George Clooney once propositioned by Roseanne, it, uh, didn’t work

George Clooney sat down with Rolling Stone movie critic Peter Travers Wednesday night for a special screening of Leatherheads. During the Q & A, The Chinned One discussed his acting past and his experiences on the set of Roseanne which included a sexual offer from Roseanne. WARNING: If you just ate, skip to the witty banter after the quote. People reports:

“I worked on her first series, and when I met her she said, ‘You’re really good looking, why don’t you take me out behind the stage and make me stink.’ She was unbelievably kind to me at a time when no one was.”

Clooney, being a rookie actor, couldn’t answer with his honest response which I’m sure was something along the lines of: “Well, it looks like somebody already beat me to it. And by somebody I mean a pack of teamsters, Tom Arnold and, judging by your shirt, a hot roast beef sandwich – with fries.”

NOTE: I make the same face as the Clooney above every morning in front of my mirror. While on George it says, “Hi, I’m George Clooney. I’m suave and debonair,” on me it says, “Hi, I’m The Superficial Writer. I wear Spider-man jammies, ladies.”

Thanks to veggi whose pick-up line is so powerful, the Pentagon classified it as “Nuclear Sexy.”