Gay Green Lantern Destroyed ‘Millions of Moms’

June 4th, 2012 // 57 Comments
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Green Lantern Alan Scott Gay Earth 2
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“This’ll teach those evildoers to mess with Ellen… Mmmf.. mmmfff.. that’s just my power ring.. mfff.. goes off when there’s trouble.. mmff.. no, it’s cool, someone else’ll get it.. mmmfff.. are you gonna keep asking questions, John Travolta? Because I can go.”

Despite my issues with DC Comics touting they were making one of their “prominent” characters gay, only to turn around and make it a rebooted character in an alternative universe therefore taking absolutely zero risks, fans of the just-announced Gay Green Lantern have surprisingly already managed to cause a Facebook exodus of Millions of Moms, the homophobic Christian group who threw a hissy fit over JC Penney hiring Ellen DeGeneres as their new spokesperson which just ended up goading them into releasing new Father’s Day ads featuring a gay couple and their son. BAM! Right in the Jesus-hole. Via Robot 6:

The New Civil Rights Movement reports that moments after issuing a “warning” Friday about DC’s official announcement (see below), the page’s administrator began deleting positive comments before apparently giving up and removing the post entirely. Shortly afterward, the One Million Moms page disappeared from Facebook, certainly the initiative’s most valuable social media platform. The abrupt exodus was followed by a tweet announcing, unconvincingly, to Facebook users that, “OMM will be offline most of next week for Vacation Bible School”

Of course, Millions of Moms should’ve probably taken into consideration that people who read comic books are probably online a lot and highly-skilled at repelling women. In fact, I wouldn’t even be surprised if most of them weren’t even there to protest. “Greetings, members of the fairer sex, I couldn’t help but notice you like discussing Green Lantern just as much as I do. Wanna talk about what color lanterns we’d pick if we had the choice? I’ll go first, orange! — Hey, where’d your Facebook page go? Awww…”

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  1. EricLr

    My mom once destroyed my comic books too.

  2. Dan Quayle

    All lanterns are flamers

  3. So the power ring is actually a nipple piercing?

  4. Ray Sister

    “In brightest day, in blackest night,
    no evil shall escape my sight!
    Let those who worship evil’s might,
    beware my power.. Green Lantern’s light!”

    Trying to figured out how to fit “cock ring” and “butt fucking” in the GL oath.

  5. “Of course, Millions of Moms should’ve probably taken into consideration that people who read comic books are probably online a lot and highly-skilled at repelling women.”

    So awesome.

  6. jumpin_j

    If by One Million Moms you mean both of them, yes, they’re gone.

    • Yeah, what’re the odds that over a million bigots are all in Vacation Bible school at exactly the same time? Fuck, they couldn’t even get Amy Winehouse to go to rehab.

  7. Im going to start a movement in Philadelphia to abandon the Catholic Church based on the stories hitting the newspapers about the numerous priests all playing with boys over the years, and repeatedly being shuffled around. One of those fuckers performed the marriage ceremony for my cousin and he looked like a frigging creep and a half.

    Where’s the outrage, Fox News?

  8. rican

    Are we going to see Ryan Reynolds take it up the ass on the next GReen Lantern movie?

  9. Hugh Evers

    Two boys kissing is never going to change the minds of the haters. Wonder Woman with a lasso around a hot stillettoed-heeled lipstick lesbian is marketing gold. C’mon DC Comics it is time to think inside the box.

  10. We all want to be open minded and fair, but watching your kid read a Green Lantern comic with pictures of him making out with his twink boyfriend just doesn’t sit right. That’s not hating. Talk to me about it when you have a kid.

    • What type of kid would that be? A gay kid or a straight kid? Because I guarantee you that by the time he’s old enough to read a Green Lantern comic he’ll know which one he is. And if you tell him that being a “twink” doesn’t “sit right” with you, he’ll also know what hate sounds like.

      If he’s gay, imagine what a wonderful lesson he just learned from his “open minded and fair” parent. If he’s straight, he’s just learned that your “open minded and fair” hypocritical bullshit only applies to people who are just like him.

      • The new sensibility towards gays is to accept them as normal. I agree. Nobody should be persecuted for their sexual preferences (as long as it’s consensual and adult). Gay marriage is fine by me too.

        As a parent, I certainly teach that. What you and other liberals need to understad is that this is uncomfortable for the majority of people. Normal is one man, one woman, just like normal is two legs, two arms. Being different from that is not a condemnation, but it’s not normal. I’m sorry if that upsets your liberal “we’re all the same” mentality, but we’re not all the same.

        parents need to know what their kids read and watch. Watching the green lantern tongue kiss his boyfriend is not appropriate for a young kid. Even a teenager will mock this.

        You can deny it all you want, but this is how the world works outside of Hollywood. I don’t hate gays. I just don’t believe in pushing this gay agenda that this is normal. it’s not normal.

        If you’re gay and proud, that’s terrific. I’m hetero and proud.

      • kimmykimkim

        Eric, I hope you end up having a gay kid, because that’s the only way people like you will ever learn a damn thing. Or you’ll cause your kid to commit suicide and then have to live with that guilt.

      • “Or you’ll cause your kid to commit suicide ” That has to be the single most hateful thing I’ve ever heard. I thought you liberal gay guys were supposed to be nice?

      • kimmykimkim

        Well, Eric, I had a whole thing written up for you and then my phone fucked up, so let me just say this: Marie Osmond’s son. That’s what I’m talking about to you. Your hate and lack of acceptance would cause it. And please, don’t assume that you have any idea where I stand politically. You’re the one bringing up politics.

      • blueberry

        “I’m hetero and proud”. I’m sure you overcame a lot of obstacles to become hetero and proud Eric. It must have been tough growing up with so many hetero images around you and feeling so ‘normal’.

      • Hetero is normal, anthropologically speaking. It’s called propagation of the species. I can accept that you want to ass fuck a dude. Have fun. Life’s a party. I just don’t want my kid reading about it in a comic book.

      • So the two guys in the comic being in love is disgusting, but an entire universe where every problem is solved by punching it into submission is OK? And by the way, I do have a kid, Eric. Talk to me when you get your priorities straight.

      • Blueberry – This. So this.

      • Eric, the “new sensibility” you refer to was actually the “old sensibility” back in Ancient Greece and Rome – and those societies, in spite of being perfectly fine with men having sex with other men, apparently somehow managed to keep on propagating the species. It’s only “new” if you’ve been indoctrinated with over two millenia of Christian fingerwagging. Which is ironic in itself, since Christ never condemned it, and those who cherrypick among OT scripture to do so are actually rejecting Christ’s new tenets – so in fact, they’re not actually Christians, they’re orthodox Jews.

        Great argument for “normalcy”, btw – it’s right up there with your argument for being “fair and openminded”. I realize that for you actually being openminded is synonymous with being “liberal” – because otherwise you wouldn’t have used the term, right? – and so for you pushing hetero PDA of Superman macking on Lois Lane is just superniftykeen, but allowing the exact same sort of smooching among men is just “inappropriate”. Is this the point where I remark that all “conservatives” are hypocrites, or do I just address your personal viewpoint without trying to drag politics into it?

        What I would like to know how you can teach tolerance to your children, while at the same time declaring that those we should be tolerant of are “abnormal”? Because that’s what someone who isn’t “normal” is.

        FYI, is it also your thinking that everyone who pushes a “gay agenda” is gay? Also, is “gay agenda” according to you synonymous with “acceptance” – or do you actually think there’s a plan afoot to get your kid to join the ranks through the *gasp* comics?
        If so, is there a “black agenda”? I’ve been getting a lot of sun since Whitney died – should I be nervous?.

        Here’s a big tip for you, dude (no, not that type) – don’t confuse “normal” with “conformity,” because, as I stated above, society’s standards of what’s acceptable are subject to change. They don’t mean the same, inside – or outside – of Hollywood.

      • Nekkid Dawg

        You, sir, just effin’ rock.. That was an awesome response.
        My respects.

      • FireGoblet

        well said , very wel said. it is two face to say it’s ok for one to do it but not the other

      • kimmykimkim

        Justie, I think I love you. Now about that guest house…

      • Just invite me to your wedding. Gay weddings are such fun.

      • Gay weddings aren’t any more “fun” than hetero ones in my experience, but what isn’t fun are people who claim to be “openminded and fair” who refuse to realize their bias “isn’t hate” – then go on from there to basically insult and take shots at the people they claim shouldn’t be persecuted for their sexual “preferences”, so no invite for you to anything. FYI, try looking up “orientation”. Wearing leather or a bunny suit is a “preference” – no one comes out of the womb hard-wired to want those.

        Whether you know it or not, the fact that you claim one thing, yet do another, is the one thing your kid will be certain to pick up on. And sadly, learning his old man is a hypocrite will be far more damaging to him in the long run than a comic with a picture of two men kissing could ever be.

      • Damn, kimmers, sorry – Jennifer Love Hewitt’s in it eating all the red velvet cake you abandoned. She’s already found one ring and is tunneling her way through the rest to get to the other two.

      • kimmykimkim

        Fuck that fatty. I’ll kick her ass!

      • Can I watch? I have this big vat of cream cheese frosting over here….

      • dooood

        justi is a champion. better fucking not get in his way or he will take you down. even if you didn’t mean to.

        there has been all forms of sexuality among
        many species since life began.
        but who knows, maybe innate prejudice based on fear
        and persecution of the ‘different’ is just as natural.
        (please don’t hurt me justi my will is good i swear!!)

        what else can i say? everyone is gay!

        PEACE & LOVE

      • kimmykimkim

        What am I supposed to do with cream cheese frosting? Oh, oh, I get it, that’s her fuel. I see what you did there. ;o)

      • CranAppleSnapple

        Justi’s twenty pounds of awesome in a five pound bag. :)

    • “.. this is uncomfortable for the majority of people”

      Hmmm… judging by the responses on this website bigotry, homophobia and hatred is what makes the majority of people uncomfortable.

      I hate to break it to you, Eric, but that tide has turned. Even JC Penney knows that.

      Deal with it.

    • “Watching your kid read a Green Lantern comic with pictures of him making out with his twink boyfriend just doesn’t sit right. That’s not hating. ”

      Actually that is hating. And refusing to let your son see just a plain kiss between two men? Is how the hate is perpetuated.

  11. kimmykimkim

    Oh, who fucking cares? Two men, a drawing of two men, kissing. Big fucking deal. Superheroes wear tights. They’re all gay. Fuckin’ duh!

  12. anonym

    quite appropriate for Ryan Reynolds.

  13. Sean

    Homosexuality is a disorder. That’s not bigotry, it’s the truth. Green lantern is just the most recent example of a society that is losing its bearings because a sexual abnormality is being promoted as normal and acceptable instead of deviant and undesirable.

    • As I said earlier, it’s not normal, it never will be normal. This doesn’t mean we need to be intolerant of people who are this way. Just don’t shove it in the faces of the overwhelming majority who aren’t.

      • CranAppleSnapple

        You’re really weak, aren’t you Eric? You don’t like to see people that are different.
        If what you have is so strong and right, why would someone being different even bother you? Why does your happiness vanish if you see a happy gay guy? Your own security is very tenuous.

      • Eric can’t even tell when he’s being trolled, how do you expect him to cope with anyone who’s different than he is?

      • dooood

        i cant thumb u up and down eric. no pun intended.
        so ill just say i disagree. to these people, their sexuality is Completely natural and normal is a made up idea that is all relative.

        where i will agree with you is, i think that as a reaction to all the adversity they face, they Do occasionally put it all in everyones faces more than is necessary.
        kind of like a girl that is embarrassingly making out with a random guy in front of everyone just to make her ex boyfriend jealous

        one of my closest friends dated a black girl in high school.
        his parents were always incredibly kind and accepting of everyone.
        they became completely unreasonable when they found out about his relationship. i said to him, holy shit dude i had no idea your parents were bigots.
        he was very upset with them but he told me he believed their disapproval was not solely based on prejudice or hatred, but that they were probably afraid for him of the potential persecution he could face for being different or abnormal.

        that is why so many parents say thank god! when they can confirm their kid’s heterosexuality. not just because they all want grandchildren but because they don’t want their kids to face all the hardships that come with being ‘different’.

      • And a lot of people are intolerant and are just thankful their child isn’t “abnormal”. Which is why a lot of people who need parental acceptance remain closeted.

        Eric is one of those incredibly tolerant people who are fine with the idea of not persecuting others who are different or “not normal” – just so long as they stay out of sight and don’t say anything, or worse, do anything “inappropriate” that he’d have to explain to his kids. Benevolence like that is a rare and wonderful thing, lemme tell ya – we wouldn’t have ghettos and gulags without it.

        You might want to consider that until everyone does have equal rights, putting it in everyone’s faces more than you consider to be “necessary” IS necessary – if you can have empathy for parents not wanting their kids to face hardships from being different, how about if people get used to the fact that others are different – and so what? If society can learn to deal with that difference, those “hardships” you can see might not exist for the next generation.

        As to your friend – I suppose it never occured to you that he was in total denial as well? People who really are accepting of everyone else don’t usually bring the hammer down when their kids display what they’ve been taught, that reaction’s generally what you see in lip-service hypocrites when they’re put to the test. That’s when you see what their true colors are – and sadly, your friend’s parents showed theirs.

        I’m sure your friend loved his parents, so he made excuses for them – chalking an “unreasonable” reaction up to love of him rather than their simply not wanting a black girl for a possible daughter in law is preferable than having to face the fact that his parents were fine with different people in the abstract, but not that close to home. This is why I said discovering Eric’s hypocrisy will be far more difficult for his kids to deal with than the GL illustration.

      • dooood

        well i cannot say for certain, but i would never have figured them to be prejudice before i heard that story.
        you know that saying, you don’t need to be jewish, but it helps.

        which brings me to a conversation i once had with some squatter punks. i forget how exactly but the idea of world peace came up.
        not ron artest but actual peace, unity and harmony.
        this punk girl was saying how she thought world peace was completely unattainable and impossible. so in some random zen moment i pulled out of my ass this nugget. before you can have world peace you must find peace within yourself.

  14. MikeManMarshall

    Its just a bunch of spammers and activists that forced a million moms facebook page to shut down.

    Why do I want a DC character to be gay?

    I dont. Maybe he will choose to be straight again.
    Its a choice not a birthright.

  15. I really do not see why these moms are upset, kids are not reading comics like they used to anyways. DC and Marvel titles are only selling in the few thousands anyways.

  16. the ivf-made are asking for equality.

    currently, they are at risk, living with the risk of untreatable genetically inherited illness (legal cases of “wrongful life” are now on-going) untreatable for ever, that need the biological family for checks up and cures, the ivf-made are denied equality and need honest accurate birth certifictes same as most other people have, that’s the gist or see more linked below, the fertility industry is worth $2billion.


  17. DKK

    That’s gross! Why is everyone selling out to this lobby? Whatever happened to right & wrong? This is plain wrong!

  18. lou

    I am on the Millions of Moms side on this issue for the sole reason, I’d like to wear my green lantern t-shirt once again w/o people thinking I am gay. It doesn’t help I am a level 80 at repelling women either.

    • You’re scared of being thought of as gay but not of being a huge dork for wearing a Green Lantern shirt?

      I still wear my Green Lantern shirt because I don’t give a fuck if people think I’m gay or a huge dork, and it has little bearing on whether or not I repel or attract women. Trust me, if you’re repelling women it’s not because of your GL shirt.

    • Don’t worry Lou — people always thought you were gay in that shirt.

  19. rodrigo

    arguing with someone on the internet is like playing chess with a pigeon. At some point, the pigeon is going to knock over all the pieces and shit on the chessboard. That’s when you figure out that you and the pigeon aren’t playing chess anymore.

  20. I don’t give a shit what bunch of ignorant, middle aged wannabe super Moms think about anything. what do they know about gay people anyway. Hyperpreotective parents can hurt more than they help.

    Raise a child with fear, it will become everything you fear.

  21. Urvag

    Right now an anonymous person (John travolta) just purchased 500 shares of DC comic’s stock….

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