George Zimmerman Has Some Thoughts On The Virginia Shooting

When we last left George Zimmerman, he was selling a Confederate flag painting to help pay the legal fees of anti-Muslim gun shop in Florida. He’s since moved onto the ultimate form of racism (besides shooting a black kid dead): Spouting right wing talking points on Twitter. Here he is expounding on the Virginia shooting which was committed by Vester Flanagan who turned out to be a gay black man, giving the right all kinds of ammunition to make this about anything but gun control. Which it still is because regardless if the shooter is gay, black, straight, or a transgender Eskimo, it’s way too easy to get a fucking gun in this country, but the chance for that conversation is already over because we’ve already moved to the poop-flinging part. Via Raw Story:

That would be George Zimmerman who personally declared himself The Lord’s Angel of Death (to black people) telling someone to “deal” with racism knowing full well that he, George Zimmerman, is still out there. Not that I’m saying how Vester Flanagan chose to act was justified in any way whatsoever, at all, but the last person who should be criticizing him is the goddamn Florida Skittle Murderer. Who just made the same stupid joke everybody’s racist relative made on Facebook yesterday:

Why are there never any funny conservative websites? There’s your answer. Says the guy who made an Internet post about Peter Dinklage strutting to Big Pimpin’. I’ll shut up now.

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