Gay Green Lantern Destroyed ‘Millions of Moms’

“This’ll teach those evildoers to mess with Ellen… Mmmf.. mmmfff.. that’s just my power ring.. mfff.. goes off when there’s trouble.. mmff.. no, it’s cool, someone else’ll get it.. mmmfff.. are you gonna keep asking questions, John Travolta? Because I can go.”

Despite my issues with DC Comics touting they were making one of their “prominent” characters gay, only to turn around and make it a rebooted character in an alternative universe therefore taking absolutely zero risks, fans of the just-announced Gay Green Lantern have surprisingly already managed to cause a Facebook exodus of Millions of Moms, the homophobic Christian group who threw a hissy fit over JC Penney hiring Ellen DeGeneres as their new spokesperson which just ended up goading them into releasing new Father’s Day ads featuring a gay couple and their son. BAM! Right in the Jesus-hole. Via Robot 6:

The New Civil Rights Movement reports that moments after issuing a “warning” Friday about DC’s official announcement (see below), the page’s administrator began deleting positive comments before apparently giving up and removing the post entirely. Shortly afterward, the One Million Moms page disappeared from Facebook, certainly the initiative’s most valuable social media platform. The abrupt exodus was followed by a tweet announcing, unconvincingly, to Facebook users that, “OMM will be offline most of next week for Vacation Bible School”

Of course, Millions of Moms should’ve probably taken into consideration that people who read comic books are probably online a lot and highly-skilled at repelling women. In fact, I wouldn’t even be surprised if most of them weren’t even there to protest. “Greetings, members of the fairer sex, I couldn’t help but notice you like discussing Green Lantern just as much as I do. Wanna talk about what color lanterns we’d pick if we had the choice? I’ll go first, orange! — Hey, where’d your Facebook page go? Awww…”

Photo: DC Comics