Gemma Atkinson in a bikini

July 30th, 2009 // 80 Comments

It’s been almost two years since British model/actress Gemma Atkinson has appeared on the site, so here she is yesterday in the Caribbeans. On an interesting note, Gemma’s Wikipedia page says she appeared in a December 2008 production of Peter Pan which I’m now convinced is what really killed Michael Jackson.

MICHAEL: Oh, boy, a Peter Plan play in beautiful Manchester. Just what I need to get in the holiday spirit!


MICHAEL: Why… why… did Peter have such large breasts? Now, I’ll never get to sleep at night without unhealthy amounts of illegally administered anesthetics. Help me, doctor.
DR. CONRAD MURRAY: Right away, Mr. Jackson.

Someone get me Tito on the line. He’ll listen to reason.

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  1. I'M IN LOVE

    who is this and how can I fuck her???

  2. Dee

    Yes please. I would never go hungry again with those puppies around.

  3. Buck Steady

    Very nice pleasure model!

  4. emmaleigh

    yeah…great body!

  5. emmaleigh

    yeah…great body!

  6. timjack

    Titty fuck time!

  7. ZippytheWonderSlug

    Hmmm…Suddenly, I’m in the mood for cookies and MILK. Superior rack on her.

  8. Wow

    Someone please go back in time and stop her from getting that tattoo.

  9. She a 9!

    I cant give her a 10 coz I cant smell her…

  10. Hooray for Boobies

    So I just looked the girl up trying to figure out who she is and why I haven’t been able to titty-fuck her yet.

    Among other things, she played Peter Pan in a play….am I the only one that is confused in trying to remember Peter Pan having E cups?

    Another amazing thing is the tits are fake. They need to take A LOT of pictures of those things and send them to every plastic surgeon in the world and tell them that every boob job that is done should look like these. Those things are perfect.


    # 1 “and how can I fuck her???”

    Most likely too fast and not up to her standards.
    Mmmmmmm standards…

  12. having great body!!!!
    Nice to see her after long-2 time!!!!!!

  13. twm

    Who cares?

  14. One of the best dairy farm boob job ive seen in a while, and shes not trying to be way to skinny like those frail you know whos….

  15. suck on this

    @14 – Exactly

    All these Paris Hilton wannabes need to be knocked out cold, 2 dozen Krispy Kremes shoved up their asshole and then staple a picture of this girl to their forheads.

  16. I feel funny in my pants

    ummmm…..excuse me for awhile. I need to go the the restroom for a few minutes.

  17. Wow those are BIG… Paddles of vourse for paddleball why agreat game.

  18. “Paddles of course”. sp

  19. Spelling fail – brought to you by

  20. Dar

    OK–I’m sold! Where I can buy the Gemma Atkinson Love Doll™?

  21. Sport

    No clue who she is but LOVE her in a bikini.

  22. Spellmuch?

    I can’t stand it anymore!!!

    It’s CARIBBEAN, not CARIBBEANS!!! Caribbean. Singular, dumbass Fish!!

    It is the Caribbean Ocean, and there is only one of them. You don’t say somebody is swimming in the Pacifics or boating in the Atlantics, do you???

    If you left your mother’s basement now and then and branched out a bit, you’d know these things!!!

    Lord, I hope little children aren’t using you as a spelling role model. Other role models, fine, as long as the little perverts-in-training can spell!

  23. ERIN

    shes smokin….if you remove her face :)

  24. Venom

    Nice. Her and Lucy Pinder are always nice to look at. Big, juicy, REAL boobies… gotta love it.

    More please.

  25. Double D

    This girl is the real life daughter of Mr. Bean……crazy, isn’t it. Sweet melons for sure. She also was Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend for quite a while…….who apparently was interested in down-grading to Paris Hilton a month or two ago.

  26. dude_on

    Peter Plan – Inside job?

  27. I can’t say any more about her beauty !!!hot………sexy…………

  28. Joe Fonebone

    Her tits are augmented – fact.

  29. moron


    She admits them to being fake – fact
    They are one of the most perfect examples of fake breast – fact
    You are gay – fact

  30. Randall

    Who is this Broad, and why am I jerking it already?


  31. YouAreWrong

    #25 Sorry DD Rowan Atkinson is no relation. He has 2 kids both teens

  32. fucktard

    @25 Double D = Double Dipshit

    Rowan Atkinson has one son named Benjamin and one daughter named Lily. If you are going to believe everything you read on the web then at least read his official bio.

    fucking idiot

  33. marme

    Good boob job. nice to see a somewhat healthy body for once.

  34. Mikerinos

    VERY NICE TWINS!! (o) (o)

  35. Mikerossin

    VERY NICE TWINS!! (o) (o)

  36. Delgo

    Damn Britons beating us out

  37. Looking Hot!!! having nice assest..

  38. Dr.

    Solid. Gold.

  39. She’s looking great!

  40. WonderWall

    I am wondering how long before The Superficial Man quits wasting valuable space for heads, limbs, and clothing and just posts a photograph of tits. This is his eventual line-up:
    1) ginormous tits
    2)small tits and a complaint
    3) disporportionate tits and a complain
    4)Tara Reid’s stomach and expressions of fear
    5) humongous tits
    6)man boobs
    7)plastic implants
    8)side boob
    9)almost underage tits

  41. Pico Mornay

    Damm!!!!!! Those tits are what I am talking about…Yummy!!!

  42. Mole

    Big fake tits and dumber then putting scorpions down your trousers. She annoys the fuck out of me.

  43. Kelley

    The Caribbeans ?? I thought there was only one Caribbean ??

  44. Ozzie

    If those things are fake the devil himself performed the surgery!

  45. Kelley

    The tits I think are real … if it’s a boob job then it’s a damned good one !!

  46. KFD

    I would titty-f*ck the hell out of her and jiz on her face.

  47. Dear Abby

    #46 KFD- Ahh a real fucking gentleman, I’ll bet you even remove the dishes before you piss in the sink!

  48. Gaydar

    #42 Mole Obviously you had a bad day at the GLADD meeting you fucking fag
    “Trousers” ??? Really?

  49. Holy Hell

    “42. Mole – July 30, 2009 6:23 PM

    Big fake tits and dumber then putting scorpions down your trousers. She annoys the fuck out of me.”

    You mustve mistaken this forum for the meeting place of people who give a flying fuck about what annoys you. Go fuck yourself.

  50. John Graham

    And where exactly are “the Caribbeans”????

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