stone sober, either.” Fabio’s manager told the magazine, “George is lucky he didn’t end up in the ER.”

I wonder who would win in a fight between Fabio and George Clooney. On the one hand, Fabio is a pretty solid dude, but didn’t he get sucker punched by a bird once? Then there’s George Clooney. Not exactly a heavyweight but he’s pretty athletic. Also, he seems to have a drinking problem which gives him a distinct and awesome advantage in my book. Then there’s that chin. That wonderful, wonderful chin. “Give me a man with a solid chin over a muscle-bound brute any day,” I always say. I mean, in a, uh, totally heterosexual way. Women are awesome, yeah. I love them. Everyday. I sometimes make intercourse in the pelvis with them. Because I love them so much. The, uh, women. Save me with your magic, George Clooney’s chin!

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  1. Elvie

    oooo clooooney….

  2. phenobarbara

    Wow Clooney’s girlfriend is fuggs!

  3. Nancy

    The only way Fabio would have injured Clooney is by using too much teeth when he automatically dropped to his knees and started sucking his cock.

  4. bern2

    His girl might be fuggs, but I would still f@#$ the s!@# out her ass….

  5. bern2

    His girl might be fuggs, but I would still f@#$ the s!@# out her ass….

  6. FagHag

    A cat fight between two sissy fags.

  7. veggi

    ok. Faggios girl is hotter than Geroges. What? The world no longer makes sense.

  8. Zanna

    When I look at Fabio I think of Tropical Rain® by Summer’s Eve because he’s a fucking douche.

  9. sillypanda!

    this seems too made up. i mean, clooney is a smart and nice dude, he wouldnt start shit over something so lame.

  10. Mer

    Will Fabio ever wear a shirt that covers his chest? What does he do in the winter?

  11. IWONKY

    Still no Britney – somebody wake that bitch up now!

  12. Fabio would kick Clooney’s ass and then screew his women

  13. steve

    LOL Zanna #8.

    Fabio is ridiculo. He blows homos.

  14. toolboy

    Clooney wins no problem, he’d wrap his hand in the pretty hair of Faggio , pull him to the ground and beat the accent out of him with a pigeon.

  15. veggi

    Hey Jimbo! Your link goes to a sort of porn site. haha! That’s fucking funny!!!!

    FRIST!!! where’d ya go? Are you off to spike your trolls tab with drain-o?

  16. JM

    #9 how the hell would you know what he’s like? You talk like he’s your fishing buddy or something. “That George Clooney was the sweetest guy. Once you get to know him, he’s really down to earth. Oh me? Oh no, I’ve never actually met the guy, but you can just tell, you know? I mean something about him just screams nice guy. What’s that? Yes, you’re right. I did say the exact same thing about Hitler, but hindsight is 20-20 now isn’t it you irritating little motherfucker.”

  17. If I was Clooney, I would have waited for a better time. Get this douchebag drunk one night and cut off that naggers hair………

  18. Govchance

    Too bad it was broken up. I would like to have seen pictures of Fabio kicking the s–t out of the pompous as-h-le George Clooney.

  19. Between Fabio and George? Both of them have a ton of women and are very pleasing to the eye. I would have to say, Fabio is bigger and poses more.

  20. veggi-

    @18- Are we playing Wheel of Fortune?

  21. Cindy

    Imagine how many Hayden Panettiere miniboobs it would take to match just one of Fabio’s tits.

  22. veggi

    The Eagles new album beat Britneys.

    That witchy woman is off to hotel california for no more cloudy days. She’s not the new kid in town, but with the best of my love, she wont have a heartache tonight.

    aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, yeah, in the words of riot boy, I got nothin.

  23. alex

    i cant believe its not butter!

  24. veggi

    you see what I did there? eagles songs……. alright, I’m outta here. I know, I know, Take it EAsy!

  25. RENEE Z...

    Never saw the appeal over either of these douchebags. George is just hum-ho looking and Fabio…well he looks like a flaming homo to me…and not an attractive one at that. Forget the ER, I guess George is lucky he didn’t end up in a manly embrace…ick. I just grossed myself out.

  26. @20 Pat is there an FU? Pat I would like to solve the puzzle.

    Fuck You Troll!!!

  27. Harry

    Yeah, George can definitely and should definitely do better than Ms. Fugly. I mean, he should be getting Charlize Theron quality, not chicks from “Fear Factor”. If he’s gotta go reality Tv, do what I do: Get the girls from “Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Making the Team”.

  28. Duh

    His chick has big ole teeth and she looks like she’s 14…he looks like a child molester.

  29. Harry

    And, btw, is Fabio dating his mom?

  30. FairFight

    If neither of these dudes know how to fight then I give it to Fabio. George is more sophisticated and smarter but Fabio is bigger. If neither have black belts Fabio would just push George around with his weight. Both these guys got to be pretty old so Fabio must get a lot of surgery. I don’t know if that helps in a fight. Have to ask his surgeon. George probably carrys a gun so he should just shoot him and get Phil Spector’s laywer.

  31. combustion8

    I wish fabio wouldve kicked clooneys smug ass… I hate that pompous chode.

  32. Feckless

    Fifty bucks on the Eurotrash for a Win.

  33. George

    I once saw Fabio is a market in West Hollywood buying milk or butter or something, and he is a dwarf in real life, so I don´t think that the other George had anything to worry about.

  34. the explainer

    I wish George had got him on the ground, and shaved his fucking head. I can’t stand his long faggy hair

  35. Duh

    Hahahahahahahaaaaa…..I love the word chode…

  36. BunnyButt

    Can you imagine the smell of the stale old-guy testosterone haze these guys left behind? Ech. Bet it smells like old gym socks.

  37. 1MILF Hunter

    Fabio is an old queen. He had women around to cover his image. Clooney’s a real man and would’ve kicked his faggot ass.

  38. Lex10

    Q: How do you take out Fabio?
    A: Goose him.

  39. 23apples

    #10…. in the winter he doesn’t go outside. He simply relaxes bare chested by the fireplace on a bear skinned rug. Actually, probably something more exotic… like a Siberian tiger skinned rug.

  40. yukadoozer

    Of course she’s ugly. George’s fragile inner man couldn’t get it up for a beauty. He’s the Beauty.

  41. my comment

    What’s up with the toenail claws?

  42. Beth

    Clooney should have taken out his enlarged prostate and beaned Fabio with it.

  43. joeypants

    @42… nice!!!

    Clooney is a pretentious fag. Fabio looks like a horse.

  44. Narcissist

    Clooneys chin? I always thought Fabios head looked like a concrete block.

  45. Sheva

    Fabio rumored to be at 220 and George said to be pretty wimpy after putting on weight for a movie and screwing up his back.

    George probably didn’t even see the guy and then when he started complaining found himself in a situation not of his choosing.

    The only way he wins is with a sucker punch with a glass in his hand. With that many witnesses he can’t pull it off an declare victory. Not without getting sued.

    Lucky for Clooney, Fabio is a peace loving man. Otherwise he would have crushed him.

  46. Hey veggi, Jimbo, are you guys here or are you trolls?

  47. Rapax

    I really have no idea about Fabio’s claim to fame, but I do wish that he’d decked that sententious clown Clooney. If he’d done so, he’d be a strong candidate for TIME magazine’s Person of the Year honour.

  48. Dorito man

    Fabio would have kicked Clooney’s arse. Fabio looks a lot bigger and stronger than little Clooney, ghey hair aside.

  49. sharpeidude

    Fabio would beat Clooney’s ass. I hear he’s into martial arts and kick boxing so I would say Georgie got lucky the waiters broke it up.

  50. RENEE Z...

    I can’t believe Fabio still has that stupid mop of hair. In fact, his entire look is the same as,, what…15 years ago? What is he gonna be like 90 years old with his shirt open and and stringy gray hair hanging down his shoulders? What a douche. God, I can’t stop saying douche today. Its just national douche day (well, in my world anyway).

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