George Clooney: That’s all mine. Jealous? C’mon, say yes.

March 14th, 2008 // 163 Comments

George Clooney’s girlfriend Sarah Larson helped model the new Ashley Paige swimsuits last night during LA Fashion Week. If you don’t recognize Sarah, it’s because her resume includes Vegas cocktail waitress and Fear Factor contestant. But now Sarah’s career is taking off as she enjoys her current role as George Clooney’s boobless arm candy. Good for her. But now, seriously, George, what do you have against breasts? Your mother was a cold woman, wasn’t she? Hmm, yes, I can tell. Never had time for little George did she now? No, always preoccupied with culinary pursuits and, judging by your after shave, haberdashing. Fly, fly, Mr. Clooney. Fly fly.

Photos: Getty Images

  1. Gerald_Tarrant

    She’s not that bad. Clooney is about a 6-7 and she is a 6-7. The numbers add up.

  2. Kitty

    I’m prettier than she is. So no… not jealous.

  3. Gerald_Tarrant

    On a related note, I want to give Kitty some good lovin’.

  4. Ray

    I think she looks good..

  5. What happened to her boobs?

  6. Randal

    Very elegant woman.

  7. Jean

    She’s fat. Seriously. Look at her stomach bulge in the pics with the white tank top. Gross.

  8. ixx

    No thanks… don’t dig models and their nothingness bodies.

  9. dude

    This is what a hot white woman looks like.

    For a picture of hot [sic] nigga, see scary spice under previous post.



    Scary Spice >>>>>>>>>>>>> this chick

  11. Joco

    She’s alright except she has prepubescent tits

  12. Bigo

    Of all the hot women he can get with just a finger snap, he stays with this tramp

  13. ch474

    Not doing it for me, I’d rather hit Scary Spice. I guy could cut himself on this bag of bones … NO BONER FOR YOU!

  14. f

    She is so sexy. Once I saw he sexy photos on a millionaire dating site called meetingwealthy. She si datin g friends there.

  15. silly number 8

    Because a model would actually pay any attention to you anyway…

  16. combustion8

    she’s ugly.. and he’s gay.

  17. Massa

    I’d hit it.

    I’d hit Scary Spice too. With a noose.

  18. stink

    Fuck this. You tools with your mommy complexes Fish you got it wrong, the little douche babies with mommy issues lust after ginormous boobs. Small perky titties are so sexy. I feel sorry for any guy so insecure that he’s afraid to be with a girl just because she has little cupcakes. Who cares. In my experience the smaller the boobs the tighter the ass and the prettier the face. These are aweful pics and fucking hideous clothes, I’ve seen some her lookin damn good in other ones.

  19. Fucking shit. And you have to croll down to the end of the article and click on the magazine pic

  20. Sambo the Ass Pirate

    i bet she can kegel george’s dick clean off.

  21. steve

    I don’t think she’s particularly attractive, but at least she looks like she belongs in society, not like some scuffer that refuses to go away despite endless flushes (Scary Spice).

  22. Ted from LA

    Oh George,
    You self deprecating annoying fuck.

  23. .

    She has a weird looking face.

  24. brennie

    “Fly, fly, Mr. Clooney. Fly fly.”

    that made me laugh pretty hard.

  25. Hannah

    @ 7, I bet you are fatter.
    How is that fat??? She has a wonderful body.

  26. George from Sherman Oaks

    I think I see beef curtain in photo #1. And I’m not sure how I feel about it.

  27. literarycritic

    @ 7: What’s the matter, Jean? Not “thinspirational” enough for you?

    You have the aesthetic tastes of a bitchy, jealous anorexic teenager. Go back to your stupid fucking “All I had today was 1/18th of a cucumber but I still feel SO FAT” boards, where everybody will pat you on the back for saying a stick-thin model with no boobs and a visible sternum is fat. You fucking retard.

  28. lisa

    wow, she is beautiful!

  29. Jenn

    Not jealous…the chick is not hot. Bangin’ body though…maybe a little too skinny…

  30. Bemused

    She’s not ‘ugly’ in any obvious way — except, perhaps, for her skeletal build — but manifestly frightening in appearance. George Clooney would have better luck trolling the corridors of any office building on Wilshire Boulevard. Classier than Eliot Spitzer’s beloved, to be sure, but still scary.

  31. Barack

    She’s not hot, she’s just not un-hot. (fuck, I’ve got to get Jesse Jackson to help me make this shit rhyme) But at least she’s white! Gotta aim high. Especially after the shameful slumming with that nasty skank in the last story.

  32. Doogie


    I know she has to look like a robot for the runway but she really should be introduced to the In n’ out burger!
    Even if its a veggie! Its all in the sauce!

  33. Vince Lombardi

    I guess some guys in Hollywood go for little boys.

  34. jenny

    she’s very pretty:)

  35. Harry Ballzack

    @34 – Some ?
    Hollyweird Credo:
    Girls are for babies – Boys are for fun

  36. Serial Rapist

    You could jam this chick right up Scary Spice’s fat monkey pit.

  37. jstunnah

    i dont think shes pretty at all. i mean she is obviously not hideous…but george could do a HELL of a lot better than her. and she needs to change her haircolor, its unflattering on her.

  38. george

    George Clooney is an old queen.

  39. FIRST—george_clooney.jpg

    That makeup and those clothes aren’t flattering at all. She’s gorgeous in every other pic I’ve found of her — just google image her :P

  40. aha

    booobies……… wait.

  41. Spazz

    Yuck. She should be a Spice Girl.

  42. Samhain


    Elf ears.

    Huge fake caterpillars sitting on top of her eyes.

    Zellwegger face.

    No tits, no hips.

    I have to wonder if he’s ever seen her without makeup yet – blecch.

  43. ManiacFive

    I never knew Clooney liked boys, but after seeing the rack on this chick, yeah, I guess he does.

    Theres nothing i love better than doing a stick thin model from behind. Its the paper cuts i get from her hip bones and shoulder blades i love. Oh yeah!

  44. Helga Brows, but she must be doing something right…..I must cast my vote for the previously mentioned kegals

  45. Jim

    “I guess some guys in Hollywood go for little boys.”

    You say that like it’s a bad thing… :)

  46. PattyS


    “Hollyweird Credo:
    Girls are for babies – Boys are for fun”

    Really? It’s the credo for “Hollyweird”?

    Based on recent FACTUAL evidence, it’s clearly the credo for Catholic priests and Mark Foley’s congressional Republicans.

  47. Ryan

    She has the chest of a male model. Not a good look. When you’re George f’n Clooney you need to set your sights a little higher.

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