George Clooney once propositioned by Roseanne, it, uh, didn’t work

May 9th, 2008 // 35 Comments

George Clooney sat down with Rolling Stone movie critic Peter Travers Wednesday night for a special screening of Leatherheads. During the Q & A, The Chinned One discussed his acting past and his experiences on the set of Roseanne which included a sexual offer from Roseanne. WARNING: If you just ate, skip to the witty banter after the quote. People reports:

“I worked on her first series, and when I met her she said, ‘You’re really good looking, why don’t you take me out behind the stage and make me stink.’ She was unbelievably kind to me at a time when no one was.”

Clooney, being a rookie actor, couldn’t answer with his honest response which I’m sure was something along the lines of: “Well, it looks like somebody already beat me to it. And by somebody I mean a pack of teamsters, Tom Arnold and, judging by your shirt, a hot roast beef sandwich – with fries.”

NOTE: I make the same face as the Clooney above every morning in front of my mirror. While on George it says, “Hi, I’m George Clooney. I’m suave and debonair,” on me it says, “Hi, I’m The Superficial Writer. I wear Spider-man jammies, ladies.”

Thanks to veggi whose pick-up line is so powerful, the Pentagon classified it as “Nuclear Sexy.”


  1. Stoney

    well well

  2. Clooney was just starting out, my bet is he did hit it!

  3. mimi

    So what is Britney doing?

  4. havoc

    “make me stink”…..LMFAO!!!!!!!

    Oh god……


  5. a2m

    I just threw out in my mouth a little.

    #5 Die in a fire.

  6. Take a prostitute for real!!
    Much cheaper and the choice is ………………………………………..ENORMOUS!!!!

  7. He would have hit it… if she had a dick.

  8. shaun

    Who’s the Asian Shemale?

  9. veggi

    Well, Roseanne is farking funny…..

    And, you know, it’s true that some men get laid purely on their wonderfully, larger than life personality and humor; penis..

  10. Ed

    I bet Clooney didn’t have the courage to point out that John Goodman had better tits.

  11. Mischa Barton says that paparazzi photos showing her legs dimpled with cellulite were retouched.

    “Those photos are doctored,” the actress’ rep, Lisa Perkins, told the New York Daily News. “I’m not saying she’s perfect, nobody is. But they’ve given a 22-year-old woman the legs and bottom of an 80-year-old.,2933,354700,00.html

  12. Yayyyy!!!! Veggi’s here!!!!!

    So, makes me wonder what type of proposition he got from Edna Garrett??

  13. Anexio

    I know =why veggi gets the shoutouts because she is always comentsing on other stuff is and stuff. she always funny and larious and is nice to me.

    She the best because she comments on everythign all the time and she the best on that stuff and we try to be as good.

    (Stepping out of charactor – Way to go veggi!)

  14. veggi

    Hi FRIST!!!

    um, huh Anexio? I no dea wha you say on stuff and other whatnot thigns.. But I know= anyways..

  15. Yeah, I bet life is so much easier when you just don’t give a shit anymore (spelling and grammarwise..) I’ll have to try it some toime

  16. joe

    George should drop the beard and go stag.
    He is not fooling anyone

  17. mike

    veggi has a powerful “pick-up line”? So she IS a lesbian after all!!! Way to out her, Fish.

  18. cr

    That hole in the dress in pic #2 is a little off center, but it’s nice to see fashion designers take under consideration the fact that ladyboys sometimes need to make a quick trip to the urinal.

  19. veggi

    I see common sense has failed you again Mike..

    Apparently, you’ve never been hit on by a girl..Can’t imagine why..

  20. mike

    veggi, sure I have. But they’re always the loud fat ones who guys don’t hit on. I feel so sorry for them (you).

  21. Anonymous

    I’m gonna remember that line…..that was classic.

  22. BunnyButt

    The man’s got an odd concept of kindness…

  23. Jen

    take me out behind the stage and make me stink

    As if she needs his help with *that*

  24. Marilyn

    is sarah dress got a hole in it?

  25. Marilyn

    is sarah dress got a hole in it?

  26. fygu

    This is a story that I wish I had never heard. It will haunt me forever.

  27. Jliver

    Holy shit…that line from Roseanne is quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever read. “Make me stink”. F’ing awesome.

  28. gray would be the color

    Clooney is an over rated actor. He should sit in his villa in Tuscany and drink olive oil and shut his fucking mouth.

  29. Lindsays

    She is so beautiful. Her blog and photos were found at milllionaire&celeb datingsite —””—- last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is seeking on that site

  30. Bigo

    That hole in her dress is for sticking her penis out when she needs to pee

  31. rachel

    hahaha demetri martin line.

  32. rachel

    hahaha demetri martin line.

  33. She wants a real man between the sheets, NO FAGGOT!!!

  34. Annie

    I don’t know what is wrong with you people, she is simply gorgeous! She’s slim so it’s kind of normal that she doesn’t have big breasts!
    Georges and her are a very good match, shame on you loosers who like fat ass b******!

  35. day

    trashy girl in cheap looking polyester thing. She looks like man, in the face i mean. Maybe clooney doesn’t see much of a difference weather he dates this tramp or some other “celebrity actress”. Can´’t he find any normal woman???

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