George Clooney Broke Up With Stacy Keibler By Kicking Her Out of His House Over The Phone

Because Batman will always be a harder ass than Superman, here’s Page Six reporting that Stacy Keibler and George Clooney’s break-up was actually a result of him calling her up and telling her to make room for him to have sex with other women by packing her shit and leaving:

George Clooney asked Stacey Keibler to move out of his Hollywood home, by phone, about three weeks ago, a source tells Page Six.
While Keibler’s clueless publicist strongly denied this to us at the time, we’re told that the actor, who’s currently filming in Europe, asked Keibler to start moving her things out of his house last month. While some outlets reported Keibler decided to end things, our source tells us the opposite.

Stacy Keibler maintains she ended things because she wants kids and a marriage while George Clooney, not unlike Jesus, wants to die fucking anyone he’ll never have to pay child or spousal support to. Except the problem with that story is it means at one point Stacy said the words marriage or children to George Clooney which would’ve activated a carefully crafted fail-safe protocol where he’s fired out of the country by rocket with nothing but a cellphone and a box of condoms. They say he can live for weeks like that. Months even.

Photos: INFdaily