George Clooney pranks Bruce Willis

August 28th, 2006 // 38 Comments

George Clooney was messing with Bruce Willis at Scott Caan’s photo exhibit party in Los Angeles last week by telling him a bunch of middle-aged men were hitting on his 18-year-old daughter Rumer. A source says:

“Bruce kept getting madder and madder with each guy George mentioned.” Eventually the jig was up when Rumer came over and said, “Dad, George told me to tell you that – uh, I forget his name – was talking to me.”

Oh sure, George Clooney pranks Bruce Willis and it’s all fun and games. I prank Bruce Willis and I get a restraining order and a police escort to drag me away. Next time I prank a celebrity I’ll really prank them. To death. With a tire iron.


  1. isegoria

    Who cares?

  2. fierce

    ROFL. Lame.

  3. No self-respecting man would ever get within penis range of Rumer.

  4. Rumer Willis sounds like she’s the next Marlon Brando. Really sold that one…

  5. Rumer. Rumer. Rumer.
    Stupidest. Name. Ever.

  6. Every one of Bruce Wilis’ offspring looks like a dog. Rumer’s place is somewhere between Kathy Griffith and Joan Rivers. But after thirty beers and a massive quantity of cocaine, well, I’d still probably hit it.

  7. Jake

    Fuck. Kathy Griffin

  8. Someone needs to tell Bruce that no one wants to hit on his ugly, wierdly-named daughters anyway.

  9. Sure, I like spending my time making Dads worry about their daughters… it is what my whole business is about. LOL

  10. Forget Bruce Willis and look at that picture of George. Damn that man is fine!

  11. Binky

    Is this Willis guy still in the ‘entertainment’ industry ?
    It’s amazing how much work he got after Cybill Shepard carried for so many years…and she was a super-model actress…
    As I recall he thought his best work was in ‘Pulp Fiction’ and his role consisted of being repeatedly punched in the head…such is Hollywood…
    I like my Rumer with a bit of Pepsi

  12. PigsWalkUpright

    What’s really sickening is if it was anyone else’s 18 year old daughter, Bruce Willis wouldn’t have had a problem hitting on her himself.

  13. Lush

    what a stiffley stifferson… PRANKSTERS WHOA!!!

  14. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    There’s a rumor Rumer’s ugly
    But how am I supposed to know?
    If she’s cute or if she’s pugly
    Can’t tell with no photo.

  15. AmberDextrose

    I’m willing to quit bitching for a few minutes when the need arises… but she does look a bit shovel-faced:

    Crufts Dog Show 2006

  16. AmberDextrose

    Phooee, that didn’t work. Try this one:


  17. AmberDextrose

    Goddammit, Google the bitch yourself. If you think it worthwhile.

  18. NunoH

    George Clooney is even more gay than Cruise.

  19. RichPort

    I had no idea Jay Leno circa 1975 was Bruce Willis’ daughter. She really needs the number to her mom’s plastic surgeon. Now.

  20. IFuckingHateYou

    Stupid fuck Bruce Willis, you should know that there’s not a middle-aged guy that would want to hit on your daughter because she looks like Bruce.
    How come none of their kids got any of Demi’s looks? They’re all butt-ugly.

  21. spatz

    she looks like the ugly version of parker posey in that picture

  22. jrzmommy

    In the meantime, Clooney’s checking out Rumer’s goods for himself. That’s why he can’t keep a relationship with an adult female — he’s a dirty old man who likes little girls. Nice going Georgie! You just outed yourself as a fucking perv.

  23. confiscate_me

    whoa #19, I wouldn’t wash my ASS with that face, not even if George Clooney had spat on it first.

  24. radio4play

    slow day huh

  25. That Clooney is such a prankster. He saves his best jokes for the public at large, though. Everytime he releases a new movie he dupes everyone who goes to see it. The guy is the embodiment of smug, with the wardrobe person being responsible for any variances in his performances.

  26. Aristotrash

    I know this is mean b/c she didn’t choose to be famous but . . . no one would hit on Rumer. Not even middle-aged men with beer guts. Have you seen her??? It’s unfortunate.

  27. ivri

    CHRISTOPHER WALKEN 4 PREZ, BITCHES! if you don’t think that’s relevant, you’ve obviously never seen SNL.

  28. nc72

    Bahahaha! I bet George was hittin on her though…

  29. ElatedPornStar

    So the fuck what?

  30. EazyE

    Bruce is like Norman Bates in Psycho.
    Rumer? Rumer, it’s time for your tea. Tomorrow we take you to see Dr. Doolittle. You’re 18 now. Time for the “operation.”

  31. wallaby

    Is it just me or does it seem like everything that happens right now in Holywood gossip happens at one of Scott Caan’s parties?

  32. I have found that the best way to have sex with Rumer Willis is to keep the lights down real low, squint, and tell yourself that it is actually Demi that you are violating, and not the fruit of her sumpuous loins.

    Mmmmmmm, Demi’s loins……

  33. Sheva

    Not a damn thing wrong with her, before or after I set up my cover story and hit it.

    George “I fucked over Teri Hatcher” Clooney

  34. jaysaj

    @11 i concur.
    @ 35 you’re soooooooooooooooooooo sick!

  35. that’s hilarious…ha ha…..

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