George Lopez Passed Out Drunk In A Casino

According to my data, most of you spend your weekends living full, productive lives interacting with friends and family who love and care about you and your accomplishments instead of living in a womb of your own device filled with comic books, video games and masturbatory derring-do. But enough about Photo Boy, here’s George Lopez in case you missed him passed out shit-faced drunk on the floor of a Canadian casino where he performed the next night like nothing ever happened. TMZ reports:

Law enforcement sources tell us Caesars Windsor security alerted police to the Lopez situation — presumably after they found him on the floor — and officers subsequently arrested him
inside the casino bar at Caesars Windsor.
No charges are being filed against Lopez — we’re told he was pretty much dumped in a drunk tank to let him sober up.

George later joked that he did to Canada what Justin Bieber does to America, so someone should probably get the Canadian version of Mariah Yeater a rape kit. The man just admitted it on tape!

Photo: Twitter