George Zimmerman’s Painting Was Copied From Shutterstock

December 17th, 2013 // 52 Comments
George Zimmerman Painting

With George Zimmerman free from domestic violence charges thanks to his girlfriend changing her story so they can reunite and continue trying to find ways to get paid for TV appearances, he now has time to return to his true passion: pulling a gun at the drop of a hat painting! Apparently George Zimmerman is quite the artiste and his newest painting is already just shy of $100,000 on eBay because America is a shithole full of dumb and guns. And while I was at first happy that a moronic husk of humanity would be down $100 grand in three days, Mediaite reports that the “painting” was clearly Photoshopped from a Shutterstock stock image which could potentially negate the sale:

The best guess is that Zimmerman wanted to paint an American flag, so he searched for an image of one on Shutterstock or another site that features that company’s images and then just painted over it. While there’s no big art rule that says use of multimedia or even tracing is inherently “bad,” Zimmerman does not disclose the use of the foundation image, calling the piece “original” and “hand-painted.”
Seeing as Shutterstock’s images are copyrighted and are not free to use, things could potentially become legally complicated if Zimmerman did, indeed, crib the image from the stock photo company.

George Zimmerman has reportedly agreed to private negotiations with Shutterstock, but as of this post, all that could be heard from the room were a series of loud bangs followed by the sound of a window being opened. I’m sure it was nothing.


  1. cc

    If fades completely from the news it won’t be too soon.

  2. ThisWillHurt

    Maybe he should shoot Shia LaBeouf for inventing plagiarism. Besides, I hear he’s fond of hoodies and Skittles.

  3. Smapdi

    We have to see this guy’s ‘art’ now too? FFS . . .

  4. Hugh G. Rection

    The bid has to be fake. Not even the dumb wackos who support him would give him $100k for his shit painting. Too bad the painting wasn’t bigger. Then it could say with liberty and justice for all, unless you’re an unarmed black kid walking down my street.

  5. He is just celebrating that the charges were dropped against him…with art.

    • Hey, I wonder what that zimmerman fella is up to?

      I’d prefer it if he celebrated with a Jim Jones special, but whatever floats your boat. Then again, considering Fish would obliterate us with funeral coverage, I take that first sentence back.

  6. He already stole my idea where I just shoot people because.

    • White-Hispanic Santa

      Yeah he shot Trayvon “just because”. Pretty sure I remember the DA laying out the case that way…

      • Seriously?

        Drink that garbage Kool-Aid you moron – he shot a child that he was explicitly told not to follow up. Real stand up guy.q

  7. Hey, I wonder what that zimmerman fella is up to?

    Yay, fish! I know you wouldn’t forget Georgie. I love it when bloggers beat a subject to death, then say “What the hell”, and resurrect that very same subject fifty-million-mother-fucking-more-times so they can kick it around again. You are a true genius!

    • Convex

      Yeah, Fish is awesome at beating dead horses; it’s the libtard in him that leads him to pick on the easy targets. Bet he was the skinny kid who got his pimply ass pushed into lockers in school; now that he’s all growed up, he’s going to bully others via gossip sites. It takes a real man to do that. As for Zimmerman’s paintings, why is he vilified for what Warhol used to do? Double standard much?

      • WahWahWahWentTheRight

        ” he’s going to bully others via gossip sites.”

        you can actually hear the lisp when you read that

      • I don’t think you know what the word “bully” means. Well, actually, I think you don’t know what a lot of words mean, but “bully” is the latest.

      • Name(Visible)

        …and bully is in quotations, why?

      • Because I was quoting him. That’s what quotation marks are for, you see, quoting things. Tune in tomorrow, when I explain the mysteries of the comma.

      • Let me guess, pickup truck, some shit on there about freedom and a marine sticker or two even though you were too pussy to join and you own everything the Duck Dynasty guys have ever sold in Walmart, does that sound about right?

      • Name(Visible)

        Yay. I like this game. Prius, Coexist bumper sticker, bitches about people not giving their “fair share”, yet fails to donate regularly, and a copy of The Communist Manifesto on your nightstand. Sound about right?

      • Since the “liberals” are the ones that are educated and have the high paying jobs, even if we donated nothing, our taxes that we pay probably outweigh you guys about 3 to 1, conservatively. The whole Communism thing just sounds ignorant and dates when your education probably ended. The so called Communist/Socialist countries are the ones with the best economies in the world right now, much better than America’s.

      • Name(Visible)

        OK, if we can get past the fact that none of anything you said actually has any statistical of factual data to even remotely back up your claims, at least you have the balls to admit that you, indeed, do not believe in individual freedoms, and think that a collective, secular state is better than the free enterprise system that has created such a great nation. I would love to hear why you believe that communist/socialist countries are doing better, because, according to what I’m reading, they are failing miserably. Of course, you, with all of your wisdom, knowledge, and experience (not to mention your vast education and high paying job) blame capitalism, and the individuals pursuit of self improvement as the cause for our economic downturn and not the horrible policies of the progressive left that is systematically tearing down the belief of American exceptionalism and American pride, embracing widespread corruption and cronyism, instilling unsustainable fiat policies, and generally wreaking havoc on our economy. But, shucks, what does a righty like me know.

      • Well you sure know how to spew talking points like a trained parrot.
        Polly want a cracker.
        Just a tip for your capitalist future.
        They will be selling you breathable air and drinkable water because they polluted it to WALLE levels because ignorant shills like you think unfettered capitalism is the greatest thing ever.
        How truly ignorant of history are you that the late 19th and early 20th century are just lost on you.

      • Name(Visible)

        And the “Let’s Discredit the Opposing View Without Utilizing Any Information Whatsoever” award goes to…….SunnyD! Come back when you have something relevant and worthy of rebuttal.

      • Sorry special little snowflake the only person who thinks what you posted was relevant in anyway shape or form is you and maybe your mommy.
        I also notice how you ignore the facts of what I posted….
        Yes those are facts.

      • Name (Visible)

        Well, I totally see where this is going. Unless I missed something and didn’t know that Wall-E was a documentary film, than I have know way of knowing how your reply was fact. Also, my post was relevant, as I was responding to El Jefe’s comment about how communist/socialist countries were fairing better than others and the implication that the free market is the primary contributor to our current recession. With that, I will give you the last word.

      • Name (Visible)

        And, yes, I do no I have some grammatical errors in this last post. I am, however, hard at work being a productive member of society so our Federal government can continue to heavily tax me and redistribute my money where they see fit, and didn’t feel compelled to edit my post correctly. A much needed disclaimer in these comment sections since many of you have taken to attacking the character of the poster and not engaging the points made.

  8. Hey, I wonder what that zimmerman fella is up to?

    “Who gives a shit” said the Village Voice. “He can ram that flag up his ass” commented the New York Times. “Are we still talking about that asshole?” shouted everyone that has a life.

  9. Jenn

    It looks like one of those Faded Glory t-shirts you can get a the Hellmart for five dollars.

  10. Ben Dover

    and justice for all, (unless you are a young black man)

    • Bastiat

      Oh, Trayvon got justice. Beat a man’s head into the pavement, you get what’s coming. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

      • When I was younger I learned if I pick a fight with someone and lose I don’t shoot them.
        Perhaps Georgie’s parents should have taught him that lesson.

      • Ben Dover

        Bastiat I hope one day someone hunts you down, and you feel you have to fight back and they put a bullet in your stupid fucking head

    • redreaper

      do you say the same about all the black youth killed daily by their own? Or how about the white kids killed by blacks? Do you say something about that injustice? Your a fucking idiot!

      • Yeah, I read about how all the prisons are nearly empty due to how soft we are on black crime.

        Oh no, wait. It was the opposite of that.

      • Oh, and also: it’s YOU’RE, not “your.” If you’re going to call someone a fucking idiot, try to not be a fucking idiot while you do it.

  11. This is commonly known as money laundering.

  12. Name(Visible)

    And in other news. A celebrity blogger continues to piss and moan over a court hearing that didn’t go his way….

    • And in other news a whiner who goes to a site that has never hidden its political leanings and cries like a typical two year old or as I call them lilteapots.. bet you don’t even know what the actual Boston tea party was against….

      Aw heck here read learn pass it on to your ignorant ilk.
      See how nice I am giving you a free history lesson…

      • Name(Visible)

        I’ll look into that, but can’t argue something I haven’t researched. Seems like you are striving on being right at something, however, since this has absolutely no bearing on anything here.

  13. Jonah Kyle

    I have contacted the actual artist. He is located in Europe and will be bringing legal action soon.

  14. eh

    Can you really copyright a wavy American flag? He’ll settle it for a few grand if he actually gets six figures for it That’s the really scary part – if he can sell this, what is to stop Farrah Abraham or Casey Anthony from doing the same. A terrifying trend.

  15. " full of dumb"- for sure

    any threads on “suspects”( heehee) who walk down the street trying to cave whitie’s head in with one punch?

  16. redreaper

    We should have a Zimmerman day. An innocent man won that day!! The legal system does work.

  17. redreaper

    America is a shithole full of dumb and guns? Wow for someone making a killing here its funny you should say that. Fucking liberal piece of shit!!

  18. Smarterand Betterlooking

    LOLing @ all the liberal haters on a soft-core porn site trying to damn Zimmerman for something that’s been done before…often…by “legitimate artists” with names like Warhol.

    You people (and I use that term loosely) are wastes of DNA.

  19. Mel

    He’s so clever. He put the words One Nation under the word God. He must think he’s a fucking genius.

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