George Clooney auctions off kiss for $350,000

May 24th, 2007 // 107 Comments

George Clooney made an appearance at the annual Cinema Against AIDS dinner (which raised $7 million for the Foundation for AIDS Research), and auctioned off a kiss for $350,000 which he gave to the winning bidder’s girlfriend. That’s a pretty secure guy right there. Most men wouldn’t accept $350,000 to let their girlfriend kiss George Clooney, let alone pay it. I read somewhere that he can have sex with women just by looking at them for too long.


  1. Jimbo ?

    Mrs T – Schack and I go back a ways and Yes I get trolled. All of this comes from the same person. What treat did this come from? I would love to read it

  2. Boob Lover

    hmmmm…#13 might be a troll but I think his DMBS of the day pic might be better…

  3. bungoone

    37, please see previous posts for both of those examples. one looks like a man & the other looks like a 2 week old roadkill.

  4. iamsosmart

    49- Fuck, could you be anymore predictable? Or anymore pathetic? You wish you could fuck your own sister, but she still can’t get rid of the crabs she got from your dad. You’re an idiot. And that will never change you fucktard.

  5. mrs.t

    Jimbo-it was the Paris braless/bible thread…you are accused of being Schacky Green…..I’m ou now. Have a good day and death to the trolls.

  6. #52 – So solves the mysetry. I can’t see his boob shot because it is forbidden.

    That’s why you didn’t get through, Jimbo.

    My link should still be good.

    I’d like to see his boob shot, though.

    I may change mine. Don’t know how I feel about it …

  7. Jimbo ?

    Bren – WOOO HOOO I can get to your web site

    Nice DMBS!!!

  8. Happy Testes

    “You are an idiot. Good luck getting laid. Ever. By someone OTHER than your mom.”

    Most unpredictable thing I’ve ever read. I’ve been charmed by its insouciance each of the 1000 times I’ve read it in online flames.

    Simmer down, iamsosmart. You’re so far out of your league it’s like we’re not even playing the same game.

  9. DrPhowstus

    And to think, he’ll kiss men for free… he is our generation’s Rock Hudson.

  10. Jimbo ?

    Mrs T – I read that. I was not even at my desk that afternoon. No big deal. Schack likes to try and pick fights with me

  11. suckit

    59- sticking that warm hot dog up your ass is not hygenic. You should find a new hobby.

  12. #58 – Glad I could help, Jimbo. I am a gentleman and a scholar.

  13. Happy Testes



  14. reptilicus

    I heard he auctioned off his genital warts for $100,000.

    Perez Hilton bought them.

  15. suckit

    no, don’t stick crikets in there either. Just stop sticking things up your ass. Nothing wants to go in there you sick mother fucker.

    Now go away. Completely. No one likes you. yeah, not even your mom.

  16. DrPhowstus

    If you ladies are gonna fight, at least be funny. I’ve seen better fights between parapelegic retards in preschool. Seriously, those were great, especially when the moaned at each other in lieu of an ability to speak properly. Good times.

  17. Barbadiva

    For that price, I’d have him kiss far more than just my lips.

  18. sos

    she has a death grip on his arm

  19. Kamihi

    I have no idea what is so special about this guy, hes not really good looking and he has GREY hair and lots and lots of wrinkles. YUCK.

  20. WowJustWow

    He kisses women like Michael Jackson kisses women.

  21. CHA

    ohhhh i loooove him. lucky, lucky girl. #12 he’s so NOT gay. he’s my future husband. my future husband isn’t gay.

  22. DrPhowstus

    And for the record, you’d get half that money if you offered a kiss from a female star 10 years younger.

  23. lambman

    That girl is pretty good looking, George looks more than old enough to be her dad in that pic…creepy, I think he’s just past his peak and on his way down that hill

  24. llllllllll

    Wouldn’t it have been great if a foaming male would have won?

  25. clarkehead

    This guy’s golden. Sorry, but I don’t know many men who wouldn’t want to be in Clooney’s shoes.

    Unless, of course, the rumor that he’s gay is true. Then forget it.

  26. llllllllll

    I think her boyfriend should of invested that money on breast implants for her. God knows she needs em baaaad.

  27. star69

    Weird situation. The womans bf must not be able to get it up and used to hiring male hos to fuck his gf. What a disgrace. Blah.

    And whats so hot about Clooney beats me

  28. So does everyone steal everyone else’s name now? Thanks for making it sleezier, um, I mean easier, than ever to troll Fish dude!

  29. iamsosmart

    #41.and #54. Hello my troll.

    For anyone who my troll offended I will say the same thing I said to my friends after my mentally challenged dog, Mr. Fluffernuts, humped their legs and then shit in their shoes.
    “I’m sorry, it’s not his fault”.

    I must say trolli-olli you have a lot of time on your hands. But you really didn’t mimick me very well. I suggest you go back and read a bunch of my posts and try a little harder.

    1. I am much funnier
    2. I am not rude to other posters (unless they attack me first) and I never start shit but, I always finish it.

    Being trolled is like having a movie made out of your life and then finding out they hired Lindsay Lohan or K-fed to play you.

  30. iamsosmart

    Sorry #59 Happy Testes, it looks like my troll tried to shit on you.

  31. YouRang

    So do you guys think they’re both thinking of Brad Pitt while they kiss?

  32. Randy

    I’m 44. Any ladies want to make out with me? I won’t charge you.

  33. iamsosmart

    Here’s what I would have said. Now you pay attention to this Troll you have a lot of work to do if you’re going to fill my shoes (with SHIT).

    George Clooney is a pompus little fucktard. I hate that asshole. He has a giant villa in I taly with a chef and servants and he lives like a king but just like his BFF Brad he shoots his mouth off about world poverty. He’s a hypocrite who’s fucking full of himself and really likes the sound of his own voice. He’s constantly opening his pie hole to shoot his mouth off about political and social issues. Georgy-boy that mouth was meant for one thing and one thing alone… the cock, you love so much, so shut it and swallow Brad’s salty gizz.

    The chick looks pretty hot but, I’ll bet you her man is as ugly as my troll. What kind of fucked up perve pays $350,000 to have “me.sexiest man alive’ kiss their girlfriend? He’s that bored by his lady already and she isn’t even his wifey yet. I guess Mr. Money Bags is into kinky shit but he’s a total kinky coward. If you’re going to pay a man $350 Grand to do something to yor woman while you watch, it should not be possible fully clothed.

    So this makes George a whore right. Look at that kiss that isn’t worth 35 cents and I say that as a woman.

    Georgie Whorgie the 35 cent whore; that just sounds right.

  34. iamsosmart

    * Italy
    * Mr. Sexiest Man Alive

    and whatever the else I spelled wrong.

  35. MissPMS

    Clooney is a man whore.

    …that being said, I’d still hit it.

  36. I agree with #12..
    and if he wasn’t gay…

    I’d definately lose my
    Virginism to him….

    hez freakin sweet….

  37. iamsosmart

    #30 Happy testes.

    May I present to you BO Derek.,%20Bo

    She’s 50 there and yes you would!

    next Jacylyn Smith, if you prefer brunettes.,%20Jaclyn

    She’s fucking 60 and you so would.

    Did you watch that 70′s show? Remember Midge Donna’s busty mother and former Charlie’s Angel. She ‘s over 50 and looks fucking incredible.

  38. Monique

    I’m surprised his kiss didn’t sell for more than that.

  39. iamsosmart

    Oh and Michelle Pfeiffer my personal favorite and she’s 49 years old and perfect.,%20Michelle

    Check out the rest of her pictures. She’s hot as hell.

    Elle Macpherson and Cindy Crawford will be turning 46 in a few years and they’ll still look hot as hell too.

  40. DahliaRose

    He is just an ugly, smelly, old pervert. Spit, Spit, Spit !!!! He would have to pay me twice that to kiss him.

  41. iamsosmart

    #73. Check out the ladies I spoke of. I think many of them would get double as much. Oh and add to that list Elizabeth Hurley. She’s 40 and she’s still looking good. In fact it’s the young ones that look like shit, all lacking in confidence, doing drugs, smoking and becoming annorexic and then getting all fat again. Every one of the women I mentioned blows whores like Lindsay, Britney and Paris out of da water. You think they have a chance in hell of looking like Michelle Pfeiffr when they’re her age? She kicks their asses NOW!

    I am still young (late 20′s but people think I’m in highschool). Oh the jealous looks my Id gets, priceless everytime. My Mom and Grandma get hit on constantly. Genetics are fun when your hot and smart enough to not destroy yourself living like a filthy skank.

  42. iamsosmart

    *Michelle Pfeiffer

  43. iamsosmart

    Plus the ladies I showed are more toned, have better boddies and nicer skin than Cloney’s grey-brown old man skin. Plus Georgy uses more fancy cremes than the ladies, he’s admitted it. He uses an under eye creme before going out that temporarily tightens and frezez your eyebags.

    But gents please continue telling us how much hotter George Cloney is than women his age or even women in their 30′s cause it doesn’t make you seem like GIANT FAGGY GAYS at all.

  44. iamsosmart

    * freezes

  45. Happy Testes

    It’s depressing to look at pictures of all the women you’re listing, back when they were young, and remember how hot they USED TO BE. Please stop this psychological torture.

  46. deb

    350k and she got a peck? what a rip off. he better be cramming something in me for that amount

  47. Beth

    He just gets better with age. I would pay that much and more to kiss him. And kiss him, and kiss him. MMMMM.

  48. erik

    Lame. and yes im jealous girls arent handing out 350 g to make out with me

  49. iamsosmart

    #96. DAMN! I specifically did not post pictures of them when they were younger. BAD Happy Testes you were not supposed to compare them to their younger days.

    All celebs are worthless trash here for our entertainment anyway, I just think Georgie gets way more praise than he is due.

    The chicks I mentioned have aged well and that is a fact and Clooney and Shitt-Pitt are WAY overated, also a fact.

    I wouldn’t kiss cloney with Paris Hilton vagina but I would let my husband pay for a sit down dinner with Pitt and Clooney where I was aloud to insult them none stop and explain to them what pathetic losers they are (in case they didn’t already know) and all they were aloud to, and had to, respond was “we completely agree and did we mention we are super butt buddies”

    And then I would yell back “speak when spoken to dinner bitches”, now back to my insult list… on a scale of 1 to 10 I give you both a negative 1 trillion. On the list of world biggest panzie douches you bothe tied for the #2 spot, just below John Mayor and so on it would go…

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