So The Nanny Was Gavin Rossdale’s Sister. Awkward.

November 29th, 2012 // 40 Comments

So remember when I posted pics of what looked like Gavin Rossdale grabbing the nanny’s ass? Turns out that’s his sister Soraya which Radar Online confirmed, so let it be known I’m man enough to own up to my mistakes. And that mistake is not accusing Gavin Rossdale of banging his own sister. We’re all looking at it.



  1. Deacon Jones

    Who initially broke this story?

    The same people that convinced Congress to invade Iraq?

  2. EricLr

    Well, it’s like my inbred grandpappy used to say: The best thing about dating your sister is that you don’t have to worry about meeting her parents.

  3. Professor Chaos

    Eh.. he’s still probably banging her.

  4. it had to be said

    That’s sick. What kind of a creep bangs his sis . . . eh, she’s kind of cute, I guess.

  5. In Gavin Rossdale’s defense, I’m ALWAYS grabbing my sister’s ass.

  6. GF

    The hen party is so hungry for dirt they don’t even bother to check the facts. Appearances are enough.

  7. that girl hiking was not Gavin Sister Soraya, this is her

    • The Royal Penis

      Wow, if what you linked it accurate it sure doesn’t seem like it looks like his sister.

      Who would be so stupid to lie about such a thing thinking they could get away with it? Doesn’t it just compound things and make the whole thing seem even worse?

    • These are the ones that make me laugh. The folks out there who really give a shit if she is or isn’t his sister, if he’s banging her, or anything else. Come here, make a smart ass comment, and be done with them. If you really give a crap about these folks, get some therapy.

    • Max Shreck

      While I agree that the girl hiking with Gavin obviously looks alot different from Soraya and is not her, I think some of the info in that link is inaccurate. I always thought that Soraya was not Douglas Rossdale’s daughter, she is Peter Stephan, Barbara Rossdale-Stephan’s second husband’s daughter. I thought Gavin and Soraya share Barbara as a mother, but have different fathers, and Gavin and Lorraine both share Douglas and Barbara as parents, and are full sibs.

  8. The Royal Penis

    I still hate GR, he gets to bang Gwen at his pleasure.

    Sorry bout calling his Sis thunder thighs….I suppose in light of the fact she’s probably not banging her brother I should take that back, even if it is true.

  9. Condalisa Rice

    But what about the picture where he’s smelling his fingers?

  10. Jill

    Big Game of Thrones fans in the Rossdale family.

  11. Commented on this photo:

    Oh give me a break! That is hardly “ass grabbing”. She is carrying his child on her back and is spotting her to make sure she doesn’t lose balance.

  12. Commented on this photo:

    Oh give me a break! That is hardly “ass grabbing”. She is carrying his child on her back and his is spotting her so that she does not lose balance.

  13. Mary Feeney

    Never looked like ass-grabbing to me, regardless of who the gal is. If you are going to pat someone’s butt in an intimate gesture, are your fingers likely to extended and spread as Gavin’s are or closed while your palm is extended?

  14. pornstar

    2 gay siblings. parents must be happy.

    • just me

      what do u mean, “2 gay siblings?” is his sis, gay? i never heard one way or another, don’t care either way, just wasn’t sure what you meant by the comment…

  15. Mike Walker

    Now, apologize for defending the chickenhawk from Sesame Street.

  16. It wasn’t ass grabbing in the first place. People are blowing this thing way out of proportion.

  17. Let’s stop the hysteria for a sec and focus on what’s relevant: judging by the daughter and now the alleged sister, the Rossdale gene is clearly strong on boobs, which makes Gwen Stefani a transparent eugenistic gamble aimed at reinforcing the dinasty’s asstasticness. Well played, the limey bastard.

  18. And Fish with the save…

  19. I for one, always thought she was his sister lover.

  20. AG
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks like he’s got Soraya sis.

  21. Highly exaggerated event.
    Show me a picture of him fingering her ass or GTFO

  22. Biff
    Commented on this photo:

    No reading this fucking site any more. Tired of the presupposed commentary about celebrities. This guy hasn’t done a thing wrong, and you mf’ers ought to just recant, apologize and remove this story. Seriously. Have some fucking morals for a change.

  23. Phil
    Commented on this photo:

    You guys are pretty much all ****ing retarded.

  24. Heather

    Hes guiding her by the small of her back, COME ON! Wow, This is the dumbest story ever! Why does everyone want Gavin and Gwen’s Marriage to fail?

    • welldoneson

      Because it’s an abusive relationship and is likely the biggest mistake OC’s darling has ever made.

      • just me

        what do you mean by “abusive?” I know Gavin would never physically abuse a woman. he hates that sort of shit. do you mean they have a dysfunctional passive aggressive thing going on? the lyrics in her songs(and a few of his to a certain extent) seem to suggest that…

  25. AHW

    I can’t stand any of them, nor do I care whether their stupid marriage survives. I’m always bemused by the BS spewed by celebs. That woman does not look like the acknowledged pictures of the 37 year-old Soraya, so why all the crazy stories?

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