George Clooney Broke Up With Stacy Keibler By Kicking Her Out of His House Over The Phone

July 12th, 2013 // 28 Comments

Because Batman will always be a harder ass than Superman, here’s Page Six reporting that Stacy Keibler and George Clooney‘s break-up was actually a result of him calling her up and telling her to make room for him to have sex with other women by packing her shit and leaving:

George Clooney asked Stacey Keibler to move out of his Hollywood home, by phone, about three weeks ago, a source tells Page Six.
While Keibler’s clueless publicist strongly denied this to us at the time, we’re told that the actor, who’s currently filming in Europe, asked Keibler to start moving her things out of his house last month. While some outlets reported Keibler decided to end things, our source tells us the opposite.

Stacy Keibler maintains she ended things because she wants kids and a marriage while George Clooney, not unlike Jesus, wants to die fucking anyone he’ll never have to pay child or spousal support to. Except the problem with that story is it means at one point Stacy said the words marriage or children to George Clooney which would’ve activated a carefully crafted fail-safe protocol where he’s fired out of the country by rocket with nothing but a cellphone and a box of condoms. They say he can live for weeks like that. Months even.

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  1. Stacy Keibler Lingerie
    Commented on this photo:

    Clooney has three years to tie the Warren Beatty timeline, any girl who doesn’t understand that that’s what Clooney is aiming for is just fooling herself. He won’t get married until he’s 56 (Beatty married at 55).

  2. She must have farted in bed so badly he called her from Europe. “Pack your shit honey I gotta fumigate!”

  3. Cock Dr

    You should never move them in if you know that it’s only temporary. Dumpees left alone in the ex’s residence is an invitation for trouble.
    Of course George probably has his security people take care of that….just like a fired employee escorted to the front door.

  4. Stacy Keibler Lingerie
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    George was able to let go of that ass. He’s a better man than I.

  5. I totally believe her break-up story. It went down something like this:
    SK: I don’t think we should continue seeing each other.
    GC: Cool. Pack up your stuff.
    SK: I know we started this fling in a detached, free spirited sort of way…
    GC: Cool. Pack up your stuff.
    SK: …but I realize that I want children and a family. To move forward, I would need a committment…
    GC: Cool. Pack up your stuff.

  6. Nonnie Moose

    If she needs a place to stay, I’ll be happy to make room for her at my place.

  7. As they get older, the beard contracts get shorter and shorter.

  8. devilsrain

    You mean the gay George Clooney broke up with a girl? WOAH

  9. cc

    ‘George Clooney Broke Up With Stacy Keibler By Kicking Her Out of His House Over The Phone…While He Was Banging a Particularly Shapely Hostess from Behind’ was too long a heading I guess.

  10. Come on, none of you know that Clooney is gay? All of these women have been beards.

  11. Because that’s what being a movie star is: Perpetually banging and throwing away ass the rest of us would trade the last decade of our lives for.

  12. Test Martin's ghost

    ♪♪ She’s got legs… ♪♪

  13. anonymous

    LOL….she broke up with him. Yet, won’t move out of HIS house for three weeks.

    She didn’t break up with him. She got dumped.

    • Actually thats not uncommon amongst women with sugar daddies. Even after the sugar daddy breaks up with them or vice versa they try to prolong their stay in the lap of luxury. Sad but true. No pride.

  14. anonym

    Stacey looks pretty ordinary.

  15. Stacy Keibler Lingerie
    Commented on this photo:

    My god, what a photoshopped pile of shit all these pictures are!

  16. kery

    I dont know why many girls want to be with that guy `cause he is so old he is like 50 years old too much for me ;P

  17. Call me, Stacy…collect if you need to.

  18. right

    Lets stop the phony bullshit. The beard contract ended. He is free to date Leo now.

  19. Stacy Keibler Lingerie
    Commented on this photo:

    swirlie sex

  20. awesomedupuppy

    cc, nice one

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