George Clooney: That’s all mine. Jealous? C’mon, say yes.

March 14th, 2008 // 163 Comments

George Clooney’s girlfriend Sarah Larson helped model the new Ashley Paige swimsuits last night during LA Fashion Week. If you don’t recognize Sarah, it’s because her resume includes Vegas cocktail waitress and Fear Factor contestant. But now Sarah’s career is taking off as she enjoys her current role as George Clooney’s boobless arm candy. Good for her. But now, seriously, George, what do you have against breasts? Your mother was a cold woman, wasn’t she? Hmm, yes, I can tell. Never had time for little George did she now? No, always preoccupied with culinary pursuits and, judging by your after shave, haberdashing. Fly, fly, Mr. Clooney. Fly fly.

Photos: Getty Images

  1. rosa

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  2. Janie

    She has nice legs. But her lipstick is weird, which I guess isn’t her fault, but it bugs me nonetheless. She looks a lot prettier in other pictures.

  3. LL

    Those swimsuits are fugly. Eh, she’s perfectly lovely. Skinny, but whatever. I don’t have to bang her, so… Nice legs. Not every dude is all about the boobs. I’d honestly rather see boobless than giant fake melon tits.

  4. jadams

    What is wrong with having No boobs. I would rather see those than big, fat, sloppy ones hanging everywhere. Happy St. Patricks Day!!!

  5. yep

    she has no boobs and one ugly mug, clooney must be blind

  6. dd

    flat girls are just jealous of girls with big boobs..come on, girls like them and men LOVE them. Big boobs can get you anywhere. Those who say they’d rather have small ones are liars, you’re doomed with small chickenpox for breasts and can’t do anything to change that. Sure you can get implants but you know most men hate fakies! So you have no option but lie to yourself and everyone else that big boobs are gross and you rather have flat chest and look like a man. Ha ha .

  7. slap me

    She’s pretty…for a ladyboy.

  8. Yea man I hate all these models who don’t look like 90s pornstars.

  9. A-cup, perky and sweet

    dd… You’re trying too hard. Who are you trying to convice, us or yourself? You know, there is a happy medium between flat as a board and flabby pendulums. And, depending on the woman’s frame, that can be an A,B or C cup. Anything bigger than that is going to be disproportionate (unless your frame is VERY LARGE ie. fat ). Sarah Larson looks great the way she is, slim and healthy. She snagged George Clooney for Christ’s sake!! Go girl!

  10. Snoodle

    I think she’s quite pretty ^_^. George has always struck me as the type to go for men and women though, whatever he feels like at the time, y’know? (not a bad thing at all ^_~) at any rate, fine choice Georgey mah boy :D

  11. Abi

    Fuck you assholes who have qualms against natural breasts. Just because she doesn’t have plastic jugs doesn’t mean she’s bad-looking. And guess what? When she’s 70 years old and sitting in her rocking chair, she will still have perky boobs…

    can you even IMAGINE what Pam Anderson’s fake ass silicone basketballs will look like when SHE’S old? CHRIST.

  12. soosiebum

    he’s gay, so it doesnt matter what the latest women he is dragging around looks like. there is no closet big enough girlfriend!

  13. fanny

    She´s got no brains, and he is still with her! What does it tell about mr.clooney? Pathetic. He has taken this ho everywhere, talking about air pollution for vain !

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