George Lopez Passed Out Drunk In A Casino

March 3rd, 2014 // 23 Comments
George Lopez Drunk Passed Out
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According to my data, most of you spend your weekends living full, productive lives interacting with friends and family who love and care about you and your accomplishments instead of living in a womb of your own device filled with comic books, video games and masturbatory derring-do. But enough about Photo Boy, here’s George Lopez in case you missed him passed out shit-faced drunk on the floor of a Canadian casino where he performed the next night like nothing ever happened. TMZ reports:

Law enforcement sources tell us Caesars Windsor security alerted police to the Lopez situation — presumably after they found him on the floor — and officers subsequently arrested him
inside the casino bar at Caesars Windsor.
No charges are being filed against Lopez — we’re told he was pretty much dumped in a drunk tank to let him sober up.

George later joked that he did to Canada what Justin Bieber does to America, so someone should probably get the Canadian version of Mariah Yeater a rape kit. The man just admitted it on tape!

Photo: Twitter


  1. stinkfinger

    They call that a “siesta”.

  2. “Lopez Tonight” brought to you by STAINMASTER® !

  3. Ralph

    I’m not an expert, but at first glance it appears George need some intervention. Getting drunk is one thing. Passing out is another, especially for a mature person. This is a warning sign. You ‘heard’ it here.

  4. Mb

    Didn’t he receive a kidney from his ex-wife? Pretty sure you’re not supposed to drink after receiving a transplant….what a douche

  5. Deacon Jones

    Didnt this guy just have a liver transplant or something?

  6. OMG, the comments made by the Superficial are so funny. “masturbatory derring-do”..and then lays it on Photo Boy. Hilarious!

  7. Shut up! The carpeting gave him vertigo. However, he was overheard, moaning…”Oh, Sandra Bullock…you win the Oscar…let me stroke your psychedelic carpet, homegirl. You smell like Carpet Fresh.”

  8. ‘Member? He don’t ‘member.

  9. This is far and away the funniest thing George Lopez has ever done. It’s not even close.

  10. Anthony

    My how the average has fallen.

  11. David Hasselhoff

    Quick, somebody get him some cheeseburgers!

  12. wait! what happened to the post about the Jeanette mccurdy lingerie selfies!?! I knew Disney would be all over that shit which is why I saved the pics before that post got deleted!

  13. Oh, great. So I guess next week, Carlos Mencia will be passing out in casinos, too.

  14. Margaret

    Thhhhhhat’s Showbiz!

  15. Old School Woman

    Never really thought he was all that funny. What an idiot. Lost all respect for him when he took his wife’s kidney and then dumped her and started dating someone much younger. Silly old man who needs his ego stroked. Now he abuses the GIFT OF LIFE he was given. My sympathy for his wife. I wish she could take it back and give it to someone more deserving who would cherish this gift.

  16. Free_Speech

    He urinated all over himself. Classy.

    Way to treat that kidney your ex-wife gave you right before you divorced her.

    Ungrateful pig.

  17. MZ MIZRY

    wouldve been really really funny if this douche woke up in a bathtub filled with ice and 2 freshly stitched up incisions on his sides.

  18. On a positive note, at least he passed out gracefully!

  19. anonym

    This is the funniest thing he’s done in the last 10 years

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