George Zimmerman’s Lawyer Quit
(Subtitle: So What Was That Shit Yesterday?)

September 10th, 2013 // 54 Comments
George Zimmerman
Who Saw This Coming?
George Zimmerman
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“Your honor, before we waste a lot of people’s time and money here, I feel like I should point out that my client shot a black kid and we’re in the state of Florida. — Still going to do this? Fair enough, that’s on you.”

Yesterday, George Zimmerman was briefly detained by police after a domestic dispute between his wife Shellie and her father who is the owner of the house that George and Shellie were renting, but now just George lives in. At one point, she called 911 and said that George went out to his car to get a gun after punching her father. She then later recanted that statement which led everyone to believe she had lied to the police about George having a gun, so white gun nuts were free to go, “Toldja! She’s a lying bitch.” (And, for the record, she is on trial for perjury – that George asked her to commit because he’s an honest guy who’d never lie to the authorities.) Oddly enough, she wasn’t arrested by the police for what sounds like a false police report, and neither was George because everyone suddenly realized they were probably all getting arrested for something and changed their stories. Except here’s where it gets weird because I have absolutely no legal knowledge whatsoever and probably gave my lawyer 10 heart attacks with this post alone (Hi, Dave!): Just as everything was coming up Zimmerman, his attorney went on CNN and told Anderson Cooper that there was a gun present, his client is under an “enormous amount of stress,” and these things happen with divorces. And then that same lawyer quit today. Mediaite reports:

O’Mara, who successfully defended Zimmerman on murder charges for the shooting of Trayvon Martin, will still represent Zimmerman in a defamation lawsuit against NBC, but will not represent Zimmerman in any further proceedings, including his divorce from his wife Shellie, or any possible charges from the altercation between the two on Monday afternoon.
O’Mara recently criticized Zimmerman’s publicized trip to the gun factory that made the weapon he used to shoot Martin, but was defending Zimmerman’s actions last night as “appropriate” on his new network. At a press conference following Zimmerman’s arrest Monday night, O’Mara was asked if he had any advice for the former defendant. “Pay me,” O’Mara said.

But, wait, that’s not even the most ridiculous part because, according to Radar, the crux of George and Shellie’s divorce is that he’s been cheating on her with his old fiance that broke up with him because he used to beat the shit out of her. Yup:

“George has been having an affair with is ex-fiancee. Shellie believes it flared back up after the acquittal,” friend and key defense witness John Donnelly told the site.
Veronica Zuazo was engaged to Zimmerman before he married Shellie, but after she filed a domestic violence complaint against him the couple ended things.

“I know you beat me ever so mercilessly in the past, but when I saw you duck them murder charges for shooting that poor ol’ black boy, my pussy was wet, George. Wet with desire.” – Florida, only the state of Florida

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  1. Even Jesco White is embarrassed by this level of white trashery.

    • Trex

      Except for the small fact that the Zim Zam is Hispanic, not white.

      And let me just stop you before you go to the trouble of bringing up what the census papers say about how Hispanics are classified as far as race; slave ownership papers used to say that black folks were property instead of human beings with rights. Turns out that wasn’t actually true.*

      So look to actual nature and biology, please, not some politically motivated paperwork. Hispanics and whites have different sets of health risks as groups, a fact well known to medicine. (Damn those pesky facts!)

      If, on the other hand, you’re talking about the wife, my apologies and go ahead with your disgusting racist comments about white folks being white trash, even though someone as PC as you would never call a colored person a negro. Like DR MLK JR did in his really famous speech.

      * It turns out that black people have extra special rights, including doing really mean things to white people specifically because they are white, but not having these racially motivated really mean things classified as hate crimes because, well, you know, only whites can be racist :)

      • EricS

        So being half Peruvian totally cancels out his white half? Good to know the ‘one drop rule’ still exists.

        How about you google “Black people charged with hate crimes.” Might want to shield your loved ones when your head explodes.

      • So we haven’t had a black president because of your one drop rule. Good to know.

      • EricS

        That’s an ironic statement right there, because right-wingers constantly bring up the fact that he’s half white, and that racial comments shouldn’t be offensive towards him because he’s not really black.

      • Trex, I’m not really sure where all that shit you just spewed came from, but pull the stick out of your ass. This fat fuck and his fat fuck wife are acting like it’s Saturday night in the trailer park. How you’re turning that into what ever bullshit you came up with is beyond me.

      • Trex

        Actually, it’s called satire. You got trolled :)

      • Oh, fuck you, Trex or MarrisaStar or whatever the hell name you’re using, you didn’t troll shit. You got called out, made to look like an idiot and then resorted to the pussy Internet defense of, “Haha! Just trolling you. U mad bro?” Because apparently it’s hilarious to make people correct racists paradigms that shitheads actually believe in real life and are getting away with shooting people over. But HAHA LULZCATZ!!!!1 TROLOLOLOLOL fuck a dirty dick.

      • Trex

        Point proved, thank you very much.

        You people (liberals) really don’t get satire when it’s aimed at you, do you? You’re always expecting it to be really obvious because you always think you’re the smartest people in the room. But that’s the problem with standing on your soapbox, way up there, all righteous and indignant. You can’t believe it when someone reminds you that there might be other points of view.

        What I particularly enjoy is that for all your flailing about, you can’t actually refute any of the points I made, so you fall back on the tired trope of racism.

        The beauty of actual satire is exactly when people don’t understand they’re getting taken for a ride. You and your self-righteous, woe is me, I can’t believe a fat guy got off for killing an unarmed kid while never posting anything at all about black on black violence, were just made to make you and your white-guilt readers look even more vacuous.

        Just to be clear here (this is not satire); you are more upset about one random white/Hispanic guy avoiding a trial and then going to trial and not being found guilty because you believe he should be, then you are about all the black on black violence.

        Also, for all of your endless ranting and raving, you miss, exactly, the foundation of our legal system; “It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer.”

        That’s what’s happened here, for whatever reason the jury didn’t believe there was enough evidence to convict him on the charges brought up, and you keep whining about it like Zimmerman stole your favorite lollipop. To you, the unfairness of an accused manslaughterer getting off is worse than the actual death of Treyvon Martin.

        Which is precisely what you got wrong about the Australian guy getting shot in the back for kicks by a bunch of thugs, black and white. To you, all that matters is that Zimmerman seemed to avoid justice, while the guys who shot the Australian were quickly caught. To the rest of humanity who actually care about, well, you know, human life, it’s grotesque that some random guy was murdered by some bored kids while he was out for a jog.

        As far as the black/racism trolling goes, you just make it so, so, so easy. Kind of like having sex with your mother, just a lot more fun.

      • You know what, Trex? You think too much and have too much free time on your hands. Go get a job as a Whopper-flopper or something, and shut the fuck up!

        PS: Way to go, Fish!

      • Hugh Jass

        Regarding the Australian guy who got shot by some black kids, the shooters were quickly arrested and will no doubt spend a few decades in jail. Everyone was outraged that the guy was murdered. Everyone wants the shooters to go to jail. Not sure why right-wingers bring it up in comparison to Zimmerman.

        Regarding black on black crime. 90% of violence against blacks is committed by other blacks. 90% of violence against whites is committed by other whites. Crime is a matter of convenience and opportunity, not race. Again, not sure why right-wingers like to bring that up too.

      • You got me good Trex. With that level of writing, you’re at least funny enough to write for “The Onion”, since they don’t seem to know what the word satire means either.

        Thanks for the back up fish. Always appreciated.

      • jacksengorgedglans

        ah hes trying to be a doctor and bring the health facts as a group into play, heres a hint, those health risk are more often than not linked socioeconomically, best example japanese living in japan and then second generation living in america, i site this because this is an oft referenced study.

        there is no race in science, the best equivalent would be “a bunch of people in the same spot fucking the same people over a set period time”

        next time i’d suggest go to med school and brush up on your epidemiology, genetics and biostatatistics

  2. Fish is the Lamar Odom of Zimmerman crack.

  3. kimmykimkim

    This just sounds like a whole bunch of winners all around. Just a bunch of people succeeding at life. I mean, wow.

  4. Smapdi

    Too bored with this dreary domestic situation to even write a fat joke. Its up to the ex to make this interesting again.

  5. Hugh Jass

    Gun nuts aren’t going to throw Zim a bunch of money for beating his wife, so the thieving shark lawyer is out of there

  6. SomeJoe

    Damn, this poor horse is getting mutilated into nothingness.

    • I said last week I thought he was actually anally raping the dead horse but I think we’ve had a change. I think the horse is now somehow from the grave raping him. He wants to stop, he’s saying no but he just can’t get the horse off him.

  7. Blacksareracists

    So, any more news about the black racists that killed a white bright young man called Chris Lane?

    No? Oh, OK, still living in a one way racism defition then…it’s only racism if the victim is black.

    • Yeah, that’s right… keep on twisting the narrative, so it can fit your ignorant and baseless view of this whole situation.

      ONCE AGAIN… Chris Lane’s killers have been caught, charged and put on trial BEFORE the media got hold of the story, unlike what happen to a certain fat-ass.

      • everyone is racist

        what you obviously fail to realize is that if Chris Lane had a gun he would be alive today.

        And if he shot those guys, FISH and YOU and All the media would be calling Chris Lane a RACIST and would be saying that those 3 poor little angels were innocent babies.

        That’s the thing, If Chris Lane happened to have a gun he would have defended himself. and the Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be asking for his head right now.
        they would be demanding he went to jail or something.

        That’s the point. That black people can be racists, but that is okay and accepted. It is even encouraged today.

      • EricS

        Name the last incident where a white guy shot a black guy while defending himself, and there was a big uproar about it. Because I can link countless stories of such an occurrence. In fact, I can tell you about one that happened 2 weeks ago. Sorry to ruin your false premise.

    • everyone is racist

      just today I found out a black guy punched and killed a 63 year old white guy FOR BEING WHITE.

      the black guy said “I will punch the first white person I See”

      but will Fish say anything about it? anything at all? no, of course not. he won’t say shit.

      • EricS

        Why would he? Was this guy a celebrity? Maybe you should go to an actual NEWS site and complain about the lack of coverage there.

      • Apples and Oranges. This story is about a Hispanic guy killing a Black guy during a fight. Never understood why that would be a national story, but whatever floats Fish’s boat.

      • ChaCha

        I’m certainly not happy about it, but I think the reason we now have to hear about every single stupid happening in the lives of this crappy fat couple is as follows: Media outlets (correctly) decided that a racial injustice angle on this not very interesting Florida homicide would catch the attention of a lot of people. So now, all the white people who say TM was murdered in cold blood can get a nice new stamp on their “I’m not a racist” card, all the black so called leaders can feel somewhat relevant, and everyone can feel like their curing “racism” by calling attention to the huge injustice of an asshat not being convicted of a crime. Meanwhile no one has to actually muck around with the REAL problems black men, women and communities face in this country.

      • Pat C

        OK, we got your point. There’s a lot of chess and golf websites that haven’t mentioned this either, so you better get busy and straighten them out too.

    • Why hasn’t anyone pointed out that one of the three murderers of Mr. Lane was white? This will nullify this idiot and every other idiots’ comments already.

  8. Jay

    In Florida in a divorce Zimmerman might as well pack it up. He can’t stop the divorce. The ladies rule. Chubby is gone. Move on, the sooner the better, and try to make the best of it.

  9. Yay Another Zimmerman Post!

    Thanks for the post Fish I began reading it the second it came up and ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

    • Oh come on now, how will we all keep ourselves informed on current events if a screechy willfully ignorant titty blogger doesn’t regurgitate Bill Maher’s narrative on us? We need the least informed among us to screech their ill informed opinions as if they were fact.

  10. Cher's Facelift

    I wonder if Cher is starting to get tired of her son/daughter’s shenanigans?

  11. Yeeaaa, I think this one has jumped the shark. Or maybe ATE the shark. Aaaayyyyyyyy.

  12. Fish reminds me of the militant white lady in “Im Gonna Get You Sucka” – minus the bean pies.

  13. EnglishTeacherAnni

    ……and Karma drives slowly into Zimmerman’s subdivision, and double checks a slip of paper on the dashboard for the correct address……..

    The only thing that ruins watching Zimmerman’s inevitable self-destruction is the other people he will probably take with him.

  14. douchemcdoucherson


    • Poor child “douchemcdoucherson”: whatever fishch posts don’t matter as much as you “douchemcdoucherson” – and me – responds to the posts!…..perhaps YOU’ll figure it out there “douchemcdoucherson”….. someday….

  15. mavis davis

    Forget the subtitle. How does he wipe?


    Little Miss Perjury says Zimmerman threatened her with a gun and punched her father in the face. Cops come over, there is no gun and the father is uninjured. So we’re supposed to believe this cunt and what she says during the divorce trial? Gimme a break.

    Pretty funny watching the racist Zimmerman-haters squawk and squawk about how “SEE SEE HE’S VIOLENT” only to find out that, yet again, he is not guilty, there is no evidence of his guilt, and the press posted misleading information.

    • There’s no evidence because George Zimmerman smashed the iPad with a knife containing footage of the domestic dispute:

      And police are now trying to put it back together to charge him anyway regardless of Shellie trying to change her story which probably explains why his lawyer was fucking visibly pissed with George at the scene and quit. (As for Shellie’s perjury, she committed it like an idiot because George told her to to protect their legal defense fund.)

      But I’m sure the media made all that up because Obama wants your guns. That’s probably the more likely scenario than proven shithead acts like shithead.


        No evidence because he smashed the iPad? No, Zimmerman’s father-in-law had no marks on his face at all as confirmed by the police and as confirmed by the father-in-law who DID NOT PRESS CHARGES. Also, his lying cunt of a wife lied about the gun, which the police have already confirmed and SHE DID NOT PRESS CHARGES.

        I can’t wait to find out what “evidence” is on that iPad so you racist anti-Hispanic losers can eat shit again and again and again. You had so much luck when he was re-tried after being released from the police the first time! Remember that ? Remember how the prosecution had ZERO evidence of the crime they were trying to prosecute.

        But sure, losers, keep posting about all the crimes Zimmerman WON’T be convicted of. Oh, he got a speeding ticket, my bad. What a monster!

      • ReaganDiedinDiapers

        Go back to Free Republic and choke on your dick on the way there, please.

      • Yay Antoher Zimmerman Post!


  17. “Could you please stop calling my client Fred Flintstone?”

  18. Will someone just shoot this fat motherfucker already? Goddamn.

  19. Weird

    Its almost like you cant trust a bitter ex-wife in the middle of a divorce.

  20. Black? Brown? Beige? White? Negro? African American? Hispanic? Jew?
    It doesn’t fucking matter because George Zimmerman got away with murdering someone’s 17 year old son. Their relative ethnicities don’t mean SHIT!

    • load

      Dont play dumb. The entire case was framed as a racial attack. Remember “fucking coons”? Remember “white hispanic”? Remember how nobody actually cares about the thousands of black kids killed by other blacks? Race was/is everything in this story.

  21. No matter what your opinions are on the whole string of Zimmerman issues, I think we can all come together and agree that it’s a good thing neither the Zim Man or Shellie tried to capitalize on their fame by making an anal squirting video.

  22. Eugene

    Defending Zimmerman has taken its toll on Joel Osteen.

  23. Dr.J

    Holy mother of god. Put me on record right now. I’m racist against white people. If you don’t look at history and think, daymn, statistically, the white man has been the most lying, cheating, dishonourable piece of shit known to human existence, then you have a direct bias to indisputable facts and I dispute you! Ha ha. So yeah, ‘everyone is racist’, Everyone is Racist. I”m just racist against the right people. My own kind.

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