George Clooney: That’s all mine. Jealous? C’mon, say yes.

March 14th, 2008 // 163 Comments

George Clooney’s girlfriend Sarah Larson helped model the new Ashley Paige swimsuits last night during LA Fashion Week. If you don’t recognize Sarah, it’s because her resume includes Vegas cocktail waitress and Fear Factor contestant. But now Sarah’s career is taking off as she enjoys her current role as George Clooney’s boobless arm candy. Good for her. But now, seriously, George, what do you have against breasts? Your mother was a cold woman, wasn’t she? Hmm, yes, I can tell. Never had time for little George did she now? No, always preoccupied with culinary pursuits and, judging by your after shave, haberdashing. Fly, fly, Mr. Clooney. Fly fly.

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  1. Well, someone might have something to say about this below:

  2. kitty_kat

    @96- Well said.
    @91- Read 96. Its not about chest size – its the fact that there is nothing about her that would indicate that she is female. Aside from her face she’s pretty much a dude. Sorry.

  3. kitty_kat

    Actually, scratch the “aside from her face comment. I realize now that its also pretty mannish.

  4. woodhorse

    She looks like a pound puppy.

  5. I think she looks gorgeous – they make a hot couple.

  6. Ms. Whiplash

    Whatever. Her body is fine. Fantastic long legs, no belly and no jiggle, and her small boobs allow her to look great in any outfit. It’s the outfits, the makeup and the “runway model” expressions on her face that make her look weird. She’s got the kind of body that would look so hot in nice jeans and heels, with a sexy top. Yes, she’s all wrong for a playboy spread or a porno movie, but if she’s good enough for George Fucking Clooney, nuff said.

  7. 12345

    To #102:
    That may be what you are focusing on, but that doesn’t mean there were not certain comments posted here solely putting down the fact that she has a flat chests – and that was what I was focusing on.

  8. L.Linus

    Damn, this is a white girl, well now time for the white girl namecalling like you did when there was a black girl on the other blog. Comeon, let”s hear it. Not one real honky or white bitch with a stick ass. Let’s be fair!!!!

  9. Stefania

    Leave her alone. So the girl has no boobs. Big deal. Can’t a girl be natural anymore without having to walk around with oversized silicone watermelons stuffed into her body? If the author of this piece is a male, how about getting some penile implants for our pleasure? If you’re a woman, well then…..try not to let the claws of the green eyed monster called jealously rear it’s ugliness because she managed to snag him and not you.

  10. peeps

    #96 and #102. It’s the same thing, how on earth can she change her waist to hip ratio or her breast size and how is that her fault. Now if she is anorexic then she has a medical problem but, it’s still nothing to laugh at. However I knew girls her size that ate like horses and they were so insecure about their bodies, they had beautiful faces and the model look but, it was so hard for them to have straight figures and it made them feel like they weren’t good enough. It’s hard for a woman to be built like this, the only solution is dangerous plastic surgery and if less women did it you’d see that it’s fairly common and normal to be built like this. I expect these comments form guys with all their porno and treating women like fuck toys but, from girls come on now you all have flaws why rip on other girls when you know it hurts you to be ripped on. Kitty Kat I believe you are a tall girl how about when girls say that being very tall is manly and that women are supposed to be petite and dainty. I don’t subscribe to that way of thinking but, I’ve seen you get pissed over it.
    Real women don’t have curves, some women have curves and some don’t and they’re all real. As long as a woman is healthy it’s all good and you can’t always judge by looking at someone if they are healthy or not.

    Bottom line is many girls automatically rip on a girl this size because they instantly (subconsciously) think, hey she wouldn’t have to second guess eating fries and a burger like I do. I HATE HER. Even if she’s too slim for your taste you can’t deny that her lack of fat is frustrating to women who worry about their body fat day in and day out.
    This may be the superficial but, you all need to chill the fuck out. Now if some of you women are the hottest things on earth, which I highly doubt you are, then go spread your legs on the cover of a mag and be a beauty whore, whore out your looks, live off of them, treat people who weren’t born with hotness like shit and live a shallow worthless life. Or shut the fuck up and start focusing on something other than your looks and realize that you really can’t have an ego about something you were born with but, you can have pride about your accomplishments, if they aren’t based of vain shallow bullshit.

  11. S

    She has extra skin down younder’! Ewww…..tuck it in your bathing suit next time!

  12. bubba

    She’s okay. Nice slim body, but she has an okay face…not beautiful.

  13. aja

    She’s much prettier than in these pictures. but, is she half chinese?

  14. Frank Lucas' Bitch

    #110, that was beautiful. And honestly people…picking on a model? Come on, get a life.

  15. kitty_kat

    “…Kitty Kat I believe you are a tall girl how about when girls say that being very tall is manly and that women are supposed to be petite and dainty. I don’t subscribe to that way of thinking but, I’ve seen you get pissed over it.
    Real women don’t have curves, some women have curves and some don’t and they’re all real…”

    Never did I say that

  16. rosa

    Sarah Larson
    Someone mentioned that you met on the famous online service sugarmatchmaker, a club for rich men/celebrits to seek rich men ? True or not??

  17. Mal Gusto

    skinny, dull, with ugly shoes.

  18. kitty_kat

    Oops! Sorry! Didn’t finish my post but it got posted anyway.
    “…Kitty Kat I believe you are a tall girl how about when girls say that being very tall is manly and that women are supposed to be petite and dainty. I don’t subscribe to that way of thinking but, I’ve seen you get pissed over it.
    Real women don’t have curves, some women have curves and some don’t and they’re all real…”

    I’m oddly flattered that you remember that I’m tall :). Never did I say that she was not a real woman, I merely said that I personally found her mannish. I find her facial features masculine. She does not have to be a DDD or anything, or have a huge behind a la Kim Kardashian, but SOME curves would be nice. I respect your points though.

  19. wundersmack

    I blame the stylists of this show — look at photo #8! Her double sided tape is stranded on her left boob. Also, that spidery looking crap in her hair in the first few photos is just plain weird.

    I have to side with the opinion here that George likes her very nice and sweet personality, though she is a solid “OK” in the looks department. Maybe he just wants to be sure he is prettier than his date.

  20. RENEE

    Wow, I’m impressed with how unimpressive she is. No, not ugly, but definetly not exactly beautiful enough to pull a mega star like Clooney either. All that being said, I think Clooney is a douche & not very attractive himself.

  21. Luckyone

    She looks beautiful. I love her. Is she single now? I saw her profile on millionaire&celeb dating site “” last week. Just curious!

  22. x

    @ 110

    just what i was thinking! reading your post made me so happy to know there’s people like you out there

  23. Lee

    Jealous? Of what????????

  24. stephanie

    In the white tank top pictures…. a lot of her stomach area is effected by the lighting… shadows and whanot… and the only reason shadows can form on her tummy in these pics is: Her posture and the fact that she is TONED in her stomach. She actually has evidence of muscles, or at least some FORM. It is not just flat and it is definitely not FAT. dumbass.

  25. martin loser king

    She’s a little above average but that is offset by her flat chest. She has the breasts of a 10 year old girl. Is Clooney into pedophilia?

  26. ha

    wow, just downgrade her because she doesn’t have implants…

  27. Pat

    Fuck! So she’s small chested- so what? Her boobs are real, proportionate, and if she ever has kids, she’ll be able to breastfeed, which is what nature intended. Fuck all you assholes who determine what a woman should look like!!!!!!!

  28. I thought everyone knew that Clooney liked boys. Even ones in shiny silver dresses!

  29. 12345

    go pat. i love you.

  30. alisa

    wow. oh no. someone who doesnt have fake tits… get over it.. shes beautiful … the girls hating probably have big boobs but only because theyre fat .. fat and big tits isnt hot. dont show then off. makes me wana throw up

  31. martin loser king

    Those boobs would be proportionate for a prepubescent child. I’m usually against implants, but in this case…………

  32. somuchlove

    I’m going to use try to use ‘fly fly’ at some point today.

  33. AssBigot

    She looks like a dog that’s ready for battle.

  34. name required

    her eyes tell us that she knows she’s hot… even for a little boy.

  35. Thanks for the great pics

  36. Amber Dextrose

    I’m glad she Hasn’t had breast implants – nice to see some normal tits – I sometimes wish I hadn’t had any. Not because of breastfeeding (perfectly possible #131), but because they distort everything you wear over them and make it hard to sleep on your front. And that’s the normal ones, not the freaky stripper ones.

    She has thighs, she has hips. I can’t see the deal about her figure here. We’re living in this weird world where no one under 30 can remember a time when being fat was freaky, not being thin. OK, she looks like a horse, but I look like baboon in a bonnet, so what can I say?

  37. stupid

    idiot website same old news

  38. sam

    I’m so sick about George Clooney and his media-friendly fake girlfriend.

  39. mjv

    Lets try this again . girls are women hired by online gaming outfits to entertain customers. Need I say more?

  40. earlybird

    Larson claimed she made 200K a year cocktail waitressing. There must have been cock and tail involved but not much waitressing.

    Being flat chested and not having implants does not automatically make someone classy. I think Paris Hilton already proved that.

  41. Nuevo

    #144 – hahaha

    This tranny got to meet Clooney while “working” and all poor Ashley Dupre got was Spitzer.

  42. havoc

    Christ, she’s fat…..


  43. Roy

    She is cute and sexy. She is also my favorite. I saw her profile on millionaire&celeb dating site “”
    last week. It is said she is dating a young billionaire on that site now.

  44. How funny. I am wearing the exact same top as her (not the bikini, the white tank) although it looks much better on her, and I highly doubt she got hers from JC Penney..

    At least I can say I have better tits than her and my eyebrows don’t look like two dead caterpillars on my face. So there ya go.

  45. stumbler

    she looks healthy and athletic which = sexy.
    fake boobs, plastic surgery, implants are not.

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