No Gene Simmons, You Can’t Trademark A Hand Gesture

Gene Simmons is claiming he started the whole “rock on” hand gesture on November 14, 1974 while on Kiss’ Hotter Than Hell tour. How the hell he can remember the exact date in the 1970’s is beyond anyone’s guess, but that’s when he’s calling it. Fun fact, Ronald DeFeo Jr. killed all six members of his family the night before in Amityville, NY so Gene Simmons making ‘devil horns’ on stage the next day had parents shitting their pants.

According to Hollywood Reporter:

Simmons is claiming the hand gesture mark for “entertainment, namely, live performances by a musical artist; personal appearances by a musical artist.”

Basically he’s trying to turn it into ‘the birthday song’ and take a cut every time Miley Cyrus misappropriates “rock and roll” on stage.

I don’t think Simmons is batshit crazy for giving this a shot, he did make the gesture visually synonymous with his other signature vagina tongue thing, but it’s doubtful this will work out. For starters it’s been documented that the gesture has been used since the fifth century around the Mediterranean as a way of saying “my wife is a whore” or something. It’s also the modern sign language symbol for “love”. John Lennon did it too in 1966…

beatles yellow submarine single

On the other hand if it does end up working out for him:

A) capitalism ruins another party.
B) Kris Jenner will take a cut of anyone who shows their nipples through their shirt.