George Clooney and Teri Hatcher dating?

January 19th, 2006 // 26 Comments

*george_clooney_teri_thumb1.jpgGeorge Clooney and Teri Hatcher have been spotted looking cozy at various spots around Los Angeles, and are doing little to dispel buzz that they


  1. al rarow

    He’s an attractive guy, and could bag anyone in the industry. Why would he want to court a double-bagger like that hag?

  2. ESQ

    What is up with her nose? She must have broken it one time. I kinda believe this story too, George is a man-whore.

  3. velvet_morning

    he could bag anyone, it’s probably more so an issue of wanting to bag everyone.
    I really can’t see her being all that different to her desperate housewives character..

  4. Sheva

    He’s having his usual fun but man she is looking more and more haggard with each passing day. Her shelf life is going down the tubes like those wenches on Sex in the City.

    The problem with these urban chicks is they overrate themselves right up until the day they are yesterday’s news.

    It happens in NYC all the time.

  5. I think this is one of the signs of the apocalypse…

  6. SuperSpence

    The reason George Clooney is dating Teri Hatcher now is that he wants to bang her before she becomes completely revolting and untouchable.

    That’s also the reason George Clooney is my hero.

  7. andrewthezeppo

    eeeew On both accounts. I hope they have a good time fugging eachother’s brains out.

  8. Populist

    Guess she gets the unenviable job of listening to this guy moan and complain about the Republicans. Make him wear a condom, Teri, he’s done a lot of drilling in his day.

  9. cakefarm

    i don’t know about this one. george clooney is sexy and teri hatcher’s face looks like it’s about to collapse in on itself.

  10. Jayne

    <–agrees with #7

  11. Kelly

    George, Teri? Are you enjoying her shag van? Maybe if you put a bag over her face it can be doable. However she sure as hell is no Lucy Lu.

  12. Kelly


    Bet he is doing her in her van. WTF Fugky Teri is no Lucy Lu.

  13. Kelly


    Bet he is doing her in her van. WTF Fugly Teri is no Lucy Lu.

  14. Kelly


    Bet he is doing her in her van. WTF Fugly Teri is no Lucy Lu.

  15. Kelly


    Bet he is doing her in her van. WTF Fugly Teri is no Lucy Lu.

  16. I definately think Teri Hatcher has been overrated…..but now I feel bad for her. She looks like SHIT next to George Clooney.

    There is NO WAY these two are dating……

  17. sammygirl

    George, put down the beer goggles.

  18. HollyJ

    He already HAS banged everyone in Hollywood. I bet his penis has more Hollywood mileage than Liz Taylor.

  19. HughJorganthethird

    Excellent now the odds of them both dying at the same time in a fatal accident are much greater.

  20. Larry

    I wish my Disinterest-ometer was sensitive enough to accurately display just how disinterested I am in the news that George Clooney is “dating” (read: bonking) Teri Hatcher.

    Isn’t she old enough to be his grandmother? (Checks birthdates.) Yes, she is. He’s a celeb, he’s in his forties, and so is she. She’s way too old for him. He should be with some killer-beautiful 20-year-old airhead, and she should be with some industrialist in his nineties.

  21. hafaball

    that’s true! George clooney seems like the funniest guy in hollywood, and teri hatcher just seems like some crazy lady that’ll throw cats at you.

  22. I agree with #6′s comment to.

    ‘Clooney has a list,
    ‘he’s checking it twice,
    ‘gonna find out who does the spinner at night,
    ‘Clooney Clause is cumin’ to town

    Teri though? A bean bag has more appeal then she does. Since the superman series, she has let herself go. I guess Clooney likes the sound of bones crunching as he puts his member in her.

    No matter, Go George!

  23. QuiteFrog

    Yeah well it looks like George likes them wierd..I mean I think most of the “celebrities” need to widen their circle of people they bag…eventually all the kids in Hollywood will all be’s like some wierd back woods cult in LA where they just pass each other around.

  24. anon

    barf! she’s gross!

  25. anon

    clooney is looney baggin’ that old hag!

  26. clooney can do better than her….

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