Behold! The Royal Rugrat Has Been Named

July 24th, 2013 // 28 Comments

First off, huge thanks to everyone in the comments yesterday for pointing out the Royal Baby was flipping everybody off. I fucking love this kid already. And now the little scoundrel has a name, according to People:

“The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to announce that they have named their son George Alexander Louis,” reads a statement. “The baby will be known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge.”

So how soon before some wingnut realizes this kid will grow up to become King George and calls for all future presidential candidates to have a defense policy from stopping the King of England from taking our guns? Because I give Rush Limbaugh five minutes. Ten if his Mexican Viagra’s in the cabinet upstairs.

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  1. I’m still disappointed the kid didn’t come out coal black. or at least a golden samoan brown.

  2. Fish would have been a better name. Just sayin’

    • The Superficial Writer's Psychiatrist

      Brown-nose much? I’m not saying Fish ain’t a minor Internet celebrity but come on now. Prince Fish? Even Michael Jackson isn’t looney enough to use a name like that.

  3. Cock Dr

    May he provide us all with as much laughter, joy and public nudity as his Uncle Harry.

  4. Everyone applaud your hereditary overlords! May they be born into unearned and unimaginable wealth and privilege for generations to come! God save the Queen.

  5. cc

    Woohoo, I won a pool! I bet on George as the first name. A pool of 5 at a dollar each is how much?

  6. Frank Burns

    Couldn’t they work Costanza in there somewhere?

  7. Weird I’m more interested in the HUGE wedding rock on her hand! It will come handy if he needs it for Oxford. Cambridge you say, thats a bloody joke right?

  8. Just to prove how out of touch these royals are with the common people, they went with ‘George’ as the name for their first born, turning down a potentially lucrative offer from Pepsico where they’d have gotten $5 million for the naming rights. Snooty bitches would rather live off the taxpayers than have their first born named ‘Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco Supreme’. I can understand Kate Middleton turning down the other offer for $10,000 to appear in public with her belly exposed and ‘’ written on it, but sheesh, when do they start earning their own money for a change?

  9. Prince William Kate Middleton Leaving The Lindo Wing With The Royal Baby
    B.B. Rodriguez
    Commented on this photo:

    She gave him an heir. Now she doesn’t have to worry about getting her head cut off.

  10. juju

    What a disappointment. I was hoping for Damian.

  11. Prince William Kate Middleton Leaving The Lindo Wing With The Royal Baby
    Commented on this photo:

    They were disappointed that Bronx Mowgli was taken.

  12. Prince William Kate Middleton Leaving The Lindo Wing With The Royal Baby
    Frank Burns
    Commented on this photo:

    How come I don’t get this reaction on the street when I ask women to diaper and swaddle me and hold me to their breast?

  13. I can’t believe they did not name him Arthur. I mean come on, right? How awesome would that have been?

  14. cc

    It’s a pity Cholmondeley is out of fashion.

  15. loli

    Fu**ing snobs…now they take the kid home to his million pound nursery and bring him up with nothing but the best of everything,plus tons of snobby shit he doesnt need,whilst everyone else carries on wondering where their kids next meal is going to come from.Leeching assholes.Royalty = National burden.Everyones bloody taxes goes to their expenses,their maintinence and their luxuries.Georgie is one kid who wont ever be found in line at the job center.

    • You do realize that a shit ton of the money in Britain comes in from tourism directly related to the Royals, don’t you? The rest comes from the Arabs. lol You guys want to curb your financial problems, stop letting every motherfucker from every country in and then letting them live off the dole on top of that.

  16. Prince William Kate Middleton Leaving The Lindo Wing With The Royal Baby
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    I’m just wondering what kind of pain killers she’s on. I was in no condition to pee let alone meet the press after my delivery, I need some of that!

  17. Jenn

    But will he have a manservant named Black Adder, like all great Prince George’s?

  18. Pat C

    All this stuff about the 3rd in line to the British throne, and not a word about the new King of Belgium. Unfair.

  19. s45qu4tch


    GAL? Kinda like a Hollywood name. “All Hail King Gal!”

  20. kery

    they look cute I love them!!

  21. Prince William Kate Middleton Leaving The Lindo Wing With The Royal Baby
    Commented on this photo:

    oh the antichrist is born!! Good luck in life rosemary’s baby!! OH HOW SWEET OF THEM TO SHARE THIS EVENT WITH US PEASANTS!!

  22. heey

    She gave birth to Boy George. Can’t say they lack a sense of humor. As for the ”my daughter” misheard comment she made early in pregnancy, sure, it was true, they probably had named the GAL already, and then the GAL was born, George Alexander Louis, their Boy George. Funny.

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