George Clooney can finally get laid

March 7th, 2006 // 49 Comments

clooney.bmpAfter years of struggling to bed attractive women, Facts of Life alum George Clooney is immediately taking advantage of his newfound Oscar credibility. The Best Supporting Actor was spotted having a nice romantic dinner with his ex-flame Krista Allen, whom you might remember as one of Adam Sandler’s porn star friends in Anger Management.


  1. Jacq

    I’d hit it!

  2. femmefatale01

    I was first in line. What a hottie

  3. I think Clooney is gay.

  4. Baroness

    Mmmm… Clooney…

  5. Don'tPanic

    Gay? I’d like to hear your theory. In any case, I’d do him.

  6. pixelbasic

    Must be a really slow week in celebrity f-ups…Lindsay parties & Clooney occasionally goes back for seconds. Come on Britney strap your kid to the back of a motorbike or something.

  7. George Clooney (jorj kloonee)- 1)The epitome of a smug, faux self-deprecating, Hollywood personality graced with a modicum of any real talent. 2) A media created failure who employs left-wing political rants to maintain public exposure and divert attention from shoddy box office returns (see also Jane Fonda, Warren Beatty, Mike Farrell, and Rob Reiner).

  8. Devil Is Chrome

    If I had to choose between Clive Owen and George Clooney, I think my head would explode….


    Love him, great personnaility, Great looks, talent, funny. I would love to just have a nice conversation and hang out for drinks with him one day.


    Unwashed, Are you a creative writing student.. lol,, or just nuts.. haaaaa

  11. popcornsuite

    If he’s still a virgin, I’m the Pope.

    Or maybe Clooney really is a class act who doesn’t do it with just anybody.

  12. SuperSpence

    Speaking as a raging heterosexual male, if I had to share a prison cell with one dude in the world, it’d be George Clooney. He’s a man’s man in the best way and if I had to be a man’s man with him in the worst way, at least I’d be able to say I banged George Clooney. Could be worse.

  13. Wild Rose

    SuperSpence–I think that was Jon’s opinion too when he woke up and found those dreamy eyes gazing down upon him! LOL!

    Truly the yummiest man in Hollywood…*the real deal*!

  14. Whew! At first I thought it said Kirstie Alley.

  15. Queen LaQueefah

    did y’all see his face at the oscars when that ugly ugly woman thanked the academy for seating her next to him at the nominee’s luncheon? he looked like he was about to puke out his rectum.

  16. downshine

    yeah, i saw the look he gave that lady. and at the post-oscar e! coverage the host chick nearly had a nervous breakdown when he walked by, i swear she pissed herself. has he never been in a relationship? i find it hard to believe considering he’s so good looking…

    p.s.-i’d hi that

  17. Evangelia

    dude that was kinda mean of george. he could have been nicer to that poor lady. she was so fuckin nervous when she was giving her speech too.
    on the other hand: george speaking arabic in syriana was the best thing that ever happened in the history of cinema. OH MY GAWD i was about to come in my pants.

  18. gogoboots

    YUM I love him, he’s so fuckin’ hot, has brains and is very politically liberal. He looks better now then he did on the Facts of Life. How is that possible?!!? I wish he would run for governor of California!

  19. trophywife

    #9… i hear ya… my solution would be to do them both at the same freakin time. could it get any better than that? except to have jake join in and fill another hole…


  20. gogoboots

    unwashedmasses, you’re totally jealous and secretly want him. Come on, CONFESS!

  21. Jayne

    Whenever I hear someone refering to Geogre as “the leader of the new Rat Pack” I die inside.

    I’m pretty sure he’s had a fling with Brad Pitt though.
    A hunch, really.

  22. prideofchucky

    Nice picture….

    Wasn’t that guy in WHAM! ?

  23. Evangelia

    lol #23, the first person to actually comment on the funny pic. everyone else was too busy having orgasms at the thought of george.

  24. tits_on_snack

    Not that there’s anything particularly *wrong* with the way George Clooney looks… but… I’ve just never found him attractive whatsoever. In fact I was surprised when I first heard, way back when, about what a “hottie” he was. I was like “Wait. What – are we talking about the same George Clooney here?”
    … I don’t know why. I just don’t find him good looking.

  25. CakeGirl

    He’s hot. And don’t get me started on Clive Owen.

  26. Mary45

    Jayne – is there a video of that? Now that is something I would pay for…

  27. Pez_D_Spencer

    19- Has brains and is very liberal???

    To quote Bender B. Rodriguez: “Perhaps you are familiar with the old robot saying ‘Does not compute.’”

    Heh. :)

  28. Tania

    Does anyone remember George as Booker on Roseanne? It’s safe to say that he definitely gets better with age.

  29. Jacq

    Yes I remember George on Roseanne. Going farther back – Seriously, how UGLY was he on ‘Facts of Life’? Definitely, now, a handsome older man.

  30. QuiteFrog

    I can say I have had the honor to be gazed upon up close by George Clooney and he is the sweetest guy around, and believe me he doesn’t just look like he’s listening, he really is.

    LOL@ SuperSpence I’d have jumped his bones right there in the bar I met him at had there not been like a gajillion people in his posse…some alone time and who knows ;)

  31. LaydeeBug

    Si, yo me lo tomo!

    trans: “I’d hit it!”

    Nummy, nummy.

  32. LaydeeBug

    Oh Devil, you said it. You said a MOUTH full. Hmmm, Clive or Clooney, Clooney or Clive (holds both hands face up, balancing the indecisively)

  33. hafaball

    Wow, what a nice post…lol

    Anyway, I’m not gay, but I’d have sex with him too. But he’s so much of a joker, I think when he ever does have sex he’s like, “Is that a vagina? Haha! Looks like Matt Damon a bit!”

  34. QuiteFrog

    Awwwwwwww hell I’ll admit I’d do Clooney just to get a ride on his Indian motorcycle. LOL

  35. Lennox532

    George, PLEASE bleach your teeth -

  36. neophyte

    He probably can’t keep women ‘cos he has a small penis.

    I mean, there’s gotta be an excuse. Perfect men like that keep women with their manliness. Unless they have a small penis.

  37. Lavinia the Vainglorious

    Im not going to feel sorry for this man. He’s rich, handsome and talented. If he’s single its definately by choice. Rather than pity him I admire him for not falling into Tara Reid and Paris-types every time a bottle of alcohol is opened.

    ..unless there’s some truth to the tiny penis theory. But he could totally get that fixed on the d/l right?

  38. Sassy

    Number 4:

    I was about to post ‘Am I the only person who thinks Clooney is as gay as a really gay guy at a gay convention?’

    But clearly I’m not the only person who thinks this.

    Gay, gay, gay as the day.

  39. gsprescueguy

    Well, I’m glad no one mentioned talent, because he has none. What a hack, I have no idea how he beat out the other 4 guys for his oscar.

    Intelligence???? Yeah, he and Krista Allen are probably getting together designing the new space shuttle or curing cancer. He is a huge doofus.

    This guy is just about as interesting as a bowl of oatmeal.

  40. George will be bending hotties over until he is an old man and can’t get it up no more.

    Go Clooney!!

  41. HollyJ

    I like what he said at the Oscars; however, I don’t find him sexy at all. I just don’t see it.

    I thought that “Good Night and Good Luck” was a well-filmed movie. It was very “Film Noir” in feeling. Nicely done, I thought, though I despite B&W movies.

    My rods were exhausted by the end of the movie. When I walked out of the theatrel, my cones almost exploded from finally being exposed to color.

  42. So who do you think he’ll bang first? Blair or Tuti?

  43. Porcelyn

    Does anyone else find him unattractive?

  44. Jacq

    Anyone remember when he was REALLY UGLY on ‘Facts of Life’?

  45. Jessie

    #37 You have ruined my fantasy life. I think Clooney is absolutely gorgeous looking, though I admit I have wondered abt the gay thing. Now I have this mental image of a one-inch-wonder…

    /runs from room crying

  46. OhBloodyHell

    You guys crack me up. You think he has a tiny winy? You need to look at his crotch man. HUGE. I tell ya, HUGE.

  47. leopardcat09

    How can you all be so mean to her? Just because you are a mother doesn’t mean that you have to all the sudden hide your body. If she feels comfortable showing it off who are we to judge. And another thing… who are you to judge how her children are raised? It really seems like she really wants to support and provide for her children and and you are bad mouthing her? Hmmm… do you know how many mothers (not famous) are out there and should have their children siezed from them? lets just leave it a lots… but is there ever a mention of them? No. Why? Because the only thing we see in the dark are the stars…

  48. Damm he looks like George Michael haha, handsome as always…

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