George Zimmerman Painted The Confederate Flag Because Of Course

“Do you even art, bro?”

Just in case there were any lingering doubts that George Zimmerman is a crazy-ass racist, his latest move involves selling a painting of the Confederate flag to help cover the legal fees of a Florida gun shop that’s being sued for declaring itself a “Muslim-free zone” because walking around in a Klan robe asking for donations would’ve been too subtle. On top of that, the flag’s covered in bullshit rhetoric about the second amendment because of course. Via Florida Gun Supply:

George Zimmerman Confederate Flag Painting

And now it’s time for another lesson on freeze peach because, no, ammo-dicks, the second amendment doesn’t back up the first.

One day, you see some egghead liberal walking around, and say to them, “Hey, you know what? I don’t think the Confederate flag is racist at all.” If you are not arrested or fined or assaulted by the King of England, congratulations, you’ve just had freeze peach. But if one of those things does happen, then you get to “back up” your first amendment rights by hiring a lawyer and going to court because that’s the only method available to you by law. I mean, you can pull out your gun, but it’s not going to end well for you, and we’ll get to that in a second.

Now, here’s the part you’re probably not prepared for. If that egghead says to you, “Well, I think the Confederate flag is racist as fuck,” your freeze peach is still intact because that egghead is also entitled to his freeze peach even though you just had your freeze peach which does not stop other freeze peach from happening. Freeze peach is not a magic shield from other freeze peach.

And here’s the most important part: What you aren’t allowed to do is try and “back up” your first amendment rights with your second amendment rights because that’s called terroristic threats which will probably get you arrested. Especially if you actually do fire your gun and kill somebody for challenging your delicate worldview because now you’re a stupid-ass murderer. So long story short, your gun can do jackshit in this equation except for getting you all kinds of legally fucked because that’s what really “backs up the” first amendment: Laws, cock-bullet.

Except because George Zimmerman is a special snowflake who sees crosshairs where others see eyes, he somehow managed to make the message on his flag even more goddamn retarded than it already was. Mediaite reports:

“The caption, ‘the second protects the first’ is a double entendre,” Zimmerman said to Hallinan. “The 2nd flag I painted was the Battle Flag — which we need in America in order to protect the first.”

We need the Confederate flag to protect the first American flag? Oh no!


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