So George Zimmerman Is Driving Aimlessly Across America With A Gun

August 1st, 2013 // 121 Comments
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With the town of Sanford now safe from the villainous clutches of Trayvon Martin and his gang of Skittles, it became time for George Zimmerman to take his brand of justice across America, shooting out evil wherever it wins a fight he started with it. TMZ reports:

Zimmerman was speeding in Forney, Texas on Sunday, just after noon, when he was stopped by police. Zimmerman told cops he was headed “nowhere in particular,” and informed them he had a firearm in his glove compartment.
Zimmerman was given a warning, after cops determined he was free of warrants. He was sent on his way with a polite goodbye, “Have a safe trip.”
The stop lasted around 5 minutes.

As for how the hell George Zimmerman even has a gun after botching the shit out of neighborhood watching, this is the greatest country on earth, and that’s all you need to know. And maybe that some idiots in Ohio raised $12,000 to make sure he’s still armed to the teeth while the federal government uses its tyranny and oppression to keep his proven in the field sidearm for evidence. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO FREEDOM?! Via Gawker:

The Buckeye Firearms Foundation’s check is meant to be spent on guns, ammunition, protective gear or a security system, said Ken Hanson, the group’s legal chairman.
“The Department of Justice refused to return him his gun, and he’s in need of protection,” Hanson said. “The money is intended to be used for anything he needs to defend himself or his family. He has complete discretion on how to use the money.”

In the meantime, when, not if, George Zimmerman rides into your town packing justice at his side, I want you to remember these simple instructions lest you find yourself with a gut full of America: Don’t be black. I’m being serious, whatever you can do to avoid that.


  1. Brought It

    Fish, your political commentary is becoming very boring.

    • j-sin

      So’s your commentary but you don’t see us complaining.

    • Parker

      I agree, this line of rhetoric getting old. Every other person in the country has it in for the guy so I think he’d be an idiot walking around without a gun. And by the way, there still isn’t a shred of proof that he followed that kid cause he was black so I think it’s stupid to keep dwelling on race.

    • nohipsters

      It’s not as boring as it is fucking stupid. There was absolutely no evidence to prove that Zimmerman shot Martin over race. Maybe this Fish hipster is just projecting his own racial hatred toward the Hispanic Zimmerman?

      • Parker

        I think he’s just one of those people who follow the crowd. That way he’s always safe. This website is here to make him money, not to stir up controversy. People come here more to discuss anal sex with hot chicks or how to make a decent turkey sandwich but sometimes you have to put up with a little pandering to the masses when you’d rather be scoping out asses.

    • Considering the black thug messiah attacked and pounced first and his idiot girlfriend Rachael said he was “suppose to just take his white boy whoopin.” Screw you dopey liberals if you think this is okay.

    • dirkle

      This post is fucking awesome. It’s the reason I visit this site every day.

      “With the town of sanford now safe from the villainous clutches of Trayvon Martin and his gang of skittles…”

      Classic Superficial.

  2. Deacon Jones

    Riley Cooper hates black people?

  3. Alize

    This guy gets away with EVERYTHING!

  4. What is the difference between Trayvon and George Zimmerman?
    One smokes dope, the other smokes the dopes

    • What a shithead you are!!

      • TheWord

        If, by shithead, you mean Fucking AWESOME!!!. If I got jumped, and feared for my life, I’d kill the motherfucker who did it too. Any non-pussy would too. Don’t deny it, you fucking non-entire story getting, ignorant and clueless crowd following, liberals…

  5. Me

    Considering he shot and killed a thug, i think he did a great job at neighbourhood watching.

    • j-sin

      And what made him a thug? The ice tea or skittles? Oh i forgot,racists lack objectivity. Silly me.

      • Scott

        I’m guessing that the part where he jumped Zimmerman and started punching his lights out while straddling him as Zimmerman was on his back was where he became a thug. But that’s just me.

      • j-sin

        Yeah? Try stalking me in my own neighborhood and see if i don’t beat the shit out of you too. If thats the definition of a thug I’ll gladly wear it.

      • Mary Feeney

        j-sin, Trayvon Martin was visiting his father, who was staying with his fiancee. It was the fiancee’s neighborhood, not Martin’s. Martin was a total stranger to everyone in the neighborhood except for his father and his father’s fiancee. The neighborhood in question was a gated community, literally surrounded by gates and a high fence and with Neighborhood Watch signs prominently displayed. So it’s not the case that Zimmerman was “stalking” Martin in Martin’s “own neighborhood.”

        Nor was Zimmerman “stalking.” He was merely “looking for” someone he thought could possibly be casing houses. There had been many break-ins in the gated community, and most every suspect was in the same demographic category as Martin (adolescent black males). Three weeks prior to the tragic evening, Zimmerman called the police to report a black teenage male who he observed looking into houses. The teenager disappeared before the police arrived. Two days later the same teenager was observed with two other teens breaking into a house by roofers working across the street. The day after that he was caught with a laptop stolen in the burglary. When Zimmerman first saw this guy he did not get out of his car and the guy got away and went on to burglarize the neighborhood. That may be why he decided to get out of his car after calling about Martin.

        That you say that you would beat someone who stalked you in your own neighborhood suggests that your knowledge about this case is pretty shallow.

      • J-Sin

        Okay, Mary. Obviously you didn’t watch the trial, it wasn’t the first time Trayvon stayed at his father’s neighborhood. Which btw, if I lived with my fiancée, that makes it my neighborhood too. (The father’s) Some of the neighbors knew who Trayvon was because they’ve seen him before. That’s not conjecture, that’s established fact. Trayvon was walking home ON THE PHONE, which last time I checked wasn’t thuggish behavior. Zimmerman DID stalk him after the 911 dispatch told him they didn’t need him to follow Trayvon. Even the police agreed he was following him.

        Trayvon had every right to be in that neighborhood “his” neighborhood btw just as the child of divorced parents staying with their dad where they have their own room has the right to call it their house. But yes, lets keep going with your Fox News talking points.

      • nohipsters

        Martin had every right to be in the neighborhood. Martin returned home (as witnessed by the stepmom) then left, looking for Zimmerman. Martin was the one stalking Zimmerman. Martin was the one who attacked Zimmerman.

        Zimmerman had every right to protect himself from the brutal assault.

      • Glad Zimmerman got his ass whup, but the trial is over and as they say Karma is a bitch!

      • Me

        Firstly it was’nt ice tea, it was watermelon fruit drink made by the Arizona ice tea company. Secondly what made him a thug was the fact that he attacked a man and tried to kill him by bashing his head on the pavement, he was also suspended from school for fighting and had stolen items that were found in his locker and burglary tools were also found in his possession.

        He also made many remarks on his twitter about living a thug life style. His autopsy showed he had liver damage most likely caused by consuming to many drugs.

        Since you cant even get the type of drink in his possession correct, the facts of the case most likely escaped your observation as well. So your right racists do lack objectivity and you are clearly racist against “white hispanics”.

      • j-sin

        Dude, you’re like a cartoon character. “Watermelon flavored ice tea’? what the fuck does that have to do with anything? Oh yeah, more racist stereotyping. Next you’ll mentioned he had grape flavored skittles and on his way to KFC when he ran into Zimmerman. That objectivity i was talking about? You threw yours out the window with that first sentence. Have a goody.

      • Me

        The fact that you continue to ignore the facts of the case seems to indicate you dont care about the facts and you just want to shout RACISM at anyone who does not agree with you. This has been the problem with this case from day one.It is also interesting that you keep making racist remarks about Trayvon while i have only mentioned the facts of the case. So who is making this a racial issue? and who has no objectivity?

      • So why did Zimmerman have to change his stories so many times, why did the medical examiner say his injuries sustained by martin were minute.

      • Me

        Zimmerman may have changed his story as many do in high adrenalin situations, Trayvons parents changed their stories a few times too . A medical examiner said his injuries were insignificant, but if you were having your head repeatedly slammed against the pavement while the person doing it was screaming im going to kill you, would you really be thinking this is nothing or would you be thinking im about to die?

      • Yup when Trayvons dad was first called he said that wasnt his sons voice shouting for help and then he changed his story and said it was.

      • anonymous coward

        meh, no one ones what instigated the fight. you’re a racist for assuming it was trayvon

      • Monkeytoe

        And you are a racist for assuming it wasn’t. Or, how about, taking a look at all the facts that we have, one can form a non-racist opinion? Perhaps our opinions differ on who started the fight, but just maybe it is not because of race.

        But, I guess that is impossible. Everyone who disagrees with you must be a racist.

      • Me

        Yes its racist to assume it was Trayvon based only the facts and evidence of the case not to mention witness testomony. It is far less racist to assume Zimmermans guilt, not based on evidence because he is a “white hispanic” and Trayvon is black. This is clearly the only fair option.

      • Monkeytoe

        I believe, pursuant to Toure, that Zimmerman is not even a Hispanic, as he comes from “Peruvia”, which is apparently a country in the Caucuses

      • Me

        I have also heard reports that Zimmerman has black ancestors, but the facts fall by the wayside when the mobs start to demand blood.

      • The_Ouroboros

        ^ I may have came for the breasts, but I stayed for the boobs. ^ Watching your guys’ commentary is on par with Kate Hudson’s behind.

      • howie feltersnatch

        George saved taxpayers future money that would have feed and clothed Trayvon in prison. he did everyone a favor.

  6. Come on. Regardless of how you feel about George Zimmerman or America’s gun laws the guy has gotten like a quadrillion death threats. So, if some whack job decides to make good on it, should George Zimmerman just let himself be killed?

    This comment will hopefully be seen as strictly reason and not place me in the Zimmerman apologist/gun crazy category. I am neither.

    • Brooke

      While I wondered what he was doing halfway across the country, he’s probably trying to avoid backlash in his own state. I am not a fan of guns, but I can bet he’s pretty scared for the reasons you listed. Hopefully he is not put in a situation where that gun ever has to come out of the glove box.

  7. Goose

    Can’t flim flam the Zim zam!

  8. EricLR

    In all fairness, if I had every black person in American hating me, and many openly calling for violence against me, I think I would probably be carrying a gun too. Hell, I would probably be carrying a bazooka, living under an assumed name in the whitest town in Minnesota, and dying my pubes blonde.

    The dying my pubes thing wouldn’t be to disguise myself, however, just because I’ve always wanted to.

  9. Tiggles

    This story lacks b00bs.

  10. Griefer

    No more Zimmerman please. It’s over.

  11. While all of you are focusing on questions like “who’s the racist” and “what constitutes personal protection,” we are completely missing the real issue here: How the hell do you get out of a speeding ticket in Texas? I mean, seriously, traffic fines are like the primary form of taxation there.
    “Did you see my name?”
    “Just don’t play with your firearm, ok?”
    Gotta love it.

  12. “As for how the hell George Zimmerman even has a gun after botching the shit out of neighborhood watching…”

    Uh, he was not found guilty of any crime, therefore he, like every other citizen of this country who does not have a criminal record, can legally carry a gun with the proper permits.

    Sorry if our laws don’t gibe with your view of the world, but the law acquitting Zimmerman is clear enough, as is the law allowing him to carry firearms. You may not agree with those laws, in which case you should contact your local Representatives or Senators to file a complaint.

  13. Dumbasses

    Before you keep defending Trayvon Martin do a little research you ignorant fools. The prosecution that went after Zimmerman is actually in serious trouble because they withheld evidence from the defense. Evidence such as a phone full of pictures of naked underage girls, piles of drugs and “innocent” Trayvon himself holding hand guns in a variety of poses. Yeah, the bastard wasn’t the church going good-boy you are trying to pretend he was. Furthermore, Zimmerman was acquitted, so that means he still has the right to own a firearm. Whether you like it or not, that’s the law.

    • Underage girls? You mean his peers? Piles of drugs, as in he had a picture of someone’s small plants? Guns? Now he is a thug because he has a picture of him holding a gun? Are all gun enthusiasts thugs now? Besides, this was all known to the defense, and the judge determined what could and could not be admitted. You’re trying WAY too hard to justify the fact that you just like the end result.

  14. Doesn’t this sound like a TV series to you? Like…Kung Fool? “When you can take the Skittle from my hand, it will be time for you to leave.”

  15. Mary Feeney

    Search “A Few Questions for Those Upset by the Zimmerman Verdict” and see how much you know and don’t know about this case. Every fact addressed in the survey (which consists of over 50 questions and takes 5-10 minutes or so to complete) is supported with links and/or references that document the veracity of these facts. Forming opinions on the basis of media soundbites is indeed “superficial.”

  16. Kodos


  17. Tre

    You might want to avoid being high as a kite and try and pound George’s head into the pavement. Repeatedly. That seems to upset him for some reason.

    • j-sin

      Right, I guess Trayvon teleported into Zimm’s house and attacked him. Hmm, I wonder how he ran into him…

      • Monkeytoe

        So, in your little mind, if you see someone observe you on a public street it is acceptable to attack and beat them?


      • According to Florida law: “A person is justified in using force, except deadly force, against another when and to the extent that the person reasonably believes that such conduct is necessary to defend himself or herself or another against the other’s imminent use of unlawful force.” Martin was aware that he was being followed for a long distance, first by car and then on foot, by a person holding a potential weapon (flashlight) and who was later found to be carrying a loaded gun. Since the metric is not “fact” but “reasonable belief, had Martin beaten Zim’s brains to guacamole, he would have gotten off scott free, and in most cases, the arguments expressed here for and against the verdict would be reversed. My argument remains consistent: the Florida law sucks.

      • Monkeytoe

        No, there is no way that someone watching a person on a public street and holding a flashlight (there is absolutely no evidence Martin knew of the gun) constitutes “reasonable belief” that you are in danger of imminent harm. Such a claim is absurd.

        My comment stands. In your mind, it is acceptable to attack a person violently for the crime of looking at you on a public street. That is idiotic.

      • Apparently, you know nothing about the case. Zim was not “watching a person on a public street and holding a flashlight . ” By Zim’s account, the attack takes place on the 4th interaction between the two, 3 of which were solely due to Zim’s choices: he slows down and eyes him on the street, he drives ahead pulls over and watches him as he passes, he pulls back out and follows him down the street, at which time Martin indicates he knows he is being followed, and finally he gets out of the car and follows him holding something (according to Zim, the flashlight is not working). You can not tell me that if you were Martin, you wouldn’t believe you might be at risk of imminent harm, and you would be reasonable in doing so. The problem here is that both guys are acting within the law, somebody is going to die and nobody is going to be responsible.

      • There are creepy people out there. Me and several of my friends have thought we were being followed at least once, and yes some are guy friends. We always ran home. We didnt turn around and pick a fight with them!

      • Monkeytoe

        The evidence in the trial establishes that Martin went to the house he was staying at and then returned to where Zimmerman was. So this idea that Martin thought he was in danger rather than decided to attack someone who “dissed” him is delusional.

        Regardless, even if Martin had not first returned home before deciding to attack Zimmerman, Martin’s physical attack in response to being watched on a public street is still wrong. the idea that you are pushing, that phyiscally assaulting someone because they watch you – is disturbing. It is so idiotic I am surprised people are pushing it. Do you really want the standard to be that it is OK to physically assault someone because you don’t like the way they are looking at you? That is your sole argument here. It doesn’t matter if Zimmerman followed him or not – it was a public street and Zimmerman never touched him or go close to him. It was Martin who decided to physically confront Zimmerman.

  18. cc

    You know, I agree that Zimmerman is something of a strange character. And I think that in the case of Trayvon Martin he should have left well enough alone at some point. However, none of that would have lead to tragedy if Trayvon didn’t attack him.

    I’ve twice been accused of attempting to shoplift. Once was years ago at some gem show when an old asshole accused me of trying to open one of the cases. I didn’t even realize you could open them, much less attempt it. I was furious, but I didn’t punch anyone. In another instance, I was trying to buy a cassette (yes, I am a thousand years old)… I went to the cash and there was no one there so I waited and waited. I got fed up and started walking toward the doors where there was another cash to see if there was someone there who would serve me. I got nabbed by security who assumed that I was about to walk out with the cassette, even though I still had it in in plain sight in my hand. I was taken to the security office and accused of attempting to steal. I told them the circumstances and told them that if they didn’t believe me, they could damn well look ask the fool who detained me or look at security tapes. Again, I was furious because I was completely innocent and it was their shitty service and dimwitted security guards that were the problem, however, I didn’t start a fight.

    Trayvon Martin responded violently to a situation that didn’t warrant it, and that’s why he is dead.

    • j-sin

      If Zimmerman was well within his rights to stand his ground, so was Trayvon.

      • Me

        The trial was based on self defense and not the stand your ground law, however you are correct Trayvon had the right to stand his ground if Zimmerman attacked him. But that right ended when he started bashing Zimmermans head against the ground and tried to kill him (the right to defend is not the same as the right to kill), at that point Zimmerman had the right to defend himself against an imminent threat to his life and since trayvon was on top of him he had no way of running Zimmerman had to defend himself the only way he could.

      • Monkeytoe

        Sure, Travyon had every right to stand his ground. Standing your ground does not involve being the attacker – which Trayvon was by all evidence.

        But facts matter little to people who care only about race. Look up the Roderick Scott case and then explain to me that Roderick Scott is a black racist that hates white people.

      • Me

        Sadly in todays PC world blacks can not be racist, only whites and anyone who the media determines to be white can be considered a racist. You are right about the facts not mattering to people who only care about race. So many people backing Trayvon not because of the facts of the case but because he was black. These same people yell racism to make thier point while not realising they are themselves the real racists

    • Monkeytoe

      don’t you know that using reason makes you a racist?

      Meanwhile, I believe that Roderick Scott still has his firearm, but nobody is talking about it on the web. I guess that is because the races were reversed in that self-defense shooting.

  19. so now the guy carries a gun because some unknown person/persons lurking out there somewhere might be out to kill him.

  20. Grand Dragon

    That’s three posts full of butthurt over Zimmerman on this site so far.

    • Bryan

      I think it’s been more than three, and I’m sure there’ll be more, too. Nothing fuels butthurt more than being objectively wrong about facts and desperately trying to stick to the narrative HuffPo and DailyKos fed you from Day 0.

      • Because the echo chamber that Fish gets his news from is so much less objective that the one you get your news from. Thank god we’re all going back and forth about a shooting in Florida between two people who both acted like idiots. I’d hate for our “news” organizations to focus on things like how much our own govt. is spying on us or the money spent by lobbyists to get to write their own laws.

      • Monkeytoe

        I’d settle for the “news” organizations reporting facts instead of idiocy on the things that they bother to report. But, we can’t even have that.

      • Me or Monkeytoe?

  21. Smapdi

    I hereby declare anyone on Team Zimmerman to be racist against blacks, and anyone on Team Trayvon to be racist against non-blacks. Ya’all are racist!

    • Smapdi

      Corollary: accusing others of racism completely absolves me of any possibility of being a racist myself. I’m just going to sit here and slowly shake my enlightened head at your ignorance. I win, you lose!

  22. I think the one thing we can all agree on as an outcome of this case is if you ever find yourself needing to shoot someone to defend your life, make damn sure he’s the same color as you.

  23. C’mon Fish. Take an hour off from scouring the internet for superficial news and do some actually reading up on this case Just read some of the comments on this thread, you will become infinitely more well-informed than you appear to be… unless you ARE just trolling for clicks. We can survive a day with one less post about Amanda, Rihanna, or The Maple Christ, but I don’t know how many more of these Zimmerman posts we can handle. This is just becoming sad…

    • rican

      You were doing great until you got to “….actually reading up…”. You should have ended it with “…posting of camel toes, up skirts, fat assess, big tits, or any other photographs of female attributes we can all jerk off to, or pretend to, without getting busted at work.”

  24. Bane

    Why the hell is this national news?

    The man was found Not Guilty. Doesn’t matter how you feel about it.

    He has his CHL. It’s perfectly legal to carry a gun and I don’t blame him. Doesn’t matter how you feel about it.

    Now all he has to do is add the cop that sold the video to the media to his list of lawsuits.

    • Police dash cam videos are public property, anyone can request them…that’s kind of a good thing.

      • Bane

        The cop in question is now under investigation. He sold the tape and took video with his cell phone.

        Zimmerman can drive aimlessly all over the country with a gun if he chooses to. He was found Not Guilty and yet the low information crowd can’t wrap their tiny minds around it.

        Why doesn’t Fish tackle Bhengazi? NSA? IRS? Phony scandals? Voter fraud? Detroit? Snowden?

      • the cop is under investigation for taking photos with his cell phone, he did not “sell” the dashcam video…those are freely available to anyone who requests them.

  25. As Bruce Lee once said: “Guns! Now why doesn’t somebody poo ow a -fo’-ty fi- and BANG! Settew it.”

  26. Tyranny Fighter

    Just stick to posts about tits and ass. You obviously have the political acumen of a gnat.

  27. malaka

    can’t imagine how this whole getting pulled over for speeding in the deep south while carrying a weapon in the glovebox would have gone down at all differently had there been a black person driving the vehicle instead of this guy.

    • malaka

      i’ve been tired of this story for about a year. and am perfectly comfortable with saying that it is over and accepting that.
      i also realize that it is a slippery slope to get into hypothetical speculation. still, i can’t help but wonder a few things:
      what if TM had a gun?
      what if TM had shot GZ instead?
      what if they both had guns?
      what if only one of them ‘legally’ owned a gun?
      for me, this isn’t so much an issue of paranoia, prejudice and racism. i accept that as a fact of life in the united states as well as the world itself. what confuses the crap out of me, is our love of firearms in this country. and of course, that is just opening up pandora’s box and raising a just as complicated issue.
      are we living in 19th century tombstone az?
      if we could in theory ‘legally’ shoot and kill anyone due to feeling that our lives were being threatened or that we were in serious danger, i feel like there would be a lot more people shooting and killing police officers. perhaps we will just go back to challenging each other to duels with pistols. walk 5 paces, turn and fire.
      the way i see it, guns were designed for only one purpose.
      i feel like they represent offense, NOT defense.
      it seems like people are far more interested in an intense unmatched sense of power than they are concerned about protection. if the opposite was the case, i feel like more people would own kevlar vests, tazers, pepper spray or large dogs.
      i mean, forget for a minute that we have the right to own guns in the united states. why are there more guns in this country than there are people?
      i think that our culture is pretty darn screwed up.
      also, did anyone here that interview with GZ’s brother?
      seemed like a very intelligent and reasonable guy.
      but the sweet irony was that GZ’s brother completely unaware, said something to the effect of -
      “my brother is now going to have to spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder, wondering if anyone is following him who is concerned that he might be a dangerous criminal.”

    • Texas isn’t the deep south…

      • malaka

        really?? cmon man…
        is the compass an abstract idea now?
        would you rather call texas south central? the midwest?
        or outer space?
        i’m willing to concede that our perception is slightly different, but lets not get into semantics of where the state of texas is located or the nature of its culture.

      • Much like Florida, Texas is it’s own planet.

    • ChaCha

      Black Texans like their guns just as much as the whites, so the scenario you mention probably happens a fair amount and without much incident (assuming no issues w/ warrants or permits).

  28. Poor innocent Trayvon. He didnt deserve to die. He thought Zimmerman was gay, thats the only reason he attacked him. And for that he deserves to die?

  29. elizabeth

    Zimmy 2013

  30. Rico Jones

    I called this in the last Zimmerman post. Zimmerman will continue to pop up and he will eventually get in trouble again. Zimmerman has probably been playing cop for years but he was a no body. Now that people know who he is they will start reporting his vigilante bullshit. I would put money on him getting in trouble again.

    • J-Sin

      Trust me, just like OJ couldn’t keep his ass out of trouble neither will Zimmerman.

      • rican

        I agree, with half the U.S. population wanting revenge on the guy he’s doomed. Difference is, OJ and Trayvon were LOOKING for trouble.

      • J-Sin

        An Zimmerman wasn’t? Who instigated the confrontation?

      • Monkeytoe

        I suppose it depends on what “instigated” means to you. If you believe that observing someone on a public street is “instigating” a violent attack by the person observed – as you appear to believe – then I guess Zimmerman instigated the confrontation by his looking at Martin.

        But, most people don’t have such silly logic.

      • J-Sin

        Yeah, if we ignore the whole thing where the dispatch told him to STAY IN HIS FUCKING CAR! than yeah we can say George Instigated it.

      • read the transcript asshole

        oh yeah, he was told to stay in his car huh? did you even bother to listen to the tape?? the dispatcher NEVER told him to stay in his car.

        so fucking annoying when people spout out shit as facts when they dont even bother to find out the whole story.

      • TheWord

        Following someone doesnt fucking warrant getting jumped…. if that was the case, I’d be fucking up everyone in line behind me at SixFlags and Disney. Fuckers…. how DARE they follow me!

      • Monkeytoe

        Wow. Talk about not knowing what you are talking about. The dispatcher said “I don’t need you to do that” but then continued to ask him questions regarding Martin’s movements, indicating she wanted him to watch Martin. But, there was no “command” to stay in his car. And, even if there was such a command – there was no authority to give the command. It was a public street and the dispatcher has no authority to tell someone not to walk on a public street. You leftists keep focusing on that mythical command as if it means something. It doesn’t. It was a public street that Zimmerman had every right in the world to be on.

        Regardless, you are arguing that “looking at someone wrong” is an acceptable reason to physically attack someone. That’s nice to know. I love the left’s new standard – if someone looks at you the wrong way, it is perfectly acceptable to jump them, straddle them on the ground and pound their head into the pavement and “ground and pound” them. I’ll remember that leftists believe this is ok the next time a leftist looks at me.

      • Bryan

        It’s not even about “looking at someone wrong” being a justification to attack. It’s that a lot of people chose sides before any of the facts came out, and they had to come up with some ludicrous rationalizations of why they’re still on the right side. Before the incident, none of the typical Trayvon defenders would have ever said that attacking a guy who you thought was following you was a justifiable move. But, once you’ve picked your side, like hell you’re going to back down. Dig in those heels!

        Remember, since the beginning, the story was: cherubic young black child is skipping home from the store with some Skittles (kids love their candy!) when a sinister and blood thirsty racist sees him “where he don’t belong,” stalks him like a hungry wolf, and then attacks, pushing innocent lil Trayvon to the ground before popping a cap in him. Mother Jones reported that Zimmerman had an epic boner the whole time, as murdering a negro child had always been a dream of his.

        (As an aside, the above rendition is more or less what I believed to be the case for the first several weeks because that’s what my media outlets told me. Being a rational adult, and having seen the actual evidence from the trial, I was later finally able to understand what really happened. What a crazy idea!)

  31. So a guy gets pulled over for speeding, it is an entirely uneventful routine traffic stop for an incredibly minor infraction, he’s sent off on his way within 5 minutes without even getting a ticket, and that merits yet another woefully ignorant and uninformed diatribe by fish? You were doing so good today with those Kate Hudson ass pics too. I’m scraping the gold star off your chart for today.

  32. Emmett Till's severed penis

    You all are just Racists and don’t like black people.

  33. ChaCha

    Do we seriously have to hear about this guy every time he so much as produces a smelly fart?

  34. Kate

    What a fucking idiot.

  35. kelce

    I’m in Texas and I can’t unblack. God help me.

  36. Jess

    I agree with you Fish, but dude. Save it for shit that matters. One asshole killed another asshole in Florida. How many assholes killed someone else in this country today? Why does this one asshole’s story get so much attention?

    Oh that’s right, because the media is helping the government distract us so they can fuck us all in the ass. Without lube.

  37. Sam

    For you Prius-driving, tree bark-eating, green tree frog-saving, left coast-living, frappacino-sipping, organic shopping iberal lunatics out there..many of us carry a gun in our car, and it’s not a crime! We don’t call it “packing justice”, it’s just not that big of a deal to us.

    • Jenn

      For your information… While I do sprinkle tree bark on my Frap– most folks call it cinnamon– and eat organic, I grow the vegetables myself because that’s what country folks do. I’m not liberal, I’m libertarian.
      I live in the South. And, I carry my gun much farther on a tank of gas in my fucking Prius than the gas guzzler I bet you’re driving. Grow up, Jethro, Rednecks can be green too.

  38. Jenn

    By the by, I’m not all that happy this Zimmerman jackass drove across my state armed and witless. Unless he made a big detour, he surely did. It’s gives me the shivers, the kind old people used to say was someone walking over your grave. With him packing, this could’ve happened. I do hope he’s going west, or southwest.

  39. Damn, I was really hoping for Fish to break the fourth wall and post some quippity quip quips on this thread, but alas…

  40. Fish can you PLEASE stop talking about this murdering fat fuck? I mean it’s not as if we all don’t know this guy is gonna fuck up again and someone is gonna finally plug his big ass.

  41. Zimmerman is an asshole and so was Trayvon. Fuck both of them. It’s too bad one is dead but that’s where we’re all headed. Death. We all gon die bitches. You all SCARED.

  42. WhoCares

    The officer who stopped Zimmerman took an iPhone picture of his truck and license plate.
    I would be more concerned about what the officer planned to do with this picture.
    Perhaps he intended to target him for online harassment.

  43. Patrick Bateman



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