Sanford Police Chief: George Zimmerman Is Another ‘Sandy Hook’ Waiting To Happen

“Did you just reach for your gun because it looked like we were losing?”
“…. Noooo?”

When we last left George Zimmerman, his lawyer had just quit following a domestic dispute situation where George’s estranged wife Shellie accused of him going to his truck to get a gun after threatening her and her father. Which seems like an odd reason for a lawyer who just helped him duck murder charges to quit over, but did I mention he had’t been paid yet? And did I also mention, haha, you fucking idiots who contributed to the George Zimmerman Legal Defense Fund? Anyway, in the aftermath, local resident Santiago Rodriguez wrote an email to Sanford Chief of Police Steve Bracknell voicing his concerns over the police department’s handling of Zimmerman because he’s a “Sandy Hook, Aurora” waiting to happen. Remarkably, Bracknell responded and along with laying out that, yes, George Zimmerman did in fact assault Shellie’s father and they’re investigating with or without her cooperation, he actually agreed that Zimmerman is another Sandy Hook. So, fortunately, their department is on top of that before someone dies. I mean, could you imagine? Think Progress reports:

Bracknell expressed his views in response to two emails from Santiago Rodriguez, who reached Bracknell through a contact form on the police department’s website. Bracknell confirmed the emails’ authenticity to ThinkProgress and subsequently tried to distance himself from the remarks.
Rodriguez’s first email was an extended, and sometimes angry, critique of how the Lake Mary Police Department handled their response to the recent altercation between George Zimmerman, his wife and his father in law. Rodriguez told Bracknell that he had a responsibility to charge Zimmerman because he was another “Sandy Hook… waiting to happen.” Bracknell responded with a detailed defense of the police department’s conduct, but explicitly endorsed Rodriguez’s comments on Sandy Hook.

In some states authorities have the ability to grant or revoke concealed carry permits at their discretion, so you’ll probably be surprised to learn Florida is not one of those states because freedom. Which is really where my beef lies with gun fanatics because they can’t just be content with owning one, they have to make it a goddamn Wild West free-for-all. And if you try to get them to meet you in the middle on common sense gun legislation, you’ll inevitably hear “Chicago!” and some bullshit about criminals don’t follow laws, so why even bother having them when you can just give everyone a cold, steel penis of justice? And, granted, that sounds ridiculous because surely they’re drawing the line somewhere except Iowa wants to arm the blind AND THEY’RE FUCKING FOR IT. Dana Loesch and Ben Ferguson both literally woke up this week and went, “You know what? I’m going to argue that the blind should carry deadly weapons whose safety and use are exclusively dependent on sight. I feel good about this.” Is FOX News running Daredevil at night? Because that’s the only explanation I can come up with here. “Listen, all these people need to do is make sure it’s raining inside their house, and then they’re perfectly capable of safely defending themselves from the day Obama and the UN come for our guns. How clear did Ben Affleck have to make it when Jon Favreau put mustard in his coffee? C’mon.”


Zimmerman Lake Mary Emails by ThinkProgress


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