So Gavin Rossdale’s Probably Banging The Nanny (UPDATE: Or His Sister)

November 27th, 2012 // 78 Comments
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While Gwen Stefani‘s in the middle of a No Doubt tour to promote their reunion and new album, here’s Gavin Rossdale hiking with the nanny and his kids on Sunday and I’m pretty sure that’s his hand casually touching her ass. Which is usually what happens when you’re a paranoid, yet awesome assed, control freak who spends all day obsessively putting on makeup out of fear that your husband might leave you only to turn around and abandon him with the chesty 20-something nanny you inexplicably hired even though you live in a state that’s 90% populated with homely, middle-aged Mexican women that only a sex-crazed Austrian would bang. Because, seriously, think of your chest as a dry, arid desert Gavin Rossdale’s been trapped in for years and now imagine putting him in a room with Susie McStillYoungAndAliveFromNotHavingKids and her giant water balloons for tits because that’s what you did.

UPDATE: So this turned out to be his sister which changes nothing, you hear? NOTHING.



  1. I’m not saying Gavin is cheating. 8th-grade me loves Gavin Rossdale, and I refuse to say anything mean about him for fear 14-year-old me will burst into tears (I’m PMSing). But seriously…. I agree with Fish…. Why don’t you hire an unattractive, large nanny? There has got to be a lot of them! Do women want to prove they are secure? Because secure isn’t going to keep your husband’s hand off the nanny’s ass.

    • BlinkyTheFish

      Maybe they have a nanny screwing arrangement. I recall when she had Kingston she had a pretty hot male nanny for a while.

    • I disagree. If your uber rich , do you want a fugly ,obese nanny looking after the kids? I would worry about the law suit if she had a heart attack trying to play with your kids. Watch those reality nanny shows and none are old and unhealthy. IMO that nanny is not very attractive, just average looking. The Dude has got it right. Who has the nanny piggy backing the kid up a inclined hiking trail? The father is thinking”Fuck it ,we pay a shit load so you carry my kid?” I push my girlfriend up hiking trails not to get some ass (covered by a heavy backpack) but to help her if she falls and especially if its onto me!

    • porn star

      Did you find Arnie’s nanny particularly attractive, MEG?

      Men like to fuck. Women like chocolate cheesecake.

      • No, I don’t. I’m just saying the chances are less likely. But you might be onto something- truly attractive nannies might have more self-esteem. That being said, just because I like blowing people’s theories out of the water, you can’t compare Arnold to Gavin. Gwen is smoking, Maria Shriver- not so much.

    • She probably chose that nanny as a show of faith to Gavin. Will it come back to bite her in her remarkably sexy ass? Most likely.

  2. i wouldn’t be surprised if Gwen picked this butter face to let him take his energies out on while she’s gone. Think about it – she’s not quite enough to run away with (I sure’s hell wouldn’t), and her function in life is to run around and help him take care of the kids. Why not throw in some booty into the mix? She still retains the control she desires of the situation. I’m surprised more women don’t make those kind of arrangements.

  3. Eddie Baby

    If only you had approached the Elmo scandal in the same manner as this bit of nothing.


    please! thats Gwen Stefani!!! PHOTO BOY YOU SUCK!!

    • If that’s Gwen Stefani, then she is in two places at once. She’s on tour somewhere completely different.

      • bullshit alert

        So where’s the kid in the first photo? Did Rossdale lug her funky backpack home (since he isn’t in the ‘subsequent’ shots of the nanny) after switching it out with his son in the child caddy thingy, who was walking around with it until being strapped to the nanny?

        That first photo (and the close-up) could easily be an older shot of Gwen. I’m calling bullshit on this one.

  5. Moo Cow Hunter
    Commented on this photo:

    That is one hot nanny. If Gwen ever wakes up and fires her we have the next Banging the Babysitter pornstar.

  6. courtneyr

    Gwen, handle that.

  7. EricLr

    Maybe when she’s on tour, she gives him a free “Bang whoever while I’m gone” card. It’s the same card that Ben Affleck gives to himself whenever he’s on location.

  8. Commented on this photo:

    Eh, that’s hardly a smoking gun. Maybe she was slipping back? Maybe she had a bee near her ass? Probably not but still… Besides, kids WILL tell.

    Didn’t Gavin have some 16 year old love child that Gwen found out about a few years ago. I guess he just wrote a check for that one?

  9. porn star

    Before he married and started having sex with women, he was into men.He’s no more fucking the nanny then he is, GWEN STEFANi.

    • I have no idea what you are trying to say, but I imagine you are trying to say he is really gay and not fucking either of them. I think there are two kids named Kingston and Zuma that completely disprove your theory. There is such a thing as bisexual.

      • porn star

        Meg P. when a man, kisses and fondles another mans, penis, then take shim in his mouth, while he has one finger up the anus, he is entering HOMO town. Bisexual is a term people use when they prefer MAN sex to woman sex, but will do it if they HAVE TOO…

        I prefer chocolate cake, but I if chocolate is not around.Still, I prefer chocolate…

        My grandfather had 13 kids, doesn’t make him a fucking mormon.

      • What the fuck does that even mean?

      • Yeah, no. It just means you are attracted to both genders. I’ve kissed a few girls, that’s it, but still, I have been attracted to them. I know plenty of girls who have done more than that but are married now with kids. Let me give you some advice: Putting people in clearly labeled columns doesn’t work. People are people.

      • Mike Walker

        Gavin was quite the nancy boy and used to live with a tranny…

      • Sliver

        Wow, Mike, I didn’t think Rossdale could look less masculine, but the pic you posted totally blew that assumption sky-high. (grin).

  10. Cock Dr
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    I’m sure Gavin’s action was a protective one due to the steep incline and her carrying the child. It had nothing to do with her fresh and pretty young face and breasts at all.

  11. aaw

    I’m a 30 year old hot chick who met Gavin about 3 years ago backstage at his concert in NYC. He was VERY personable, we went back to his dressingroom/lounge area with about 10-15 other people. (manger, band members, groupies, ect.)
    Chatted for a bit, shared a joint…i never got the vibe he wanted to do me. Actually now that I think about it, he was more into the leather jacket I was wearing. hummmmmm

  12. Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    If I were Gwen I’d be far more worried about Gavin diddling the pool boy.

    • pff

      She knows and she doesn’t care, as long as she can keep the nanny all to herself. Yes, I know, it’s a very open and modern relationship. Wait until you know who those kids father really is.

  13. Commented on this photo:

    The nanny resembles his old gay lover.


    Just sayin’

  14. bullshit alert
    Commented on this photo:

    Not Rossdale in the background…sorry. Nice try, though.

  15. Commented on this photo:

    I think the real thing to take away from all of this is that the paparazzi are creepy. Clearly they went unnoticed but were able to take really close up shots. Yikes.

    • porn star

      the paparazzi are creepy for taking pics of a sexually confused english guy, his soon to be gay son, and their man-ny? Paparazzo is the ONLY normal thing about this pic. Unlike myself, paparazzo is getting paid, for work well earned. I, on the other hand, respond to comments on celebrity blogs, waiting to see when some bIG NAMeD star gets outed for eating too much dick.

    • porn star

      YIKES. fuck, who rights ‘yikes’ unless it’s followed by ‘splat’ and ‘wait for me, SCOOBY!!!

      Meg I like you. you seem so innocent, and gay friendly. I like ppl who like gay ppl.

      • There is a lot I wanted to say, but after reading your Scooby comment, I did laugh. So, well done. I always wondered why I liked the word Yikes, and now I realize it’s because I was a Scooby fanatic as a child.

  16. The Royal Penis
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    If he’s doing Thunder Thighs instead of his wife he’s a bigger douchebag than I suspected.

    Call me Gwen, I’ll give you what you need and we’ll videotape it and e-mail it to douchebag.

  17. El Jefe

    What is the point of being rich, famous and good looking if you can’t bang the nanny every once in awhile?

  18. Trek Girl

    It looks like he’s putting his hand on her to stabilize her a bit. She’s wearing a backpack, so it makes sense that he wouldn’t push on that if he is helping her get up the incline.

  19. Fucking the nanny is just one of the many benefits of having a wife who works more than you do.

  20. USDA Prime McBeef

    I’m sure it’s been years since the dude got a real handful of titty.

  21. ObamiTheCommie

    Its god damn werid that gavin and the nanny have the same hairstyle

  22. Leah
    Commented on this photo:

    she isnt that good looking, ugly average face and thick huge thunder thighs…eww.

    • Deacon Jones

      When a guy is hitting the same piece for year after year, it doesn’t really matter.

      And isn’t Lesson 101 of living in Southern California easily soaked in after a couple neighborhood parties – never hire a hot babysitter? I mean, rich So Cal people are fucking velociraptors when it comes to fucking anything with a heart beat.

  23. Commented on this photo:


  24. I think that’s his sister, Soraya, so the ass grabbing is totally cool guys.

  25. whatthe

    Actually, I think there are more homely Asian women in CA than Hispanic.

  26. Hugh Evers

    This appears to be a totally innocent ass touch. A nanny can easily be thought of as a family member. Patting her ass simply displays trust and a gesture of affection… for what will take place later during nap time.

  27. gigi

    nice gig….

  28. welldoneson
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    She won’t be with this guy much longer anyway so it obviously doesn’t matter. Oldest kid is six, she spent about 5 1/2 of those years as a de facto single mom… do the math… and look into her past. You might, just might be able to figure out who the lucky guy is. Hint: he was hiding in plain sight until Spring 2007.

  29. Carla
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    Looking kind of special here…

  30. terry

    Why are you nobodies getting all worked up about other motherfuckers you don’t even know?LOL!
    1st it’s Gabby and Oliver now it’s Gavin and the nanny.
    You delusional, worthless assholes.
    Go back to your foods stamps and Jerry Springer.

    • Sliver

      Even Jerry isn’t on all the time and it’s 2 days until the 1st of the month…get off your high horse!

  31. Biff
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    Who knows what’s going on here…but I’d say she’s pretty darn good looking. Maybe Gwen hired her for Gavin while she’s away.

  32. Alex
    Commented on this photo:

    Why would you need the nanny to go hiking with your sons? Lame.

  33. Marie
    Commented on this photo:

    Thats his sister

  34. Partyposse
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    Nice chivalry Rossdale, have a lady carry your child while you sashay on the trail like a dandy.

  35. Stewie
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    Oh yea hiring a nanny who likes that could only end well.

  36. Commented on this photo:

    Oh give me a break! That is hardly “ass grabbing”. She is carrying his child on her back and is spotting her to make sure she doesn’t lose balance.

  37. Commented on this photo:

    Oh give me a break! That is hardly “ass grabbing”. She is carrying his child on her back and his is spotting her so that she does not lose balance.

  38. AG
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    Looks like he’s got Soraya sis.

  39. Biff
    Commented on this photo:

    No reading this fucking site any more. Tired of the presupposed commentary about celebrities. This guy hasn’t done a thing wrong, and you mf’ers ought to just recant, apologize and remove this story. Seriously. Have some fucking morals for a change.

    • welldoneson

      Biff, you’re incredibly clueless. Gavin has done plenty wrong. Having said that, it all looks good on this overextended adolescent bleach-blonde. FFsake, she phoned him, proposed, and bought the ring! She’s in need of rescue and I’m sure those who know her expect it is coming soon.

    • pff

      go and never come back you whiny bitch.

  40. Phil
    Commented on this photo:

    You guys are pretty much all ****ing retarded.

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