George Bush has cat-like reflexes

December 14th, 2008 // 140 Comments

President George Bush had shoes thrown at him during a press conference in Baghdad yesterday. An Iraqi journalist, who surprisingly didn’t get his ass shot, whipped not one but BOTH of his shoes at the president after calling him a “dog.” Personal feelings of Bush aside, you gotta admit the bastard is quick which will apparently come in handy considering the Secret Service are lame-ducking it themselves. To emphasize my point, check out the agent who hops up to the stage after the attack then acts like he’s on top of things: “No, Mr. President, I wasn’t just playing GameBoy. Hey, there’s shoes back here…”

Thanks to Joel. You weren’t fucking kidding me.


  1. burungi

    And for all those folks who are going on about how much better things are in Iraq because we saved everyone from Saddam. Using that rational, we should be jumping in in Sudan, Myanmar, Zimbabwe etc etc. Oh but wait, we don’t REALLY care about human rights, just “human rights” in countries where we want something….

  2. Fuck Afghanistan and Iraq who the fuck needs them? Nobody…. NUKE THEM… The entire middle east NUKE the fuck out of them. I LOVE AMERICA. I dont care that I dont like Bush as a president and he’s made some horrible calls but you know what he’s still the president and no one should be allowed to disrespect like that. Lets end this shit today NUKE THEM!!!!!!

  3. Speedy Ed

    Regarding the Secret Service agent: First, you don’t get in that room without having gone through metal detectors and perhaps being wanded and sniffed by doges for bombs. So, they knew the guy was not shooting or hurling throwing stars. Second — not in this clip but in others without the anchor talking over the audio — if you listen closely you hear President Bush saying to the agent who is jumping up “No, it’s okay,” or something like that, waving him off from doing the full-on “In the Line of Fire” thing.

    Regarding “worst president in history,” the parallels between Harry Truman and George W Bush are striking. If you go back and look at what was happening and what they were saying in 1952, it is almost identical to now. “What are we doing in Korea? It has nothing to do with our national security.” “If we put our troops in Europe as part of NATO it will only make the Russians mad at us and provoke them to attack us.” And Truman could not even get renominated by his own party, and everyone wanted to be rid of him. Now, we see he was a straight-shooter who did what he thought was right to protect the country, and he is highly regarded as a president.

  4. Bickus Dickus

    I agree with #102. As a hateful, zealot, philistine that happens to be completely irrational and intolerant, I think #102 has produced the only usable response to someone throwing shoes at W. Fuck him, his family, his neighborhood, his community, his region, his country, the entire middle east, Africa, Europe, Asia, India. Somebody threw their shoes at W, and now everyone has got to go. The Radical Fundamentalist Muslims that represent less than 1% of their population and this reporter have really done it this time.

  5. el ces


  6. I like #104… usually Darwinism takes cares of quacks like that, yet, he endures… weird.

  7. blah

    the funny thing is the Clintons have alot of murders surrounding them and “so-called” suicides (about 30+) now that Hilliary is in the lineup of pres I would not be shocked if there are some more murders that go down… same thing with Obama Chicago politics are so corrupt and we are going to start seeing more of that in Washington, but of course the media keeps that quite

  8. ha

    the funny thing is the Clintons have alot of murders surrounding them and “so-called” suicides (about 30+) now that Hilliary is in the lineup of pres I would not be shocked if there are some more murders that go down… same thing with Obama Chicago politics are so corrupt and we are going to start seeing more of that in Washington, but of course the media keeps that quite and the young people that voted obama into office have no idea as well

  9. total synergy

    To all the dumb asses pathetically trying STILL to defend their partner-in-mental retardation,

    I’ll tell you what- I’ll bring the shoes, you just bring your asshole.

    Bush brought nothing but more misery & instability to Iraq and to the ethnicities of the region (turn off your damn FOX & grab a real paper for a change)… while he wasted YOUR tax dollars, restricted YOUR citizenship rights and sent YOUR friends & family members to a war zone with poor equipment & inadequate training. There’s a reason why polls from all around the world indicate US as the most hated country of the world during the times of his administration.

    Now go resent your own stupidity and empty patriotism, not people’s well founded hate for your poor choices.

  10. Chef

    He is probably used to having shoes throw at him by Laura. No wonder he is soooooo quick. My man.

  11. jennyjenjen

    @60 Iraq was a thriving nation before we attacked it. Illiteracy was nearly gone, the universities were amazing and the health care put America to shame. Infant mortality was one of the lowest in the whole world. Now, after we “liberated” Iraq, infant mortality is one of the highest in the world, and doctors can’t even get anti-biotics because of the embargoes placed on the nation by the U.S. the number of innocent people killed an displaced (not soldiers) is by some estimates nearing a million. Bush has created genocide. And you have supported it. You don’t know what you are talking about because you only watch the government propaganda channel Fox News who begs to suck Bush and his administarations dicks all day long. MORON.

  12. billabong021

    Jeesh what is wrong with you people, you’re keyboard has a space bar for a reason you know :l


    A space! prevents people from passing by your over-political rants!

  13. MassGrril


    You moron.

    I’m pretty sure you mean: enter key or hard return or line break. Space bar simply adds one character space, which every single ranter on this thread has managed to do splendidly without your useless assistance.

    Try not to act like a moron when you’re trying to school someone.

  14. loved`

    hehehheehehhehehhehehehehehhee wow tha bitch is a pussy!!! guddd for bush!!! shave ur bush, bush!!! go abama!!!

  15. loved`

    hehehheehehhehehhehehehehehhee wow tha bitch is a pussy!!! guddd for bush!!! shave ur bush, bush!!! go abama!!!

  16. Mr. Perspicacity

    Too bad George didnt catch one and throw it right back at him hitting him square, now THAT would have been funny.

    Many people lose sight of the fact that this man inherited a depleted military, a very strong and prospering legion of terrorists, we were attacked, we have been fighting and winning a war. And yet this country has prospered and has not been attacked since. Credit is due.

    Other Countries do not like us because we are successful and we act in the face of danger instead of acting like pussies and cowering in the corner, they are ashamed of themselves and blame us. I am proud of my country and of most of you, not so much.

  17. Mama Pinkus

    Mr. Perspicacity, here in Texas we have had to put up with that incompetent bastard bush a lot longer than most – that shoe tosser is an international hero to every thinking person on this earth

  18. Mr. Perspicacity

    117, Why because you think you think?? I work with a lot of Texans in Austin, Dallas and San Antonio, and most are proud of George. Disrespect to your president (or any president for that matter) is a slap in the face of the country he represents, I am sad to see that your hatred has blinded you so.

  19. Lulu

    LOL this cracked me up! I’ve watched it all over the news around 6 times and yet I still laugh seeing it. If the guy really wanted to hit him, he should have stood up and quickly throw the shoes THEN talk….but he just alerted Bush that something was gonna happen….therefore he missed.
    Honestly, what was Bush expecting!? You don’t go into the country where the majority of the ppl hate you and not expect something like that! I’m just glad that it wasn’t anything more than a shoe…and not because I like Bush, but because I would feel bad for the person who would get punished for it.

    Generally speaking though, trying to push aside my extreme dislike of Bush, it WAS extremely disrespectful of him. I mean he is supposed to be a reported, and his job does not involve making judgments…so as ecstatic as I was with the actual move, I feel disappointed with the whole incident. But I supposed one of his relatives or his friends might have been killed somewhere along the way in this war…making him feel the way he felt. Poor guy.

  20. aRTie

    8 more years! Seriously, I’d like to see Obama avoid an ishoe like that!

  21. Dude

    How many of you liberals have been to Iraq?

    How many have spoken to an Iraqi, in Iraq?

    Unless you answered yes two both the following, please shut the fuck up about these supposed ‘attrocities’ being commited by the U.S. in Iraq right now.

    Thing is, I have been to Iraq, I have talked to the people, and you lefties are so fucking far off base its frightening.

  22. God

    God Bless President Bush

  23. Smart Dude

    “Thing is, I have been to Iraq, I have talked to the people, and you lefties are so fucking far off base its frightening.”

    Yes, the people who aren’t engaged in the civil war in Iraq are very very very happy with America. That’s upwards of 25% of the population, so it beat Bush’s approval rating in his home country.

  24. I hate Beth (#92)

    Beth, you are an idiot. What the hell does a ‘truth plastic surgeon’ mean??? I really hope that you are 15 years old, or else you are a really stupid, ignorant adult. Beth, let’s hope you never need a plastic surgeon to reconstruct a cancer defect or a burn. Think before you type.

    If you think that it is funny that someone made an attack on one of our Presidents, then you honestly should not live in America any more. I don’t care if you are completely opposed to a President, you should be offended and angered if a U.S. President is attacked. I don’t care if you are a Democrat, Republican, or Independent.

    The only thing that makes me feel better after reading these comments is that I assume that most of you are children/adolescents. Otherwise, I don’t have any other explanation for such disturbing opinions.

  25. Satan

    yes my pretties, my virtuous pets who call themselves Republicans. I await you in Hell!
    Fuck the Prepublican party and all I mean ALL of them. Lowest level of intelligence of any group of people on the planet.
    As the North Pole melts before their very eyes they deny Global Warming and yet when all the evidence smacks them in the face like a well aimed shoe they then childishly call it “Climate Change”.
    They honestly cannot see that 911 was a complete setup (due to their lack of reading skills and general curiosity – they rely on the simper methods of being educated like radio and tv).
    The world faces an energy crisis which is going to end up with billions of people starving to death including millions of Americans (say it isn’t so Momma) and these truly bottom of the class idiots are incapable of reading a high school text that will inform you that the middle east has been fucked over by Europe and America for the last 100 years because of their O I L.
    Do any of you dumb right wing losers remember last month’s crisis in Georgia? So very close to the Caspian Sea! Hint hint.
    I could go on and on but why waste my time?

    Now that the Republicans are gone they will do anything they can to hinder progress proving that they are not evolving as a people. They should be culled from this world. Enslaved and neutered. Eunochs all of them.

  26. Kate

    Is throwing a shoe anything but an insult in any culture?

  27. Sol

    Were the secret service agents asleep in this press conference? First they let this hot-head into the press conference (was anyone there even vetted?) and then they failed to jump on him before he could throw both his shoes. You would think the president of the USA would have better security than that.


  29. fax

    LOL, LOVE THIS! That Reporter is a Hero.
    95% of the world wants to do the same at Bush for the last 8 years.
    Shame it missed, but its good ending to that dog!

    Greetings from Europe to Irak and America

  30. STINK

    Would have been better in slo-mo with bionic sounds.

  31. jmsk

    Well, The Prez is an ex fighter pilot after all. Those guys have to have fast reflexes. No surprises here.

  32. lrm

    “I’ll I can report is that it was a size 10″


  33. Right

    The amount of Anti-American liberals in here is somewhat disturbing, but hardly suprizing. Who else but a liberal would have time to post Anti-American Anti-Bush spew all day but someone who still lives at home and sits in front of the computer all day because of 1 of 2 reasons:

    1) you’re a naive little kid who has concept of the real world and have never made it past 1st base.

    2) you’re unemployed becuase after 12 years of liberal arts courses you realized you can’t get a fucking job unless you have some sort of marketable skill other than regurgitating all the anti-American spew programmed into your feeble head by your anti-American liberal college professors.

  34. Girl

    good for that guy!!
    He should have thrown bullets

  35. Ardgelina

    I love Bush, i voted 4 him the second time and I would do it all over again! This video makes me love him even more!!!! lol he is so cool!!!

  36. mashi

    I hope you realize when you morons are busy bashing at our President, well the rest of the world is really laughing at us. You ever think of that? You half assed internet imbecile… as for you #134. That’s really smart of you to wish someone shoot our President. We should hang retards like you.

    Nice dodge Mr. President!!

  37. W. is Spider-Man.

    I think there’s a collector plate commemorating his administration. Probably some room for this incident on there.

  38. Sock and Awe – Hit President George W. Bush as many times as you can in 30 seconds!

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  40. Hatred of the president, but the spirits of some Americans … idk lifts ask, do not. But seeing her duck and laugh it off and not care for like “Oh, he’s kinda like us,” or some kinda mess. All that shit faced bastard and he still has high hopes, he thinks there is just a crap that he does not. If he fucks the country in the process, then so be it.

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