So George Clooney Didn’t Dump Stacy Keibler

Earlier in the week, word got out that George Clooney supposedly noticed the expiration date he stamped on Stacy Keibler a year ago and tossed her to the curb. Except here they are together at the premiere of Argo last night, so either she has a longer shelf life than Italian cokeheads who end up banging Steve-O, or this conversation happened: “Hey, I know I suddenly vanished for an entire month without even a phone call, but here’s the deal: I’m suddenly in the mood to paw your ass on a red carpet, so how about we go get dressed up fancy and I’ll do my best to remember your name for the majority of the evening, possibly even during sex. Whadda ya say, Karen? — Just money will do? Fair enough.”

Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet, Pacific Coast News, Splash News, WENN