George Clooney: That’s all mine. Jealous? C’mon, say yes.

March 14th, 2008 // 163 Comments

George Clooney’s girlfriend Sarah Larson helped model the new Ashley Paige swimsuits last night during LA Fashion Week. If you don’t recognize Sarah, it’s because her resume includes Vegas cocktail waitress and Fear Factor contestant. But now Sarah’s career is taking off as she enjoys her current role as George Clooney’s boobless arm candy. Good for her. But now, seriously, George, what do you have against breasts? Your mother was a cold woman, wasn’t she? Hmm, yes, I can tell. Never had time for little George did she now? No, always preoccupied with culinary pursuits and, judging by your after shave, haberdashing. Fly, fly, Mr. Clooney. Fly fly.

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  1. Ren

    I don’t know…sure, she’s not all that hot, but she’s a good choice if he’s planning to get married. Obviously he’s going to cheat like crazy, so he has to choose a girl who correctly feels very lucky to have married way over her head, so she won’t make a fuss when he comes home with his cock smelling like another girl’s pussy. Smart guy.

  2. Bob

    I hope George is a bowler. Two in the pink and one in the stink should suffice.

  3. Peter Dawson

    She’s all yours, George.

  4. Cat Vachon

    I’ve got to know……………who is the guy writing for this site? My god he is funny!!!! I happened across this site a few months ago and now I’m hooked. Every story written about is so much better with his humor added. I’m a loyal fan now!!!

  5. Rey

    Agreed about the funny writer! The captions just by themselves are hilarious. As far as Sarah, she’s pretty but the makeup here is way too dark.

  6. absolute

    She is beautiful. Is she single now? I saw her profile on millionaire&celeb dating site “W e a l t h yR o m a n c e. co m” lat week. Just curious.

  7. temp

    man, the makeup is horrible. she looks better when shes not being a “model.”

    she does have nice legs though, i’ll give her that.

    george clooney can do much better though.

  8. sam

    She wasn’t attractive enough to be a model before dating Clooney, and she still isn’t. That’s why she was a cocktail waitress. She looks like a freaking tranny.

  9. duster

    Number 22, or Steve, if you prefer:

    You say Scary Spice doesn’t look like she belongs in ‘society’ and should be flushed down the toilet?

    You racist twat.

  10. WhyTheLongFace

    Yes, I’m jealous. If only I was rich and famous enough to attract my own Asian shemale. I suppose for now I’ll have to live vicariously through George.

  11. Proletarian

    What’s up with this fag dissing cocktail waitressing? I guess some people have never had to work for a living.

  12. You are all retarded

    You are all so dumb, to make judgments on behalf of G. Clooney: “He could do much better” etc.

    I know from personal experience, that when I was very thin, wealthy white men mostly hit on me.

    Now that I have gained about 20 lbs of muscle, only wealthy black men hit on me.

    My boyfriend however is not wealthy.

    So George Clooney happens to be with this girl who you may not think is that beautiful and too skinny, but maybe he perceives her a different kind of beauty and he may think that she is one of the hottest women alive obviously to be with her for an extended period of time.

  13. Snarky McComments

    She looks like Spock with those Vulcan eyebrows.

  14. sibi

    I see that she was told not to smile this time, which is wise considering her horse teeth.

  15. StillAwake

    Isn’t this the girl from the motorcycle accident? This relationship will last until the statute of limitations on personal injury lawsuits expires.
    Fear Factor contestant? Maybe next time he should aim higher and date one of the Flavor of Love contestants.

  16. jim

    Clooney is getting old and, like any old geezer, thinks that any 20-something year old is automatically hot. Maybe it’s caused by cataracts, but standards definitely get lowered. Or he’s in the final stage before coming out of the closet — hooking up with a ladyboy.

  17. ralph b

    admit it, you idiots SHE IS GORGEOUS.

    however uumm… anyone seen pics of curious George swapping spit with her or any of his gal pals? ever?

  18. she owns a perfect and slim shape, we all envy her so much, and we do hope that she can have a bright future and she can be more pop at the dating site PinkMingle,com, it’s just for pink lovely females , lol

  19. deadbitch

    Orange bird with no tits? Can George not do better? Or maybe it’s because he’s gay he doesn’t wanna see tits, the flatter the better! YAY!

  20. lh

    Sarah’s mom was a beard until the dad came out of the closet and left the family. So if Clooney is gay, he found the perfect girl.

  21. Jan

    I am way hotter than this girl, as I have t@a and this girl has neither! Her face is not pretty, she has a hard cold look and frankly I am surprised by Clooney’s choice, She is so skinny and not that attractive, and would not be modeling if not for being George’s beard. I mean, I have never seen a woman so flat, she is flatter than Kate Moss, for crying out loud. YUCK!

  22. oompa loompa

    george clooney is so overrated! i don’t know why he was voted sexiest man alive TWICE. i’m guessing it was because brad pitt was the judge…those two are obsessed with each other. maybe that’s why he chose a boobless gf, to remind him of brad pitt’s chest…

  23. dave85

    Shut up you haters. She’s the perfect woman and even Tom Cruise would agree. Face of a man, body of a boy, with Paris Hilton’s huge feet thrown in – Perfection Personified. And during her appearance on Fear Factor she undoubtedly consumed something nasty so that adds a touch of class to the already perfect package.

  24. granada

    She looks pretty anywhere but here….and for the “cold, hard look” that someone mentioned earlier: models usually don’t smile on the runaway; people are supposed to notice the clothes more than the models.

  25. meow

    For her next birthday George should buy her new boobs, ass, and face transplant.

  26. George’s man tits are bigger than his girlfriend’s.

  27. sara

    Wasn’t she a Go-Go dancer in Las Vegas?

  28. michy

    i dont think thisi clooney’s girlfriend.she is completely different from the other pictures.she usually seems oriental

  29. logic

    She’s not oriental. She just just has beady little eyes and smiles and nods a lot without ever speaking a word. I guess that would confuse some people.

  30. raina

    #71- Jan:

    Shut the fuck up unless you’re willing to post a picture of yourself, you cocky little cunt rag.

  31. Lori

    I can’t imagine George with a woman. Just young boys.

  32. Lori

    I can’t imagine George with a woman. Just young boys.

  33. 12345

    I am fucking sick of the people who comment on the women who have small chests. Is natural not attractive anymore? Do you realize they can’t help it? That maybe they fucking deserve love too? and that theres more to them than that? She has a freaking hoooottt body, why would you bring her down because of that. It pisses me right off. Not gunna lie – I’m nearly flat chested and I take offense to these ridiculous comments. Although, there are good people out there, and I still get tons of attention for other good traits. Would you rather every fucking woman in the world had fake hard as rock, plastic, scarred-up, massive tits? number 50. ryan. im talking to you. Your dick is probably miniscule and you deserve to be alone for the rest of your life. Get the fuck over yourself.

  34. alissa

    i think she is really pretty could use about 5 ibs and some boobs might be nice ;p

  35. Sarah is cute and sexy.

    No boobs but no big deal.

    Defintely dooable.

  36. jen

    Maybe he likes her PERSONALITY…

  37. Gina

    She looks like a man! Maybe George likes men and this the the closest he can get to the real thing. You know, he can’t let the public know he perfers men……..just a thought…..who knows??????

  38. Jenifer

    I would rather see her small boobs instead of some inflated cartoon boobs that all the girls have now. sooooo over that xo

  39. raydurz

    Yeah-whats with the A Cups?

  40. legs

    # 7… are you serious? fat? she’s got nothing on her…. and she’s on a CATWALK… and you’re sitting in a chair in front of your computer gawking at her. maybe you should get out your makeup and a scale to go see if you can take her job! you show her what a real model is! or… you could stop projecting and bashing others to make yourself feel better.

  41. Any of you losers that sit at home and jerk off to women online and then put them down know deep down inside that you wish you had a woman this confident and beautiful. Chest size does not=beauty, get your heads out of your hairy asses…realize whats important. george clooney has good taste. and to all you insecure girls that think your hotter, if you were really that hot you wouldnt have to say it, you’d just be it. dumbasses.

  42. right on 83

    Just wanted to say “RIGHT ON” to #83!!

  43. Melissa

    She’s beautiful and has a great body, he’s gorgeous. He could do worse.

  44. titlesswonder

    she’s not SMALL chested she is NO chested, maybe if she ATE something she might have a chest as it is shes a pankcake.
    Pneumatic fake a la Montag is gross but so is emaciated fried egg.

  45. Christina

    I totally appreciate and support Sarah Larson. If she got through M20 AND Fear Factor, that bitch has got it all!!

  46. kauai

    I think it’s her ambiguous look people are focusing on. There is nothing about her that would indicate she’s female. Her long face combined with her waist-to-hip ratio would make me wonder.

  47. tg

    George never dates very good looking women. Look at his ex wife and all the girls since, the French chick being the one exception.

  48. James

    George Clooney can have any woman he wants, and he is dating a transexual looking woman with no body? I don’t get that at all.

  49. blow me

    Anyone notice the weird…uh, dent I guess, in her chest? Big or small boobs-good each in their own way, but look at pic 8 and someone tell me, what IS that in the middle of her chest? Seriously, does anyone know?

  50. rosa

    George Clooney beautiful woman, you are making a great thing! did you joined, a site for rich men to date sexy women? I just found many people here keep talking it these days! I need the answer from you!

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