George Zimmerman Is Buying Tactical Shotguns

August 23rd, 2013 // 129 Comments
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Wait a minute. Noooo…

Before I even get into this post, inevitably some shithead is going to bring up the Christopher Lane shooting in Oklahoma, so do yourself a favor and read this even though you’re still going to froth at the mouth that it was entirely justified to shoot Trayvon Martin because in the future two completely separate black kids, and a white kid, shot and killed a random college student in cold blood because they were bored. Despite the fact all three were instantly arrested and charged with murder, which not a fucking person is arguing they shouldn’t have been, making the case nothing like Trayvon Martin’s except in the part of your brain where Abe Lincoln and George Washington quote Bible verses while holding M16s.

So remember how George Zimmerman was driving around America with a handgun? Well, somebody’s spirit quest is over because guess who’s come home for justice, baby. BOOM. Get some. TMZ reports:

Zimmerman went to Kel-Tec in Cocoa, Florida … a gun manufacturing company. We’re told he was asking questions about the legality of buying a shotgun — specifically, the Kel-Tec KSG.
The gun in question is a tactical shotgun, often used for home defense. It holds 12 rounds of 12 gauge shells.
And this is interesting … Kel-Tec manufactures the PF-9 gun — the pistol Zimmerman used to kill Trayvon Martin.

Look, I’m not even going to get into how all the white gun nuts at the factory semi-automatically jizzed in their pants when George Zimmerman walked in and agreed to pose for pictures with them because statistically these people will eventually shoot themselves or a family member soon. (Exhibit B: They’re in Florida.) What I will get into is that, yes, I do understand George Zimmerman is receiving death threats and at the end of the day, he does have a right to defend himself. Except what I don’t understand is why he’s not just stopping at 7-11 and stocking up on iced tea and Skittles, the most dangerous weapons of all. It’s almost like he wants to make this harder on himself, but then again, the hero’s journey is often one of penance.

“George, why don’t you just fight with them Skittles? This is madness!”
“No. *cocks shotgun* We do this the old way. *slaps clip into AR-15 with laser scope* For Trayvon.”


  1. JC

    This comment section will be filled with well thought out and informed arguments.

  2. Not sure what a tactical shotgun is but it sounds pretty impressive.

    Too bad the aussie student, James Edwards, in Oklahoma didn’t have a tactical shotgun when the two punk ass kids shot him in the back.

    Too bad the old WWII vet, Delbert Belton, in Washington didn’t have a tactical shotgun when the two teenager beat him to death with a flashlight.

    • Crap, I got the name wrong. So much for my shithead comment.

    • adm.fookbar

      TL;DR version: “Tactical shotguns” are a marketing buzzword, not unlike “extreme” sports or “alternative” music.

      Long version:
      A tactical shotgun is one made after about 2007, which is when tactical became the new black.

      Or, really, black became tactical.

      A “tradtional” shotgun is made from blued steel, which is finicky to take care of and keep from rusting (fingerprint oil will begin to rust bluing if not wiped with the Oily Rag of every gun nut’s cleaning kit).

      So, people started to come up with weapons that were simply blackened through other methods, notably “parkerizing” which is what we do to military guns and other weapons in hard use, as opposed to carefully cleaned and put away at the end of use. Parkerizing is much more resliant to things like rust.

      Additional “tactical” features include things like a ring sight or notchy/post sight instead of a bead. Beads are used for fast aquisition of moving targets like birds on the wing. Notch/post is a far more accurate, but slower, sight for moving game (deer). A “ghost ring” is less accurate, but designed to facilitate rapid target aquistion, like when something goes bump in the night.

      You can also find things like a pistol grip, which is ergonomically better for shooting from the shoulder (a traditional stock is preferred when shooting from the hip, blieve it or not), saddle holders that’ll go around the stock to hold additional shells, rails for mounting pointless tactical accessories, etc.

      Tactical is now being supplanted by “zombie” nonsense, where green is replacing black and things have cartoonish nonsense associated with ‘em. If you wanna get up in arms about kids treating weapons liek toys, start here.

      As to the KSG, its either an innovative, or silly, complicated system of carrying your shells. It might hold more than the classic Remington 1100, but that’s about the only difference in the way it operates.

      FWIW, Keltec manufactures low cost and reliable weapons. There’s nothing out of the ordinary for someone to purchase multiple weapons from a single vendor, I have more than a few weapons with the words Smith and Wesson on them because I’m comfortable in trusting them to work and be made with quality and pride.

      Shotguns themselves are widely praised for home defense simply because using adequette shells can help prevent overpenetration through walls to do things like kill your neighbours or family accidently.

      Anyways, there’s some real, actual, information that you can better understand what’s this means. I suspect like mny things, people will be able to use it to tilt their bias in whatever way they’re predisposed, but its given to you in a neutral tone.

      • Thanks for that, adm.fookbar.

        I was kind of playing the foolish notion that scary guns are more lethal than the Glock “Hello Kitty” Limited Edition with the pink laser sight.

        Very informative and I learned something too. Thanks.

      • Jesus Christ, you ask a guy what time it is and he tell you how to make a watch.

  3. Mike

    Maybe he’s buying a gun because he’s getting death threats. You said exactly that in your article yet chastising him for the possible protection of his person. It’s ridiculous. He was found not guilty and by all accounts that was a ridiculous verdict. But that happened and you have to move past it.

  4. I recommend a nice Remington 870.

  5. Say what you will about him, but he can tie a full windsor knot.

  6. Christ Almighty, I hope none of you ever have the misfortune to be in the national spotlight and have ignorant douchebags stalking you for the rest of your life. Let it go.

  7. I never knew the Skittles were entered evidence that beat Zimmerman’s face in. So as long as I have a bag of Skittles in my pocket, and I nearly kill someone with violence, then I’m not guilty of that violence. Interesting logic right there. Titties.

    • Jay

      So every time someone is getting their ass kicked they have a right to pull out a gun and kill the other person? Sounds like a wonderful world to live in.

      • johnholliday

        As a matter of fact, in most states now, yes. No one is obligated to be a victim of violent assault. If you want to be victim, go for it. Dumbass.

      • reaverdan

        now now johnholliday, if jay wants to get his head slammed into the concrete over and over again by a thug yelling “you’re gonna die” at him, who are you to judge his “choice”

      • eric cartmen

        yes if you feloniously assault someone that person you are attacking has the right to self defense and kill you

  8. Anonymous

    Isn’t it obvious he is about to kill himself with a shot gun? He wanted the blast to kill him instantly as a pistol or others sometimes have a fail rate of suicides.

  9. JOHNNY P!

    Delbert Benton.
    Add him to Christopher Lane this week.
    Sharpton and Jackson were quoted as saying:
    ” ”
    In a most forceful way, I may add.

  10. Lets not forget about this poor soul – James Byrd in Texas….Even the KKK was against what these pieces of shit did to him…,_Jr.

  11. Hey Fish – what does the Zim man have to do to get you off his ass, post a video of him hula hooping in a Canadian gay bar? You have got to be just about the last person around who hasn’t already figured out that the media spin that Zimmerman was a racist was all a sham.

    • At this point he’s not just beating a dead horse, he’s anally raping a carcass.

    • JC

      I know, right? You kill just one measly human, and that’s all people remember about you.

      • Astor

        Yeah, just kill one thug piece of shit that is bashing your head into the concrete.

      • The fucktard deserved to die… media painted him with the non-gangbanger brush and you bought it all. Delusional liberal. Let that shit drop you fucking moron. Dude now has to handle death threats for protecting himself from that TM.

        Further… its RACIST of you to keep harassing him after the courts let his argument stand. Nobody is shouting RACISM that those idiots shot a white person out of boredom… where is the OUTRAGE??! Where is the RIOTING? Yeah…. double fucking standard.

      • The media painted him one way, but not the other? You’re a retard.

      • Zimmerman, racist? Not even relevant. He killed someone’s child because he didn’t bring a gun to a fistfight.

      • That makes sense…. ok, no it doesnt. Help a “retard” out and explain how TM wasn’t painted to be the innocent little boy skipping home from the corner store with his bag of skittles and iced tea… while the big bad wolf attacked …. oh wait.. TM was the attacker.. shit… see??? my “retard” brain got all confused.. help a brotha out plz?

      • That makes sense…. ok, no it doesnt. Help a “retard” out and explain how TM wasn’t painted to be the innocent little boy skipping home from the corner store with his bag of skittles and iced tea… while the big bad wolf attacked …. oh wait.. TM was the attacker.. shit… see??? my “retard” brain got all confused.. I mean, I know the media is NEVER one sided and ALWAYS reports ALL the information…..can you help a brotha out plz?

      • ^^ yeah… learn to post comments… /sigh.. hit the button before i was done ranting. ;)

  12. Goose

    You cannot – CANNOT! – flim flam the Zim zam! It can’t be done – try it!

  13. It’s amazing Fish how on the mark you are about boobs and how off the mark you on nearly everything else in this world. I guess you’re still getting the important stuff right.

  14. JohnnyL

    Maybe the next Trayvon wannabe will check first to see if his victim is armed or not before returning to the scene, attacking and trying to seriously injure his victim. Well, we don’t know what Trayvon’s intent was so maybe Zimmerman should have just tried to wound him while they were tussling, but sometimes in those situations you just can’t be that precise.

    • Jay

      WTF is a “Trayvon Wannabe”? Do you mean every teenager on earth who likes to go to the store and buy candy and doesn’t like being stalked by some racist neighborhood watch clown who thinks he’s a criminal?

      • …. UMMM … Trayvon Wannabe would attack with no more provocation other than you were following him… Fuuuuck… i’ma jump ANY muthafuckas in a Disney ride… cause muh-fucka was FOLLOWING ME! AHHHHH! Bash that head in… there ya go…

        Get the fucking sarcasm yet?

  15. Grand Dragon

    4th Superficial post chock-full of butthurt over this case

  16. SomeJoe

    Hey Fish, I see you are still railing on Zimmerman. So, how about those two black teens who used flashlights to beat an 88 year old white man to death? Any comments on that you hypocritical ass?

    • Explain to me how that case has anything to do with George Zimmerman.

      Two black kids in a completely separate situation did some horrible shit in Place A, so therefore it was entirely justified to shoot one in Place B? Is that how that should pan out? By that logic we should all be shooting white kids with Asperger because Adam Lanza.

      You’re comparing apples and fucking space kumquats.

      • Damn you, Fish, your brevity beat me…

      • the truth

        Wanna know how they compare?

        because Trayvon Martin ATTACKED ZIMMERMAN.
        I know you love to spin this around and say that Trayvon was a little baby that was persecuted by Zimmerman, But he ATTACKED him.

        So The Christopher Lane shooting in Oklahoma can be compared because if Zimmerman Didnt have a gun he would probably be dead, Like Christopher Lane is.

        At the same time, If Christopher Lane had a gun, He could have defended his life, and shoot back,

        And after Cristopher Lane saved his own life YOU and All the other media would have crucify him for being a Racist Gun Totin maniac that killed 3 poor little babies that were doing nothing wrong.

        That’s how.

      • Jay

        Lots of people punch other people in the face. Especially people being stalked. That doesn’t justify killing them. Or at least it shouldn’t. How many fist fights happen in high school? You really think the kid getting bullied has a right to pull out an uzi? Get real. If Trayvon was white, Zimmerman would be in jail for life.

      • yeah…. cause a punch in the face is all Treyvon did…. nevermind the form-tackle and attempt to bash his head into the pavement… fucking deluded way of thinking… and Zimmerman had no fucking uzi… christ..

      • truth

        is funny because people always say “What IF TRAYVON WAS WHITE, WHAT IF ZIMMERMAN Was BLACK”



        what the FUCK Do you have to say about that now?

        How come NO ONE in the MEDIA say anything about this shit?
        how come FISH doesn’t say anything?
        Because CNN and New York Times NEVER TALKED ABOUT IT.

        SO Fish can be mad about Trayvon all he wants. But Dont forget


    • How, precisely, is a case where two teenagers allegedly beat an elderly man to death anything like the Zimmerman case? Do you think for a moment that there is going to be any hesitation to arrest or prosecute the perpetrators? (In fact, as I write this, one has already been apprehended and booked for robbery and murder) Do you think for a moment that there is going to be a huge reactionary movement declaring that the victim was to blame and deserved what he got? Do you think for a moment that there is anything about this case that makes this anything other than a cut and dried murder? It’s tragic, certainly, but nothing about it is controversial. You’re trying to draw parallels between two utterly different circumstances, and all you’re succeeding in doing is making yourself look ignorant.

      • ChaCha

        Can’t speak for SomeJoe, but one could argue that if the victim in this case had been able to defend himself with a gun, and shot his assailants, he might very well have been painted as a crazy, racist gun nut. This story also highlights the reality that people are not necessarily harmless just because they don’t have a knife or gun on them.


        You’re one of those people who makes jury duty a living hell for the other jurors, aren’t you?

      • You always make the best points!

      • To make your point you overlooked the fact that Martin assaulted Zimmerman hence creating the hesitation to arrest Zimmerman. The police were essentially vindicated in their decision by the jury.

        As for the huge reactionary movement blaming the victim, that shift occurred when the facts came to light. The media led the public to believe that Zimmerman walked up and executed Martin because he was black. Yet, as it turns out Martin assaulted Zimmerman.

        I agree that both cases are totally different, however, you don’t need to mischaracterize the Martin case to make your point. It is the selective outrage that bothers some people.

      • In point of fact, we know that there was a fight, we know that Trayvon was winning the fight, we have no witnesses to the beginning of the physical altercation other than Zimmerman himself. So, no, we don’t know that Trayvon assaulted him. We do know that he took it upon himself to stalk someone because he didn’t like the look of him. *shrugs* Most of the outrage is not necessarily due to the fact that Zimmerman killed Martin, it’s due to the fact that he killed him under questionable circumstances and it seemed like the police and the prosecutor’s office weren’t even going to bother pursuing more than a perfunctory line of inquiry. After that the outrage expanded into issues about guns and whether or not stand-your-ground defense laws are bad laws. And whether or not Zimmerman was motivated by race, many of his supporters certainly were. It’s a complex issue, it’s not as cut and dry as either side would like. Nothing you brought up changes my analysis, nor did I mischaracterize (unless you’re objecting to the use of the word victim, which is a valid description. If you feel that’s too emotionally loaded, casualty would do just as well) the case.

      • You seem to overlooked your own language and how it diminishes your “analysts.”

        Yeah for you the police and DA hesitated for some unknown reason (presumably they are racists), but for others the case went to a grand jury to satisfy people hungry for a political victory over someone that they tried to make the avatar for everything they dislike (ie. racism, guns, stand your ground laws, etc). It failed and some people are angry.

        For you the change in public opinion was a “reactionary movement,” but for others the change happened after the media was caught red handed manipulating and suppressing fact to advance their political and monetary goals. The media was exposed and some people are embarrassed and others are angry that there was push back.

        For you, Zimmerman “took it upon himself to stalk someone,” but for many others he was a guy (weird and overzealous is not a crime) looking out for his neighborhood. Many are uncomfortable with a citizen taking matters into their own hands without being punished and they are upset.

        For you, there were no witnesses so Zimmerman must be lying, but for others they take him at his word which also corresponds with the physical evidence presented at the trial. It is what it is, you either believe the evidence or you don’t. The police, DA, jury, and large parts of the public believed the evidence.

        For you Zimmerman’s supporters were motivated by race but no mention of the unified racial solidarity for Martin. Some people are angry that Zimmerman wasn’t lynched. The pace of the investigation and the existence of a trial bothered them from the start. It was a chance for symbolic revenge for cultural misdeeds and it failed and left some people angry.

        You really have offered no analysis, you’ve offered unsupported opinion disguised as a reasonable argument. You have, however, illustrated that the situation was a mess and it ended as a mess. I bet we agree on that.

    • adm.fookbar

      88 years old.
      8th letter of the alphabet is H.
      Heil Hitler.

      Clearly that guy had it coming, he was a Nazi sympathizer.

  17. leila

    Jesus–I thought the idea that ANYONE would point to the piece of shit kids who just got arrested for their “thrill kill” and compare them in some sort of “you see” way to the shameful acquittal of Zimmerman was a joke. So wrong. Just when I think the bar can’t be set any lower, some fucking idiot thinks that all black kids are alike, all black kids are a threat, and “you see, you’re all hypocrites” bullshit when they look at a what a completely unrelated situation hundreds of miles away.

  18. Of course the Australian guy is not going to have the backing of every single black celebrity out there trying to get a good publicity out of a situation, Trayvon wasnt a saint and ill say it once again if someone is bashing my head in and it was either me or him, sorry buddy young or not he’s going down, he chose violence he was old enough to make that choice but this website cant get off the Trayvon train, but i understand it, you all need people visiting your page and you’re trying to show people you are more than just a tits and ass site.

  19. Jim Garrison's Ghost

    Now come on people, we staring through the looking glass here. We talkin’ ’bout a murder, plain and simple. White is black. And black is white. Sorry, Fishy- but I whole-shit-head-edly disagree with you on these gun/race shenanigans and for the record I agree with you on virtually everything else. If racism was a factor in any of these cases, it’s plainly obvious that racism was more a factor in the Chris Lane/Delbert killings than the Trayvon Martin killing. Not that 2 wrongs make a right.

  20. it'smeain't

    Good. I hope he buys ten guns. Or fifteen. In fact, I’ll kick in to buy him one. Or you, the filthy liberal POS editor of this website. If you want a gun, I’ll kick in for one for you too, pussy boy.

  21. Cock Dr

    Enough about this pathetic wannabe cop….until he shoots someone else.

  22. Eejut

    Judging by recent events, shouldn’t he be in porn by now?

  23. Ah, yes…Fish keeps an ugly incident rolling, renews his “libbie f**ktard” card by doing moronic generalizations about employees at a gun company that he’s never met, and will somehow use his continuing obsession with this to make statements about other (unconfirmed, likely imaginary) obsessions supposedly existing in flocks of (fictional) rabid GZ supporters.

    He’s funny regarding celeb behavior and what-not, but he’s making liberals nationwide look almost as stupid as the prez has.

  24. Dear Liberals and Minorities,
    This race card stuff is played out and its time to go home. You are desperate and broke and each new case is a last ditch attempt to show something different as the degenerate gambler believes his luck will be as he contacts one last loan shark for the loan that will save him from his bankrupt life.

    George Zimmerman was attacked and getting the shit kicked out of him by a full grown thug who the liberal media immediately painted as a child. This child was banging the smaller mans head into the ground and his pent up rage from being who he is was being taken out on George to the point any of us keyboard warriors would have likely feared for our life and faced a massive beating if not death.

    George may have been an idiot, a wanna be cop, and didnt stay in his car as told, but the child was moments away from his home and safety but instead hid in wait for the white mexican to come close by where he could create an altercation.

    All you gun haters would be glad to see the child killed instead of your loved one be beaten to a pulp or killed. Its too bad that 88 year old war veteran wasnt smart enough to keep a gun on him but who expects to be attacked right? Society is filled with such nice people.

    Zimmerman should be given props for having the courage to somehow get to his gun before the child and save his life which he justifiably clearly feared for.

    As with so many other cases, you minorities and liberals picked yet another bad set of facts for your side to try and stir up racism and shakedowns and other liberal bullshit like gun control measures.

    Most of us arent buying it but we understand that we will soon be the minority and you will have all the rules and laws you want to hide your failures and insecurities. I just wonder who is going to do the work to earn the money to pay the taxes for this utopia you want but cant create.

    Time to find another victim to promote. Trayvon and his hoodie are dead.

    • Why are you lumping Liberals and Minorities together? Granted they often go together but in this case I know plenty of non-Whites, Asians, etc., who take the “non-liberal” stance on this matter.

    • Yes, because racism doesn’t exist (and, clearly you’re not one of them and not making any sort of racially biased characterizations, no sir), you were an eye witness to the events in question (which is pretty interesting because only two people saw the beginning of the altercation and one of them was shot by the other), and your mastery of economics is clearly as vast as your mastery of sociology. Bravo, my good man, bravo. *slow clap*

      Seriously, though, fuck you.

    • EricS

      All I can make out of this rant is “liberals…minorities…liberals…blah blah…liberal media…cuz liberals!

  25. I wonder what Chris Brown has to say about this subject? He always seems to be replete with pithy witticisms regarding justice in America.

  26. Kodos

    Good for Zimmerman.

    You can take down more of the feral black animals trying to kill you with a shotgun. Since they tend to travel in packs, this is a wise buy for Zimmerman.

    And Fish? Trayvon is STILL DEAD.
    And he still GOT WHAT HE DESERVED.
    This would be true if it was a little white shit that tried to beat him, too.
    What pisses us off is the institutionalized ‘excuse-mongers’ that try to explain/condone activities commited by blacks that civilized people.. of ALL RACES.. do not accept.

    Why am I trying to tell you this?? You’re a fucking hustler of titties & ass pictures.

    • Sulianto

      Can you please explain what exactly Trayvon did wrong? Shall we believe Zimm’s version that an unarmed kid he had been following for a while without any reason, in his car and then by foot, suddenly decided to attack his armed ass just for the fun of it?

      This is hardly a racial issue. People of all races should be concerned about selective enforcement in the US.

      • George Zimmerman's Gunsmith

        “No reason”??? Uhhh Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch captain patrolling an area with a rash of recent break-ins and robberies, looking for people up to no good. Sometimes these guys will catch the bad guys sometimes they will not. I know this totally blows your mind, but he caught the bad guy this time.

      • Jennyjenjen

        He was NOT the “neighborhood watch captain”, he was just some police academy reject and self declared neighborhood watch. He was told to stay in his vehicle by the police dispatch but the big man with a gun ignored police orders. He stalked Trayvon and when he started to get his sad ass handed to him in the fight that he picked, he murdered the 17 year old unarmed boy. Those are the facts.

      • Brooke

        He was elected by the neighborhood to be in charge of patrolling their homes, and in the report it says Trayvon approached Zimmerman asking why he was being followed. He saw the gun in Zimmerman’s pocket/holster/jacket wherever and freaked out, starting to throw punches first. Witnesses say they saw Trayvon on top of Zimmerman, attacking him…

        You should try reading the police report.

      • A lot of what you just cited from the police report—Trayvon approached Zimmerman, he saw the gun and freaked out, he threw punches first—is nothing more than Zimmerman’s version of events as relayed to the police.

    • leila

      @Kudos: you are an idiot. Apparently you think that being black and walking at night made Trayvon one of the bad guys. Last time I checked, Trayvon was NOT the one responsible for the burglaries, Trayvon was not carrying any weapon [oh, sorry, those lethal skittles], and Trayvon was not even an adult. His only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time and defending himself ably against an unknown threat. Meanwhile, Zimmerman has a record, is a pathetic poser who could not even kick the ass of the teenager he was stalking and initiated a confrontation with, and was and IS toting lethal weapons. Who is the bad guy here?

      • Brooke

        Pssst, Trayvon had a record too…

      • Kodos

        The bad guy is the DEAD one.

        Quit with the “Trayvon was a sweet boy and an angel” act. It’s old.

        Burglaries are irrelevant. Skittles are lrrelevant.

        You attack someone, you take the chance you will lose.

        Did you grasp anything from my post, or just regurgitate the usual apologist dreck?

      • I grasped that you’re kind of a racist moron. Was that enough?

      • “You attack someone, you take the chance you will lose.”

        EXACTLY. Zimmerman was the one who initiated the stalking and, I would argue, the attack. He picked the fight. He was losing. So he shot him. If he had just left him the fuck alone like 911 told him to, he wouldn’t have needed to instigate that fight and could’ve prevented this kid’s death.

        He was looking for “people up to no good” as you put it somewhere in an above post, but he didn’t even have probable reason to suspect this kid. This kid belonged in that neighborhood and was just minding his own business. Who cares what his criminal history may or may not have been up to that point, because in that moment he was executed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time by a paranoid, 911-happy man with a long history of being wrong.

  27. I got a tip for George. If they are wearing New Black Panther t-shirts then shoot first and ask questions later.

  28. Mike Walker

    From the Gawker article…

    >America’s opportunistic race-hustlers, unsatisfied by their victory in
    >the Trayvon Martin case, won’t stop looking for reasons to rile up
    >white people

    Reagent grade irony there.

  29. Griefer

    That’s a pretty cool shotgun. Probably overkill for normal home defense situation, but Zimmerman would be the man to need extra slugs.

  30. I hope he does go out and buy one then tries to pull it out on someone else and doesn’t make it in time and they shoot a hole in his fat assed gut to match the one he has in his head..

  31. Kim

    “Tactical shotgun”? What a stupid term. It’s a short-barrel shotgun that holds 12 rounds instead of the normal 1, 2 or 5. THAT’S IT. It doesn’t do anything magically difference from a regular shotgun. Actually it’s not really good for anything OTHER than home defense. The short barrel means it has a wide spread. Good for defending yourself in close quarters, useless for just about anything else. I’d say it’s pretty much perfect for someone who’s getting death threats left and right.

    • Tactical shotgun is essentially synonymous with combat shotgun, it’s a term used to differentiate them from game shotguns.

    • “Tactical” is a term coined by the entire firearm industry to distinguish hunting shotguns from those better suited for close quarters use….. it became a useful term because “Combat” sounds too military, “Home Defense” too specific, and “Home Security” too burglar-alarmy.

  32. Jake

    Forget Chris Lane, idiot Libs. Roderick Scott is the case that nobody wants to talk about. Same situation as Zimmerman in reverse and nobody has even heard that name. Keep fighting the fight Superficial Writer. Lie and deceive the public to promote your agenda. As others have said, keep with the celeb bikinis and stop repeating the mainstream marxist/socialist/progressive rhetoric that you hear from anti-American commies.

  33. Hotterthenhell

    That is one ugly baby, but then look at its parents! Who would make a baby with Kanye? And a girl no yet. I’m sure Kim will be getting its face fixed asap!

  34. Brooke

    Fish, you are starting to sound a bit desperate. Here, you got my pageview for it, though, so you must be happier, right?

    Sometimes your hyperboles crack me up… Chris Brown didn’t really leave Rihanna for dead exactly, but he did attack her and he is a massive turd, so fuck that guy. I haven’t always agreed with them before, either, but in this case it sounds like you haven’t read the report yourself. I’m not a gun supporter, but given the circumstances I can see how one thing led to another and Zimmerman shot the kid in self defense. It is a tragedy, but I don’t think it was an issue of race nor do I think Zimmerman was gunning for an evening of shooting black kids.

    What I do know, though, is that you sound like an intelligent man with access to a popular blog who wants to stir up controversy because you are stuck on a website covered in tits and ass. You wouldn’t be bothered to check your grammar or spell check your entries because you know a good chunk of your viewers don’t give a flying fuck what you say anyway, but sometimes you still get up on your high horse and preach to us about what you think is right and wrong. And I used to like it, I thought you had interesting things to say. But then at some point you got off that high horse and just started beating it to death… Are you trying to prove you have integrity? That you are smarter than a celebrity blogger needs to be? You generate hits, so your voice will be heard! Well, I think the loudest people sometimes are the ones who get ignored, because it all just becomes noise after a while.

    I kind of stopped listening… You are so dedicated to taking down a man who was declared not guilty in court who, according to the report, really was probably defending himself… yet you have no problems with posting underage girls in bikinis or other sexual poses? Even when they aren’t aware there are photos of them on vacation being taken and uploaded online for perverts to fap to? Sure, because money trumps morals, right? You even posted the fucking North West kid, because money money money. In the end, all your bullshit speeches mean nothing. Maybe I’m slow to realize that, but the humor from this site that I used to enjoy is pretty much gone.

    I need to take a break from this site… By responding to drivel like this post I am only encouraging it. I might as well start watching Fox News.

    • Exceptionally well thought out, informed, and intelligent post Brooke. Unfortunately I, also, think that it’s time to remove The Superficial from the spot it’s held on my Bookmarks Toolbar for the last 6 or 7 years. I am well aware that Fish won’t lose any sleep over it, but it’s just gotten SO tiresome.

  35. Chairman Mao

    I swear, I don’t know what’s worse. Niggers or nigger lovers and their warped perception of reality. I wish we could go back to segregation, niggers will obviously never get their shit together. Don’t blame slavery and oppression. Look all over the world, not a single place on this planet exists where niggers have their shit together. NOT ONE FUCKING PLACE. You get everything handed to you – welfare, food stamps, jobs due to affirmative action, grants and loans that others aren’t able to get, free housing, free insurance, free schooling. And you still are the scum of the earth, worthless and completely unproductive. WTF? Get your shit together and quit your fucking pity party. You’ve taken hundreds of years to move the wrong direction, meanwhile every race around you flourishes with far less to work with. The problem is you, not anyone else, and staying hung up on these fucking ridiculous liberally biased bullshit stories continues to flaunt your fucking ignorance. Get a fucking clue and move forward for a change and quit blaming the man or the system for you being a worthless dirtbag. Take responsibility for being a piece of shit by your own doing, your own failures, your own laziness. And get off your ass and make an effort to better yourself.

  36. Gacy

    Cut the Trayvon Martin was a saint bullshit. Everyone who isn’t a brain dead liberal isn’t buying that line anymore.

    This used to be a good website before the moderator started up with his political drivel. It sucks worse than Cortney Stodden now.

    Fuck you Fish.

  37. Yourmother

    you’re such a twat, superficial writier guy, i bet you don’t even have any black friends

  38. Jenn

    Zimmerman should move to another planet

    Fish too.

  39. I love how people know for sure what Trayvon did and what kind of person he was even though the only person who was able to give an account of what happened was Zimmerman, the only man left standing alive. Did you expect him to give a story that would paint him in a bad light. Up to the point that he was on the phone we know that Trayvon was not going towards him, was not attacking him and not breaking the law. Zimmerman chose to go after him even after the 911 operator told him not to. Trayvon at no point was ever on Zimmerman’s property also.

    Also Trayvon the “thug” had no arrests and no convictions. However, Zimmerman the “saint” had attacked a police officer and also his girlfriend.

    If Zimmerman the hispanic had done the same thing to a lily white boy, the same defenders on here would be screaming bloody murder and demanding his head on a pike.

    I bet if some Mexican looking guy approached you in the middle of the night that was not a police officer or security guard and had a gun, you would be crapping your pants and probably would have shot him if you had a gun.

    If Zimmerman was so goddamn awesome, why did he get rejected multiple times to become a police officer, even with a father for a judge and a mother as a court clerk?

    Zimmerman is a cocky fuck who can’t seem to stay out of the spotlight, his luck will run out eventually.

    • Rell

      Actually, if Zimmerman had done the same to a lily white boy, chances are very high that the rest of the country would have never even heard about it happening.

    • Eric

      “Up to the point that he was on the phone we know that Trayvon was not going towards him, was not attacking him and not breaking the law. Zimmerman chose to go after him even after the 911 operator told him not to. Trayvon at no point was ever on Zimmerman’s property also. ”

      Actually, based on the evidence presented in court you are wrong. First off, when the dispatcher told Zimmerman that he didn’t need to follow, Zimmerman replied “Okay” and then spent 2 minutes coordinating with the dispatcher where to meet. During that time, Zimmerman told the dispatcher that he had lost sight of Martin.

      Rachel Jeantel testified that Martin said he was back at Brandy Green’s house. She also testified that a couple minutes later, it was Trayon Martin who initiated contact with Zimmerman.

      If Trayvon Martin was safe at Brandy Green’s and Zimmerman was following him all along, then why did the confrontation occur 400 feet away from Brandy Green’s back in the direction they both came from?

      The only plausible answer is that George Zimmerman had stopped following, Trayvon Martin doubled back and attacked Zimmerman. If you have another explanation, then let’s hear it.

  40. LLBL

    Did anyone else think that was Zimmerman’s baby picture? I mean, come on, they have the same haircut.

  41. Rell

    I know why some people think Zimmerman shouldn’t be allowed to own a firearm ever again. However, the fact is, right verdict or not, he was acquitted on the charges brought before him. So why shouldn’t he be allowed to own a gun? I mean, after O.J. Simpson was found “Not guilty” he was still allowed to own steak knives.

    • And pretty much everyone agrees that OJ got away with murder, including the people you’re trying to “AHA!” at. What is with you people and your straw men?

  42. KevinT

    I still think Zimmerman should have just reported, and then kept an eye on TM if he thought something didn’t look right. I highly doubt TM would have gone to his vehicle and dragged him out.

    BUT, there is nothing saying one citizen can’t approach another in a public place, so hows about when that happens, neither puts there hands on each other?

    If they do, what are you going to do, let yourself get your ass beat, not knowing when it will stop…or if you will live?

    I’m pretty middle of the road on the TM case, but these 100% TM supporters ruin their cause and kind of force people to GZ’s side.

    If some asshole starts questioning you in public, tell them to leave you alone, keep walking, and call the cops yourself. You go “hands on” and you may get shot. Shooting you without provocation is murder…shooting you because you are on top of someone violently, is self-defense.

  43. KevinT

    I still think Zimmerman should have just reported, and then kept an eye on TM if he thought something didn’t look right. I highly doubt TM would have gone to his vehicle and dragged him out.

    BUT, there is nothing saying one citizen can’t approach another in a public place, so hows about when that happens, neither puts there hands on each other?

    If they do, what are you going to do, let yourself get your ass beat, not knowing when it will stop…or if you will live?

    I’m pretty middle of the road on the TM case, but these 100% TM supporters ruin their cause and kind of force people to GZ’s side.

    If some asshole starts questioning you in public, tell them to leave you alone, keep walking, and call the cops yourself. You go “hands on” and you may get shot. Shooting you without provocation is murder…shooting you because you are on top of someone violently, is self-defense. It’s over, deal with it.


  44. Paul Phoenix

    Been reading Superficial for… probably 7 years now?

    I’m done here. I mean, besides the fact that it’s kind of a shitty boobfest now, this level of left-wing ignorance (take note I’m left of center, if you care) dives me to absolute despair and I’m tired of my funny-if-slightly-retarded purveyor of celebrity news trying to force his politics on me between the tits.

    It’s almost September, and someone is still trying to start a fake race war based on absolutely nothing whatsoever?

    Why? Stop.

    I’m out.

    • That was less like a majestic Phoenix rising and more like an angry teenage girl stomping to her room and slamming the door.

    • profoundwisdom

      Paul Phoenix, thanks so much for taking the time to announce that you’re done with this web site. I wish more people were as considerate as you are. Now I won’t be left wondering where you are when you don’t visit or post anymore. It’s like how when you live with your parents, your mom just HAS to know where you are, but when you move out, she has peace of mind, knowing you are where you chose to be, independent. Goodbye, Paul. You will be missed.


    • ksguy1

      Agreed. When entertainment twits begin commenting on a serious issue with what they think passes for sarcasm or cynicism, based on the authority they’ve amassed gossiping and showing pictures of tits, time to delete the bookmark. Advertisers take note.

  45. TheTruth

    I just don’t understand the original post… The guys in the Christopher Lane case committed a crime and that’s why they will not get away with anything. How does that compare to Trayvon Martin who committed a crime and didn’t get away with anything?

    • profoundwisdom

      superficial is very good at covering current events and politics with humor. as good as he is at doing the same with celebrities. this is america. you dont tell people what to do. you dont like it, then you should stick to the conservative celebrity gossip sites. im sure theyre just as funny.

  46. The Void

    Super bored with writer’s raging hate boner for guns and Zimmerman. Stick to what you’re good at and dig up some more sex tapes and nip slips.

  47. bible



    what the FUCK Do you have to say about that now?

    How come NO ONE in the MEDIA say anything about this shit?

    Because CNN and New York Times NEVER TALKED ABOUT IT.

    SO Fish can be mad about Trayvon all he wants. But Dont forget



  48. asdasda

    white teenager AKA guy breaking into cars
    black teenager AKA guy walking home

    if zimmerman had caught trayvon breaking into cars, the story wouldnt have made national news. you guys are seriously dumb.

  49. Dick Dangles

    LIB-TARDS, a kid got shot for attacking someone. Ummm, SELF DEFENSE for the Mexican unless Gangsta T was THREATENED with immediate bodily harm by the Mexican. Damm shame he has died, but a Mexican being an idiot Block Watcher is no excuse to attack the idiot block watcher. So please STFU about ‘poor’ Trayvon. He was NO innocent victim.

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