George Zimmerman’s Guns Just Got Taken Away

November 19th, 2013 // 108 Comments
George Zimmerman Mug Shot
This Should End Well
George Zimmerman
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Yesterday George Zimmerman was arrested for domestic violence which I’m sure we’ll find out was just a couple having an argument just like the rest of us. Right, gun lovers? Right. Via The Orlando Sentinel:

George Zimmerman was arrested Monday after he cocked and pointed a shotgun at his girlfriend, shattered a glass-top table, then pushed her out of the house and barricaded himself inside after she ordered him to move out, according to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.

See? Who hasn’t pointed a shotgun at a woman in the heat of an argument? That’s just responsible gun ownership. Unfortunately, in Obama’s America that’s grounds for having your right to bear arms taken away by some activist judge because, okay, maybe, a week ago you choked the bitch, too. What ever happened to FREEDOM?!

Zimmerman was granted $9,000 bail in his new case, with several restrictions: Zimmerman was ordered not to have any contact with his girlfriend, or to return to her house.
He also may not have any weapons while out on bond, the judge said, and must wear a GPS monitor. Zimmerman’s next court hearing was set for Jan. 7.
“I do find probable cause for all three allegations” against Zimmerman, Seminole County Judge Fred Schott said today.
The state asked for his bail to be set at $50,000, telling Schott the victim fears for her safety. She didn’t report to police a prior act of domestic violence by Zimmerman which involved strangulation, the prosecution said.

I used to think gun nuts backed the wrong horse by overwhelmingly supporting George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin because he was lucky enough to do the one thing you buy a gun for in the first place. But it seems like every few weeks, there’s more and more evidence showing he really is a calm, cool, collected hero whose go-to reaction isn’t to pull a gun like a bitch the second he’s faced with the slightest hint of adversity. Obviously, I was wrong and you were right. I’m man enough to admit that.

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  1. Cock Dr

    It must have felt good typing that last paragraph. I know I enjoyed reading it.

  2. Stop Making Me Defend This Shiat

    It is possible to understand the fact that even though he is a complete douche, the law has been correctly applied in result to all of his actions – including this one.

    • I think the problem is – firstly: stupid laws, made by stupid lawmakers. “Stand Your Ground” makes it much harder to convict people claiming self-defense (and SYG was refered to in the jury instructions); Second: batshit insane juries, that acquit people like OJ and Zimmerman.

  3. The gun made him do it.

    • Nope. This incident just shows the kind of unstable nutbag he is – the gun was what made it very easy for that unstable maniac to act on his impulses and take a man’s life.

  4. Whoops Feorge Did It Again

    Justifiable’s 60 million -word-comment in five, four, three…..

  5. can’t scrap a lick, so I know you gotcha gat

  6. I would also like to add that in the piece of shit state of Florida, apparently you can commit domestic violence and get bonded out for the low low amount of $5K, $500 if you account for 10% down.

    I love how this scumbag thug is now saying he is broke and the public has to pay for an attorney for him. Wasn’t this asshole walking around with bodyguards just a month or so ago?

  7. they should have left him the 12 gauge with a single shell so he can blow the fuckin’ pink shit out the back of his head and all over the ceiling.

  8. Dr Bunsen

    That face and the self important douche behaviour are what await Shia LaBeouf in about 10 years ….

  9. BB

    Ok that’s it.

    I’ve been reading this site since 200… 7ish I believe.

    I’ve enjoyed Fish’s wit and catching up on pop cultural gossip in a satirical way all this time for the most part.

    And let’s face it, this is one of the only sites that is an alternative to Perez if you can’t stand him (and I can’t).

    However, the political preaching has been getting heavier and heavier and I just can’t take it any more.

    I’m not saying you’re wrong or right, Fish. I happen to disagree with you, but I’m not so arrogant as to feel that I’m automatically right and you’re wrong.

    However, there is a time and a place for this sort of soapbox ranting. A celebrity gossip site is not that place.

    Welcome to reality – just like Jim Carrey learned, if you alienate half your fan base by giving the finger hard and long enough to half of everyone on a polarizing issue, you lose people.

    I’m not sure if you care, I just wanted to give you a little bit of semi-intelligent feedback from the people who disagree with you.

    I understand that a lot of people who disagree are idiots and probably dumb rednecks etc etc etc (insert stereotype here).

    However, quite a few have probably just quietly walked away like I was about to.

    I only posted (for the first time btw) because I’ve really enjoyed your site and I respect your obvious intelligence. Hell, I’ve been reading here for around 7 or 8 years now… and my clicks provided you income.

    Anyway, farewell Fish all the comments. I will miss your wit too, McBeef and all the others I have not mentioned.

    If I want rabid leftists preaching I will go to MSNBC. I don’t want to see it on the blogs I log into daily.


    • It’s a website, not a marriage. Just go.

      • leila

        @Uncle Phil–On. The. Floor. My favorite response of the day.

      • Phil, that was fucking classic. We can all go home now.

      • Jesus it’s just a website. It doesn’t need a “clear the air moment” because someone clicks on one less website in their day.

        So BB came to a here a bunch of times in a day? He/she got free content and entertainment, the Fish’s advertisers paid him for the page views. Why the fuck anyone would think a website is obligated to them beyond that is narcissistic in the extreme.

      • Hey George, Watch Out!


      • You got it backwards. If its a marriage, we can just go. If its a website we like to stick around. If I go to read celebrity gossip, I dont want to read about how bad the Mets are.

    • BB

      Oh and for the record, I have always though and continue to believe Zimmerman is a tool.

      However, as much of a douchebag as he is, self defense is self defense.

      Sorry – my last .02. I didn’t want anyone to think I was a Zimmerman supporter – I am not. Personally I hope he gets locked up for life.

      I just believe in self reliance and logic. Being afraid of inanimate objects to the degree that one demonizes 50% of the country or so who chooses to own one is just clown shoes in my book.


      • Still trying to figure out how actively pursuing someone, instigating a confrontation, and not being on your property for any of this, is self-defense?

      • If someone is beating the wannabe cop shit out of you, you can shoot their ass. That’s all there is to it. Deciding you should play Batman is dumber than fuck, but not illegal. Zimmerman should have kept his fat ass in the house and called the cops and Martin shouldn’t have beat the fuck out of the dude for following him. Both those fucks should have called the goddamn cops. And everybody else should just take it for what is rather than turn it into some goddamn referendum on more than what it is.

      • Hmm, the Mexican guy with the gun is following me in the dark and the rain, let me get out my phone and dial the cops and wait for them while he attacks or shoots me, that sounds like a great plan. Zimmerman did call the cops, he was told not to engage but did so anyway.

      • Yeah, I agree I could stack the bodies of 16 year old boys 20 feet high after a weekend of following them around after dark. But that doesn’t change the fact that someone following you isn’t grounds to attack them.

      • also, Martin did have the time to call his crosseyed retarded sister to tell him some cracker was following him around. He should have called 911. Just sayin.

      • Maybe he called her because generally cops don’t come running to the assistance of young black boys in this country. I am sure if he called 911 and told them “my name is Trayvon”, they would have just come rushing to his assistance, especially the Sanford Police.

      • Zimmerman didn’t think the cops would be there in time either and also decided he should play Batman.

      • cj

        Oh, were you there to actually see Trayvon beat the crap out of George? He probably did, but as far as I know he is dead and unable to tell his side of the story.

      • Evidence suggests somebody beat the shit out of that fuck.

        I was waiting for one of you fucks to show up with that shit. You’re slower than the Sanford Police Dept. Nobody on the jury was there either.

      • If either one of them had called the cops before the whole incident happened we wouldn’t even have to argue about it because both of them probably would have been either beat or shot and then the whole story would have just been lost in a 24 hour news cycle.

      • And for the record, Fish did not ‘demonize 50% of the country’. Problem is that 50% of the country decides to have a standard knee-jerk reaction to anything coming from the other 50% without listening to the arguments the other side may have.

        It’s absolutely scary how modern day American society has strangled the Enlightenment by going back to believing whatever you are told by your favorite dogma/friend-in-the-sky/news channel. But hey, the Dark Ages were fun too. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be harassing the maidens in my castle.

      • Self-defense IS self defense. Did you ever stop to think that Trayvon was maybe trying to self defend himself from an in your face gun toting freak? Just sayin, and don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

    • Only rabid leftists want to see unbalanced, delusional, and suicidal sociopaths get their guns taken away. Got it.

      Tell me this: how often do you write darkly sensual Berhnard Goetz fan-fiction?

      • Bernie removed his glasses and I could feel his warm breath on the back of my neck as he caressed the revolver I had strapped to my right hip. My first reaction was to move away as I’m a purely heterosexual man, but something about it felt….right. His whispers about killing muggers were getting louder and as a result, my member was getting harder. Pretty soon, he had both of my guns in his hands. He had is finger on the triggers and I didn’t know which one was going to explode first.

      • Far as I’m concerned, you two guys are the embodiment of why Fish should NEVER stop going political posts. You both made my afternoon – thanks!

      • Sorry, that’s “doing”.

    • Don’t let the door hit you…

    • JC

      If 4 or 5 sentences that express something you don’t agree with in a blog post are too much for you to withstand, you might be not be well suited to…well, life.

    • cc

      I didn’t realize SF had been around that long. I feel robbed.

    • You’re a bitch like your hero Georgie. Good-bye to you.

    • Blottter

      Yeah! The website YOU run, and constantly editorialize in is not the place for YOU to editorialize!, whenever YOU want!

    • ultra

      i’m descended from settlers who moved to texas when it was a republic and have stayed here ever since, so, i don’t need to wave around macho props like guns, a truck, and a cowboy hat to “prove” i’m a “real” texan. i just am.

      and i have been around guns my entire life. i’ve hunted. i have NRA marksman medals from childhood and i’m not afraid of guns.

      but i am afraid of panicky asshats who buy guns, hoard guns, and seek reasons to use guns. because at heart, they’re pussies. just like zimmerman. does anyone here actually believe he would have instigated a fight with a “scary negro” had he not been carrying a gun? of course not.

      people need to learn the social skill of speaking to other people and de-escalating. you learn that in grade school when you mouth off and get your ass kicked by a bigger kid. or, you could whip out a gun and shoot the other guy. at which point, you were still being an asshole, but learned nothing.

      and i’m pretty sure this is what we “rabid leftists” are referring to when we make entirely predictable observations and predictions like fish has about assholes like zimmerman.

      so, if words make your peepee feel smaller and you need to go caress your gun for emotional reinforcement, go for it.

      ya dumb redneck etc etc etc ;-)

  10. Deacon Jones

    Whats he going to use to defend himself when he’s getting buttfucked by Leroy in state pen? His jowls?

  11. P.T.S. Potential Trouble Source

    BB? You’ll be back for the titty/ass pic’s………..

  12. cmonreally

    For real, Fish, how dare you have an opinion about a man (who has, like it or not, recently found some sort of celebrity) and feel the need to express it on your own site?

    I mean, this is a celebrity blog, and don’t you realize that you can only write about pseudo-celebs like the Real Housewives (who have no impact on society), and not about a pseudo-celebrity that was the perpetrator in a delicate, polarizing issue that many believe is an indication of where we are as a society in race relations and gun rights?

    Shame on your for acting like you own the damn place and can write anything you want. Shame, shame, shame.

  13. If he’s pull guns on unarmed teenagers and his girlfriends, god help the first person who gets in between George and a Angry Whopper combo meal at Burger King. Shit will get real, son!

  14. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. And by “nicer guy”, I mean “idiotic fuckhead”.

  15. The obvious reaction is: Right-wingers, you own this asshole.

    But the truth, of course, is that right-wingers lost interest in George Zimmerman the minute he proved he could get away with shooting a black kid for no good reason. That’s the only thing they cared about.

  16. Maybe we can recruit some of those “Knockout” kids to come play their game near Zimmerman’s house.

  17. cc

    When did he convert to Islam?

  18. EnglishTeacherAnni

    I feel horrible that Zimmerman’s girlfriend was abused, but I just need to say to her, as one woman to another: you decided to date George Zimmerman? And have his baby? REALLY?? Did you somehow miss the domestic violence story about his WIFE about, oh, two months ago? Does crazy turn you on somehow? Jesus, woman. Just….Jesus. I think it’s time to let someone else start making your life choices for you, honey.

    • k so you are insinuating that she can read, right?
      youre probably reaching a bit.

      • EnglishTeacherAnni

        I was assuming that (face palm.). You are entirely correct. But there’s radio and TV, right? Hopefully she has friends……if my friend said “Guess what? I’m dating George Zimmerman!” She could guarantee the screaming coming out of my mouth would never stop.

        How is it that George Zimmerman has a wife AND a girlfriend while a hot guy like FIsh claims he hasn’t been in the same hemisphere with a vagina in years? That …..just…….the universe doesn’t make sense to me……..

    • She’s NOT pregnant, but the reason a ton of women writing men in prison (and even marrying them) can apply here – they feel that their special, unique, magical love can “fix” a deeply troubled soul.

      She supposedly told him she was pregnant and wanted to have the kid on her own, and that she wanted him to leave – that’s when he started pointing guns and busting up the place. It sounds like she was so desperate to have him the fuck out of her house that her last resort was to try and get him to flee voluntarily – from the looming specter of 18 years of child support, if nothing else.

      • EnglishTeacherAnni

        Glad to hear she’s not preggers…..TMZ had said something about that being part of the 911 call, and I thought oh no……poor kid…..

      • diversity hire

        If thats her story then it makes absolutely no sense.

      • diversity hire

        If you want someone to leave you call the cops and file a restraining order; you dont lie about being pregnant.

      • Oh, do you really? And I bet that’s because restraining orders always work, because the cops always enforce them and the people they’re taken out against always obey the law. *eyeroll*

        Look, it’s not that simple. You have to go to superior court to get an order of protection or TRO, you don’t just call the cops and immediately have them set up the Great Wall of China around your house just on your say-so. Then the person you’re seeking to get it against has to be served, and then in another three weeks you have to go back to court, where the defendant can contest the order, and you have to demonstrate why that temporary restraint should become a three-year deal. In some states you can get a 5-day duration EPO from the cops, but you have to demonstrate you’re in immediate grave danger – and even then it can take 24 hours to get one.

        So while she obviously isn’t a Mensa candidate, trying to get him to leave of his own volition, out of self-interest, rather than try to bring any outside enforcement into the picture to oust him, does make sense. Violent assholes like Zimmerman don’t like to be told “no”, so using the police or the courts to strong-arm them can set off or escalate the very situation you’re trying to prevent and/or defuse. She obviously wanted him to leave, and you can see how well he responded to that.

      • diversity hire

        Maybe she should have tried the logical legal approach first, rather than tell him she’s carrying his baby, which is usually what crazy women do when they DONT want a man to leave. Just sayin.

      • Hey George, Watch Out!

        Justifiable, I started reading your post and ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

      • If your little brain can’t handle three paragraphs without shutting down, maybe you should get your home screened for radon or something.

  19. gary coleman's ghost

    Two things:

    1) How’d that human cankersore of a man find another girlfriend in the first place?

    2) He won’t be in jail very long. You can be sure Ted Nugent and the racist NRA calvary are coming round the corner.

  20. leila

    Martin is the definition of pussy, which I think even his defenders acknowledge at this point. One of these days, he’ll pull a gun on someone who has a gun of his/her own. Until then, he’ll continue to bury himself with one stupid ass move after another. Which means he’s still immeasurably luckier than the 17 year old he killed. Maddening.

  21. dingdong

    Dear Superficial guy,

    Don’t put the rest of us gun owners in the same category as this asshole!

    “I’m sure we’ll find out was just a couple having an argument just like the rest of us. Right, gun lovers?” -You

  22. kimmykimkim

    Any dumbass broad stupid enough to shack up with this idiot has it coming. That’s like moving in with Jeffery Dahmer and expecting him to NOT eat your penis.

  23. Mary Feeney

    The media, including celebrity gossip sites like this one, love to report about gun owners such as George Zimmerman and Ted Nugent, but for some reason rarely if ever mention that the following are gun owners:
    Sean Penn
    Maya Angelou
    Whoopi Goldberg (NRA member)
    Jerry Brown
    Mark Kelly (husband of shooting victim Gabrielle Giffords)
    James Earl Jones (voice of Darth Vader; NRA member)
    Eminem (arrested twice on gun charges; I don’t know if he still is a gun owner but if I had to bet I’d bet a lot that he is)

    • Yeah, exactly. I’ve lost count of how many times Whoopi Goldberg has been arrested for murder.

    • You forgot Steven Spielberg.

      Glad I could help you out.

    • Congratulations, you won the “best dipshit comment” of the week. You also forgot Harrison Ford and likely 1,000+ other celebrities. I’m sure there’s an app for that.

    • Oh stop with the equivocation. The reason why people don’t comment about Whoopi Goldberg, or Maya Angelou, or Mark Kelly is because these people have no history of violence, don’t make guns their marquee issue, and tend to support sane gun policy and reform. C’mon, Mary, you were smarter than this in grade school…what happened to you?

      Oh, and the media DID talk about Mathers’ gun ownership when it was relevant.

  24. BAM

    Cuntery: thy name is fish

  25. Oh goody, Fish is trying to hate on the gun owners again with this douche-canoe as the centerpiece…because Fish’s little attempts to be political always go so well.

    GZ was a known hothead last time he was in the news, and I’m just one of many that stated that the whole TM/GZ thing was a result of two moronic hotheads at the same place and the same time.

    Fish can be awfully funny, but these spineless and mindless little diatribes are a moron-a-thon that he needs to learn from, and maybe try some of that coexistence and acceptance stuff that his side always preaches, but rarely remembers.

  26. On the one hand, right wingers will insist Zimmerman was framed (again).

    On the other hand, Zimmerman is dark skinned and now has a beard…

    If we can convince the red states that he converted to Islam, he’ll be a tree pendulum by the weekend.

    • diversity hire

      “slappy magoo
      On the one hand, right wingers will insist Zimmerman was framed (again).”

      Will they be correct (again)?

    • Right wingers don’t claim Zimmerman, they know he’s a democrat. There are plenty of asshole Liberals, they just have better publicists than the conservatives.

  27. Zimmerman was just “standing his ground” against his girlfriend, wasn’t he?

    If guns don’t make it easier to murder people, then why is the murder rate in the USA so much higher than it is in countries where gun ownership is strictly controlled?

    • Actually Switzerland has a very low crime rate and they do not have strict gun ownership laws whereas it is illegal to own guns in the British Virgin Islands and the homicide rate is higher than the US.

      • “Oh my God, I found ONE tiny obscure c̶o̶u̶n̶t̶r̶y̶ territory where it’s illegal to own guns yet has a higher murder rate than America! That totally settles the argument once and for all that gun control has nothing to do with the incidence of gun violence! Thank you, British Virgin Islands and your proximity to high-intensity drug trafficking!”

      • yeah, because hysterical sarcasm is the same as facts.
        how about now explaining the crime rates in all our major cities, almost all of which have incredibly strict gun laws?
        An armed society is a polite society. Punks don’t spend their time playing ‘the knockout game’ when they have good reason to believe their intended victims can actually defend themselves.

  28. Big Dick Magee

    The crime is the problem, not the tools.
    STFU please.

  29. lawn

    His eyes are too close together. That’s why he looks so creepy. It’s the eyes. Too close together.

    • malaka

      predators evolve to have their eyes closer together for improved depth perception.
      prey animals have their eyes further apart for improved peripheral vision.

  30. The Zimmy Man Is At It Again!

    What? No thousand-and-a-fucking-ever post from Justifiable? Me thinks the basement lawyer may have gotten some litigate work.

  31. logan

    I am sure that he probably has a few more tucked away some where. This man was born in the wrong century….. Wild, wild west seems to suit him better. Shoot first, then ask questions.

  32. why must you keep trying to flim flam the Zim Man?

  33. Great. Now he’s gonna have to stab everyone he meets. Do you know how much longer that’s gonna take?

  34. Whatever

    Wait, isn’t the argument that he’s a racist that shoots black people? If lefties wouldn’t have made it a case about race and tried to convict him on a a more reasonable charge, then justice could have taken course. Lesson learned, Libs?

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