Genevieve Morton In A Bikini Is The Crap We Missed

[Programming Note: Hey, guys, like 90% of the internet, we’re being dry-boned by the Amazon S3 outage. However, there’s been a small break, and I’ve been able to brute force publish posts that were already started pre-clusterfuck, but we’re still b-holed on making new ones. Long story short, enjoy these boobs. We’ll be back tomorrow with hopefully more boobs – Fish]

Welcome to Tuesday’s The Crap We Missed featuring absolutely jackshit from the Oscars because for the first time in six years I completely ignored them and I can honestly say that made me as happy as Bill Cosby knowing his lawyers will keep the courts tied up in bullshit motions until he dies without serving a day in prison. I also tossed in a bunch of political shit including this pic of Kellyanne Conway kneeling on a couch that everyone geeked out over, and this shot of Harrison Ford petting his plane because he thinks it’s a pony. Okay, that’s not political, but it should be. If Orange Pee Pee Hitler wants to ban him from airports, I’m all for that. Go nuts.

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Photo: AKM-GSI, Fame/Flynet, Getty, Instagram