George Clooney auctions off kiss for $350,000

May 24th, 2007 // 107 Comments

George Clooney made an appearance at the annual Cinema Against AIDS dinner (which raised $7 million for the Foundation for AIDS Research), and auctioned off a kiss for $350,000 which he gave to the winning bidder’s girlfriend. That’s a pretty secure guy right there. Most men wouldn’t accept $350,000 to let their girlfriend kiss George Clooney, let alone pay it. I read somewhere that he can have sex with women just by looking at them for too long.


  1. Danner

    My wife would be all over that. lol

  2. Dirty Sanchez

    I wonder how much people would pay for George Clooney to give them a Dirty Sanchez?

  3. bilbob

    Maybe the dude is just kissing George by proxy.

  4. dr koob

    “Cinema Against AIDS”??? Shouldn’t they be wearing dental dams during that kiss?

  5. RichPort

    The truth is that the $350,000 got them a kiss for the wife and an assfingering for the husband.

  6. wedgeone

    At that price he better have taken his Cialis.

  7. Knick-knack-paddy-wack give a dog a bone, this old man came rolling home.

  8. biatcho

    In honor of the occasion, Clooney graciously upgraded the prize from a kiss to anal felching.

  9. jrzmommy

    Her ecstatic husband yelled out “hey, that old guy just kissed my whore!”

  10. jakebarnes

    As if George Clooney needed the ego boost.

    Still, I love the guy, and I gotta hand it to him.

    That chick looks pretty hot too, judging by the shoulder and top third of her boob.

  11. mauilive

    Look at how uncomfortable he looks.



  12. Ol’ Georgie-boy lucked out, that chick looks pretty hot!

  13. captain obvious

    Boooring. I just really don’t see the mass appeal of this guy. I’ve seen better looking men while shopping at my local grocery store. And as far as the kiss goes; certainly doesn’t look worth the big bucks. I never thought of him as gay, but watching him kiss sheds a new light on that theory.

  14. pointandlaugh

    if I was george, I’d be DAMN glad the winning bidder/chick was HOT. Most super-rich broads are OLD/FAT/NASTY

  15. bluecrush

    He’s pretty old, but I’m in my mid 20′s and I’d make out with him!

  16. Barbara Bush

    Clooney looks uncomfortable because this chick’s husband is standing about one foot away, drooling a little and rubbing the crotch of his pants. It’s basically a scene from Jimbo’s future.

  17. He´s so hot. I love George Clooney.

  18. bungoone

    it’s a pretty sad world we live in that someone pays 350 grand for a kiss from some old ass celebrity.

    at least it’s for charity, i guess.

  19. (required)

    Wow, that dude’s girlfriend is quite the slut – nice of her to slip her shoulder strap off in case Clooney wants to suck a nipple after the kiss. But he should watch out, she’s so promiscuous she might be…you know…HIV positive.

  20. my friends just started this site that makes fun of regular schmucks –

    They’ll even post your picture and make fun of you, you know, if you’re in to that kind of thing…it’s hilarious.

  21. Jimbo ?

    If I had just paid $350K for a kiss from George Clooney, I would expect a little tongue and maybe a nice squeeze on my ass. She did not even get any of his spit

  22. Newpsywed

    That girl is the luckiest girl alive.
    She has a rich boyfriend who is also secure, AND she gets to kiss George Clooney (still hotter than most young Hollywood guys).
    I hate her.

  23. Skeeter Eyezklozed

    Geez, ya horny bitch, why not grip his arm a little tighter, maybe pop a few more veins and tendons. I bet her other hand has his nutsack in a vise. Just a guess, but the boyfriend’s nickname must be “Weenis”.

  24. Newpsywed

    That girl is the luckiest girl alive.
    She has a rich boyfriend who is also secure, AND she gets to kiss George Clooney (still hotter than most young Hollywood guys).
    I hate her.

  25. Jimbo ?

    Bren – you will love this. I just tried to check out your DMBS and I was block by my companies proxy server. The reason it gave me was your web site is “Tasteless”

  26. nina

    haha…thats just pathetic

  27. Bioplant

    Grandpa’s got a boner! Woo!

  28. $350,000 for a kiss from George Clooney? I’d pay it.

  29. Happy Testes

    This is why it’s great to be a guy. Name one 46-year-old woman who’d get 350 grand for a kiss. By that age, you’re smooching thinned out lips with moustache stubble. Although on the plus side, you don’t have to raise your hands much to play with the boobs. Thank god for no-fault divorce.

  30. veggi

    yourstupidface is broken.

  31. Smart guy, no kiss from Clooney is ever going to live up to her fantasy of it. Also, Clooney has been getting women for a long time, probably doesn’t have to work very hard at it, might not be a great kisser, Renee Zellweger looks like she isn’t too picky.

  32. huh wha

    #21 typed in youstupidface, not yourstupidface, in the link box. an omen – it’s a dumb site. i want my 30 seconds back.

  33. What do you mean isn’t working? Is the site down!??


  34. ToiletDuck

    I wonder what he charges for a blowjob??

  35. Try again # 30. How about Demi Moore (44)or Sharon Stone (somewhere between 80 & dead). They’re older & don’t fit your rude, chauvenistic description.

  36. mrs.t

    Jimbo-what the hell did you do to piss off so many women here?????

  37. Happy Testes

    Demi Moore or Sharon Stone????

    hahahahaha!!! Good Lord, that’s the best you can do? Thanks for proving my point!

    (pssst…somebody loan #37 some ibuprofen, stat…it’s clearly ‘that time’ for her…)

  38. Jimbo ?

    Mrs T who did I piss off?

  39. iamsosmart

    @39- You are an idiot. Good luck getting laid. Ever. By someone OTHER than your mom.

  40. mrs.t

    Well….last night I checked in and it seemed Schack and someone else were pissed , and in this thread Barbara Bush appears to be taking a jab at you. Are you being trolled, or did you have an altercation with somebody?

  41. #26 – Jimbo, this is horrible news. I mean, my website IS tasteless, but I’m crushed by this revelation. I got flagged by some guy on a “.mil” server yesterday as “offensive and inapropriate” — fucking bullshit, but that may have something to do with it. Can’t a man blog in peace?

  42. p.s. #13 wasn’t me commenting. Who would pretend to be me? Seems bizarre, because I pretty much suck.

  43. straberryz

    Id pay double. This is George fucking Clooney were tlaking about.

  44. mrs.t

    Oh Bern…’ve been trolled! Congratulations, sweetie! Isn’t it weird?

  45. I wish Rosie O’Donnell had won. Or Courtney Love.

    The look on George’s face would have been priceless.

  46. straberryz

    And for the record, I’d like to correct my own spelling before someone else does. *talking

  47. Happy Testes

    #41 – just last night I got laid by somebody other than my mom. Ok, it was your mom, so not really something to brag about, but I was really drunk so I thought “what the heck” when she started slurring out bestiality anecdotes and staggering around trying to take her support hose off. She might be a little itchy today because I had to shave her back before I could indulge her incessant requests for receiving ATM action.

  48. #46/Mrs. T – Does this make me awesome, now? I’ve been waiting so long to be awesome …

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