George Bush has cat-like reflexes

December 14th, 2008 // 140 Comments

President George Bush had shoes thrown at him during a press conference in Baghdad yesterday. An Iraqi journalist, who surprisingly didn’t get his ass shot, whipped not one but BOTH of his shoes at the president after calling him a “dog.” Personal feelings of Bush aside, you gotta admit the bastard is quick which will apparently come in handy considering the Secret Service are lame-ducking it themselves. To emphasize my point, check out the agent who hops up to the stage after the attack then acts like he’s on top of things: “No, Mr. President, I wasn’t just playing GameBoy. Hey, there’s shoes back here…”

Thanks to Joel. You weren’t fucking kidding me.


  1. Future Mistakes

    Hey, whenever there’s corruption, lying, propagandizing, there are people who will criticize them for their wrong-doing. Anything less would be un-American. Why should criticizing this administration be considered ‘radical’ while criticizing a Democrat be ‘patriotic.’ Think about it.
    And yeah #47, I agree with you, throwing shoes seems like a kind of lame way to criticize somebody.

  2. Buncha Old Men Leaving Office With the Country in Shambles

    I agree that the media portrayal has been biased. But I think it’s for technical reasons, not because of political ideologies. On Feb. 18, we’ll finally see that ANALOG transmission degrades the signal so much that Iraqis look like they’re attacking us with literally everything they can get their hands on, while the DIGITAL signal clearly shows them embracing us as liberators.

  3. Pixie79

    I’m an American Anna, and I don’t see it that way. Just because you’re super powerful doesn’t automatically mean you deserve respect. If you abuse that power, you deserve to get whacked with something. It was justified and completely hilarious. I don’t blame the journalist one bit! :)

  4. This country is going down the drain because of Bush

    #33, just stop typing. You seem more and more brain washed and ignorant with each word.

  5. Andrei

    Arabs are cheering this.

    Exactly the way they’ll be cheering the next big terror attack in America.

    This time around, there won’t be any sympathy, although some countries will fake it because they want American $$$. But everybody – and I mean, EVERYBODY – around the world will be saying, this time, “they got what they deserved.” It was also true last time.

  6. Ahmed

    This was funny, but not as hilarious as all the shoes at Ground Zero.

  7. Big Joe

    I’d rather have a lame duck then a jive turkey!!!! I don’t remember Bush ever being associated w/ a racist, a terrorist, a slum landlord and finally, a Gov who sells senate seats…

    And all of you should read Shadow War. It’s a great book that is unbiased. It basically lays out why we haven’t been attacked since 9/11 and what led up to 9/11.

    Oh, all you liberal hippies who have “lived in other countries”, go live in Sudan or Chad or Pakistan…I’m sure they’re proud people..proud to put you on fucking stick and spit-fire your ass!!!

  8. booya

    For an old dude, he’s still got the coordination set! What reflexes!

  9. To anyone who dogged Bush in a comment on this page: Why? Why would you WANT the shoes to hit him? First of all, they’re fucking shoes. Secondly, he dodged them (quite well I might add). But why would you want them to hit him? Whether you think he was a bad president or not, he’s just as American as anyone else living in the USA and you have issues if you don’t understand or support that.

    If this isn’t proof as to why we need to stay over, I don’t know what is.

  10. Bickus Dickus

    Yes, Iraq was much better off before we liberated them. They loved being tortured and raped by Uday and Kusay’s lynchmen. They loved being dipped in acid and fed through woodchippers for speaking out against Sadaam. They loved watching their children raped and tortured. They loved eating dirt, having no hospitals, no schools, no free speech, no free press, no access to satelitte TV, no human rights whatsoever. Yes, it was a grand ol’ time living in Iraq under Sadaam. Yes, they were a proud people, a happy people, who danced through the streets made of gold, a Utopia in the desert, where streams ran with chocolate and children played in lollypop orchards with gumdrop smiles…..

    You fucking liberals make me wanna puke. I hope you all die gruesome deaths at the hands of terrorists when you travel overseas to protest America’s war against terror….fucking lunatic retards. America doesn’t need you. You’re part of the problem.

  11. PrehistoricGlamazonHuntress

    I can’t stand Bush, but that shit was funny!

    He looks like Laura chucks a lot of shit at him on a daily basis…..

  12. Socialist

    #60 You drank too much of the Koolaid! Dipped in acid, or having a bunch paranoid Marines blow up your village. Tough choice. Oh and they don’t have electricity and water now. Not bad moves for a drunk old frat boy!

  13. Uncle Eccoli


    Aren’t you going to defend Reagan for funding, supplying, and generally propping up Saddam’s regime in the 1980′s? And how about all the other US presidents who just loved him? Saddam had been America’s boy since the 1950′s. You think nobody knew he was gassing Kurds and so forth? You really are very simple, aren’t you?

  14. MassGrrl

    At least he’s not a big pussy.

    When asked about the incident, he basically said, “Yea, he threw a shoe at me? So what? It was a size 10.”


    Admittedly, it would have been better if he’d thrown them back.

  15. The Observer

    As bad as Bush was, i’d take another 16 years of him over a Liberal like Obama.

    The comments by Liberals on this article are one of the big reasons why.

    We deserved 9/11? Burn in hell.

    Move to Canada or something, just get the hell out of America. I’m begging you.

  16. ???????

    Bush is a war criminal. Those shoes should have been grenades.

  17. That distinct smell

    @ 64

    Yes, we have now been saturated with liberal socialist candy asses that will roll over and play dead to lightest hint of something that will require a spine.
    You are watching it vaporize daily like a fart in the night as the truth of their snake oil salesman comes to fruition… Have a great day : )

  18. ew

    i think everyone say “im not a fan of bush” because they are afraid people might think they like him. I like bush! mistakes have been made but he is not the worst pres. ever and I am ready for a CHANGE as well though! he has had an extremely hard presidency and so will obama so even though they make us mad we still should respect. Where is the class america? and number 66 I would love to know why bush is a war criminal really? As long as you don’t repeat something you heard verbatim on CNN.

  19. Joe

    Well, he was pretty aware and agile, you got to give him that…not once, but twice. Especially responding to an odd situation.

    Where the eff was the Secret Service? They took waaaaay too long to respond. NO ONE EVEN STOOD IN FRONT OF HIM AFTERWARDS.

    This tells future “journalists”/terrorists/assassins that our response times are shit and it’s easy to get an easy 3-5 second shot at the President. THAT IS WHAT SHOULD BE SCARY.

  20. You people know about as much about politics as I know about the macroeconomic theories of the Mayan’s highly profitable brothel franchises. Half of my family is flag fucking rednecks that jerk off with gun lubricant and own nicer ATVs than homes. And even they’re glad to see the Shoe Dodger go. And to you quacks advocating the harming of even a foolhardy assholish (what? it’s a word…) American president please go apply for Canadian citizenship… if they’ll take the French, they’ll take anyone…

  21. rekk

    Nice! Finally, a neo-con with a sense of humor! I’m not being facetious at all when I say I have been waiting for something humorous from your side of the fence. The debate would be a whole lot more fun if more people wrote like you rather than just blankly calling people by names out of the Nixon handbook circa 1962 and telling people to leave the country — No fun at all! Keep it coming, fart in the night LOL!

  22. Sad Sad Day

    Not much to look forward to these days.
    A bad administration leaving and a worse one coming in.
    It appears our best option as American sheeple would be to hibernate for the next half a decade, it will most definitely save money and misery.
    NO politician will ever look out for us but they will sell you the line if you are in the buying mood….

  23. Dar

    It would really have been impressive if that oh-so-brave and patriotic journalist had thrown his shoes at Saddam Hussein back when he was still in power. After that journalist had been tortured for a few weeks, he’d probably have been strapped in a chair gnashing his teeth (if he had any left) and digging his fingernails (if he had any left) into the arms of the chair as he watched Saddam’s goons torture and execute every member of his family (not to mention the raping of the female family members). Then they’d have taken his beaten and broken body and tossed him while still alive into one of their favorite toys: the industrial plastic shredder!

    Apparently that was the Iraqi paradise that this journalist approved of and he hates GWB for ending it. Who can blame him?

  24. Dar

    BTW, Bush dodged those shoes quite easily. I wonder if he’s been using the Wii Fit?

  25. That distinct smell

    @ 71
    To be a neo-con would mean I was once left and then went right.
    I am no neo-con for I sit in the middle of the fence.
    This time the right has been screwed by the left and in turn the left fucked itself royally by handcuffing itself to the past – both teams lose on this one.
    I am just waiting for the moment when “the people” get tired of being jerked around by a bunch of liars on both sides of the isle.

    Common since tells us all this bail out shit is smoke and mirrors.

    If they wanted to turn this bus around they would return the money to the people and watch this economy grow ten fold.

    To think the answer is in giving it to the banks and mortgage companies that have been screwing us from the word “go” is just plain retarded.

    Our elected officials are clueless when it comes to spending our (their) free money……

  26. duh

    “A bad administration leaving and a worse one coming in.”

    Yeah, that’s what everybody thinks based on Obama’s appointments so far.

    Wait…no…they’re all experienced and skilled people, picked due to their talent and – in several cases – DESPITE their clashes with Obama politically. Yeah, that’s sounds awful. No wonder people literally can’t wait until Bush leaves and are already interacting with Obama’s team as if it were in power now.

  27. Matt

    We all wish that guy had better aim. And a gun.

  28. Juanita Lemmon

    sneakers, weapons of mass destruction!

  29. Juanita Lemmon

    sneakers, weapons of mass destruction!

  30. Nugaloopagus

    With Secret Service like that, if I were Osama Hussain, I’d be a little nervous at this point.

  31. Faux News Watcher

    ‘merica, fuck yeah!!!

    And don’t mess with Texas.

  32. Nugaloopagus

    Threats like #77 are taken pretty seriously, unless your a Democrat of course…so party on!

  33. hahaha

    OMG….that is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time.

  34. Gore

    Notice how Bush was great at ducking. This is because he has been ducking out of his responsibilites for the last 8 years!

  35. Bickus Dickus


    LOL….I can’t believe they let morons like you vote.

    In case you haven’t noticed, Obama is surrounding himself with alot of the Chicago politicians that are all gonna be under indictment soon, possibly Obomba himself. Clinton get’s to be SOS for giving her support to Obamma, so we have Clinton II in some respects and an administration that is fundamentally corrupt. If you think shit is bad now, wait until the people that caused this problem in the first place are put in charge and claiming they’re gonna fix it….fools, you deserve to be unemployed. Thankfully the business I run makes money even in shitty economies since I’m smarter than all you liberal pc asswipe commie America haters and all you blind sheep commie Union fucks who completely deserve to lose your jobs, healthcare, and pensions. You are the problem. LOL….have fun cocksmokers!!! not even the liberal pc pinko media is gonna be able to hide the complete failure of your poster boy!!!

  36. rednecks are trash

    What they don’t show you are all the Iraqis sitting there with no electricity, hardly any food, and a room full of ruble reading newspaper full of American bullet holes thinking thank god for that young man and his shoes.

  37. Pat

    All the same-old, same-old internet political ranting aside, the simple truth is that we now have the video clip that will be used over and over again as the single-shot representation of the entire 8 year Bush presidency. It’s weird how things work these days – something like this is compelling and will become a “signature” moment, even though for 5 years the same people have been protesting Bush in every conceivable way. But, no, throwing a shoe at a press conference will become iconic. And don’t kid yourself – this is without question the youtube capper to Bush’s reign. He has been relieved of any chance to leave the White House with dignity.

  38. Phil

    “Thankfully the business I run makes money even in shitty economies”

    Yes, I’d imagine that self-delusion is impervious to economic conditions.

  39. Wendy

    I find it comforting in a way that the Bickus Dickuses of the world are ranting bitterly about how gratified they’ll be when Americans suffer more severely than any time in history during the Obama presidency. It’s a challenge when you suspect that the opposition might have more valid ideas about some of the important problems, even though you don’t like their solutions at all. You have to wonder if you’ve become so locked into political fighting that you’re no longer considering all valid ideas. But then…the folks you thought were crazy angry psychos who’d love to use the American flag to strangle free-speaking Americans turn out to be: exactly that. The election’s over, times are horrible, and the decent folk on both sides are trying to make things work. The other folks stick out like sore (loser) thumbs.

  40. Hail Theethar!

    Oh no #85!
    I really don’t want to know what kind of business you run and I feel really sorry for the people who work for you. I mean, really, ‘liberal pinkos’?! Are you, what, 75? ‘Fraid Russia’s gonna drop the bomb? Next you\re gonna say ‘apparachnik’ or some other Nixon-era dinosaur-ism. Besides, I have no clue where you’re getting your info from. Last I heard, he had people chosen from various different administrations – definitely not what you would say Chicago politicians. Be one thing if you were a Mitt Romney conservative – at least he makes sense. But no, you just blather, no sense of humor and, more importantly, no sense!

  41. Truth doctor

    In 50 years, Bush will be considered one of the top 5 presidents of all time – and there’s nothing the left can do about it.

    and that’s the truth.

  42. Beth

    #91 – you must be a truth plastic surgeon.

  43. George Bush

    Well, I suppose my response will be what it always is. I’ll look a little confused, then squint and order attacks that kill tens of thousands of innocent civilians. I hope someday these people learn to control their irrational anger.

  44. Bickus Dickus

    you pinko commies have all been brainwased by your 60′s holdover hippie America Hating liberal college professors who haven’t left the college campus in 40 years. It’s sad that you forked over good government loan money to be brainwashed into hating your own country.

    I’ll be that 90% of you traitor’s posting here about how much you hate the USA , don’t have jobs, but are probably undergrad or grad students, living off student loans and being programmed by liberal propagandists at state universities. If your rhetoric wasn’t so potentially dangerous to the sovereignty of the USA, I’d just laugh at you.

    It’s already begun, the gov’t is moving closer and closer to pure communism, these bailouts are nothing more than the gov’t taking over corporations, and under Obamma, believe me, they won’t want to stop there. They’ve already laid the ground work to steal our homes with this so-called “bailout” loan, but if you believe that’s all it is, you’re even fucking dumber than your programmed responses to facts……

  45. Izzy

    @ 65:

    I live in Canada. Please don’t send your fucking liberals up here, we have enough of them to deal with as it is.

    Just ship them off to sea or something. Anything but send them here.

  46. Bickus Dickus

    The Fish pays me to say this cookie cutter right wing nut job stuff. Thanks for playing along.

  47. Alex

    hahahh awesome, too bad it didn’t hit him…. that would’ve made my day! Net time try with a brick! That’ll do the job!

  48. Uncle Eccoli


    So, you’re not going to defend Reagan, et al, then?


    You’ve got nothing to worry about as your dirty, snivelling Tory government has closed the borders to everyone except party-approved lock-steppers.

  49. Burungi

    #94, you’re either trying to be a caricature, are completely insane or are just trolling for attention. You sound RIDICULOUS. Seriously, you do know that the only people you’re going to sound rational to are your buddies from the trailer park or your friendly neighborhood KKK meeting, right?

    And by the by, if you were a “true American” you’d WANT our next President to succeed. God knows we need and deserve something better than we’ve got now.

  50. America is full of morons

    Wow. Someone needs to throw some shoes at all the idiots posting comments. “Derrr Bush kept America safe derr” Are you kidding me? “derrr Iraqis should be grateful” Grateful for what? An invading force massacring civilians, stealing oil, and wasting billions of dollars and American lives? Get a clue people really.

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