Gary Dourdan is an asshole

July 18th, 2007 // 167 Comments


  1. wedgeone

    If not criminal charges, definitely a civil suit will be filed. Harassment, etc. That photog will end up with most of Gary’s CSI royalties.

  2. Forge

    hmmm, I see nearly zero compassion
    here, so the next time any of you
    pathetic losers are working your
    jobs, and someone attacks you. i
    hope they kill your useless
    asses. GD should remember that
    people like the cameraman are the
    ones that see to it he gets an
    over rated paycheck.
    as far as the “fucktard” that said
    get a real job goes, get off your
    ass and get one your self, heres
    an idea, get a job where you get
    no thanks and minimal pay. maybe
    your useless ass will take a
    roadside bomb meant for someone

  3. That guy is a douche.

  4. Chauncey Gardner

    Fucking animals. All of them.

  5. greta

    oh please, this is such crap! some retard is running around with his camera and screaming some bullshit which might as well not be happening since we can’t see shit. *EYEROLL+++*

  6. umawwi

    This guy is a fucking terrorist.

  7. fucktmz

    hahahah, crybaby paparazzo with the language skills of a 4th grader, LIKE MY CAMERA LIKE OMG LIKE CMON LIKE DUDES ARE LIKE AFTER ME LIKE

    superfish dont turn into perez hilton and publicize worthless photographers who deserve to get their faces smashed but dont because they hide behind a camera, just honestly let this fag get his ass kicked and go back to working at jamba juice.

  8. ZIppysweetcheeks

    I’m going to reserve judement till I hear his statement

    who knows what really happened. maybe this photog burned him or his lady bad in a previous incident

  9. ZIppysweetcheeks

    I’m going to reserve judgement till I hear his statement

    who knows what really happened. maybe this photog burned him or his lady bad in a previous incident

  10. Maybe his nice blue eyes are sensitive to flashes? #10/11–we need the paparazzi to keep supplying us with this wonderful fodder to comment on! Gary Dourdan and other celebrities should play nice as well–Tom Cruise is generally sweet to the paparazzi and they tend to shoot nice candids of him in return. Brittany is a raging bitch to the paparazzi and I have yet to see a flattering picture of her!

  11. bemused

    No police in Hollywood? They send Paris to jail but this creature is loose?

  12. shanipie

    eaglepupil, its not gonna happen…britney is a fat faced acne skinned greasy weaved skank who has to take it in the butt for the guy to feel anything, she could be sweet as hell to the pap but there couldn’t ever be a candid shot of her thats descent. She needs to be airbrushed for that lol.

  13. wastedOne

    reminds me of the “Blair Witch Project”

  14. Swaggarts Gawd

    Yea, the paps are pussies, they’d rather run than fight.

    Now try a little logic here, even though it’s unchartered territory for some of the posters here.

    What kind of person chases down a pussy that will not and/or can not defend themselves?

    I’ll give you Einsteins a clue.

    A person equally inept at fighting, capitalizing on the opportunity to, for once in their life, win a fight.

    How else could a sissy like this Gary whatever-his-name-is or David Beckham ever win a fight?

  15. hmmm

    Glad he did it. ALL those guys should be chased around for awhile. Scum of the earth.

  16. Rick

    “bust a U-turn, get me away from this guy”LMAO. yeah, whenever i see gary dourdan, i shit my pants. i bet he took one of those 6 weeks intensive martial arts workshops. dude’s lethal.

  17. Shanipie, true. You got me there–you can take the girl out of the trailer, but you can’t take the trailer out of the girl! Brittany probably doesn’t have a flattering side. Maybe that is what the Yorkie is for?

  18. Danklin24

    This camera guy is a moron. He slammed me against the ground like dude, like like dude like like….

  19. tylerdurden

    Man, 40 comments and no one’s made the obvious joke about getting one of the CSI’s out? This is a sad day on the Internet :(

  20. teddy


    obvious? more like lame.

  21. Kill Yourself

    It’s awesome that there’s hypocritical assholes on here saying that this guy deserved what happened to him, yet they’re reading a website that thrives off of pictures of celebrities taken by paparazzi. Way to go!

    And for the record, this guy in no way deserved to be chased all over town afraid for his life. Celebrities know EXACTLY what they’re getting into, and ever notice that the ones who live relatively normal lives aren’t photographed everywhere they go? It’s only the ones who make a spectacle of themselves and WANT to be photographed.

  22. Bobslobber

    Last I checked, assaulting someone in America was still a crime, whether committed by a celebrity or not. It doesn’t matter if you’re assaulting the devil. It’s still a crime. There is no excuse for justifying this attack, even if it was provoked.

    Celebrities are subject to the law, they’re not above it, and Mr. Dourdan should go to jail.

  23. Val

    What the hell ?!! I think this is fake… Did you actually see the pap get beat up? No!! when he is running you can’t see Dourdan eather !!! Who sais this pappo isn’t just looking for attention and faking this, wouldn’t be the first anyway. He’s just yelling and screaming, wow nice evidence cry baby, whatever

  24. Val

    What the hell ?!! I think this is fake… Did you actually see the pap get beat up? No!! when he is running you can’t see Dourdan eather !!! Who sais this pappo isn’t just looking for attention and faking this, wouldn’t be the first anyway. He’s just yelling and screaming, wow nice evidence cry baby, whatever

  25. scottdavis

    Save your sanctimonous spiel, Bobslobber, Dourdan isn’t going to jail. Celebrities exist in a different orbit from everybody else.

  26. Bobslobber

    “Celebrities exist in a different orbit from everybody else.”

    Says you. Meanwhile, this blog continues to document Paris Hilton’s legal troubles, Nicole Richie’s legal troubles, Britney Spears’ visits from Protective Services, etc.

  27. El Rafa

    I read on another site, it’s like a bad Blair Witch video. Spot F-ing on! Did you see Gary chase the pap? Did you see anything that resembled an attack?

    To the first poster, please remove your head from inside your ass and watch the video. Can’t wait to see the headlines at TMZ about the trial of the century only to have the judge call the pap a pu$$y, and fine him for wasting the courts time.

  28. kati

    i live right around that corner on sunset and laurel canyon. he must have been at that stupid club hyde.

  29. Anon

    This article is so much bullshit. You can’t see shit. Stop assuming what the fucking cameraman assumes. He wasn’t filming anything, he was just running at the sound of an engine.

  30. Darth Hater

    Umm, Fish…someone abusing paps make them a frickin hero. Sounds like he was just giving them a taste of their own medicine lol.

  31. ManiacFive

    You are shitting me right? So what we have is footage of this dude from CSI saying “Turn the camera off” then we got footage of this guy walking around with a clearly ‘broken’ camera ( I drop my camera and crack the case, it still works fine, these papparazzi drop theres, crack the case… its totally fucked) Then we get audio of this guy claiming to be chased…

    Yeah, when i get drunk and walk home i talk to myself too. hell next time I’m gonna say Gary Dourdan is following me, record it, and get my name in the papers.

    This Papparazzi = Smeghead

  32. emily

    ha! smeghead.

  33. buzz_clik

    #53 – There are plenty of people who share the same opinion about this dodgy, inconclusive footage (myself included). Yours is my favourite because your name is a 2000AD allusion.

    The only further thing I have to say is the paparazzi chase people in cars and that’s fine, but Dourdan (maybe) does it and he’s being an arsehole? How do we know Dourdan didn’t just want to take a photo of the dude?

    NOTE: I’m so not a fan of his, but who gives a shit if he does this sort of stuff? It’s a B-actor (maybe that’s too kind an assessment) and a paparazzi. I’d kinda prefer if they kicked each other to death. I’m sure TMZ’s blacker-than-black footage of it would be rad.

  34. buzz_clik

    #53 again – Oh, yeah, and the Dwarf reference helped, too (thanks emily).

  35. Cardina Ximez

    Um, yeah… uh… he’s black. I’m surprised he didn’t steal the guy’s camera.

  36. StrangerDanger

    I’m with ManiacFive, um, how exactly is this guy’s camera broken? It looks like it’s working perfectly fine. Stalkerazzi are complete social rejects. Forge, you’re an idiot if you think the papparazzi are the ones that “see to it that he gets an over rated paycheck.” Sometimes I wonder, why don’t celebrities just mace the hell out of these parasites? That’s what I would do if they were harassing the fuck out of me.

  37. oja

    Gary Dourdan is a hero

  38. Boogie


  39. Rachael

    That was the most stupidest clip ever! You couldn’t see shit.

    As for those of you who are saying that the paparazzi are losers – WTF??? If there were no paparazzi there would be not sites like the superficial – actually there would be no celebs! they make the celebs who they are.

  40. vision

    i think papparazzi’s deserve this. I would personally beat them up too if i see someone trying to film me without permission.

  41. amandita

    this is a HOAX…. i think there’s a reason that the camera never catches Gary’s face after the beginning EVEN THOUGH it’s still picking up visual footage…. then this guy just hops in a cab, puts the lens cover on and yells at his driver.. there’s NOT A SINGLE moment where you see or hear anyone other than this novice prankster during the entire “foot chase” “attempts to get help” and “car chase”….

    While I tip my hat to the filmaker for making good use of “Blair Witch” techniques to make his audience believe in the boogeyman they can’t see, I trust that viewers will enjoy the thrill, turn it off, and then realize that they were just totally shafted by a camera-weilding illusionist.

  42. Papparazzi's Suck

    Okay, I don’t know who the guy (Dourdan) is..I don’t watch his show. And I agree that he went over the top if he was indeed chasing the guy around.
    BUT, the papparazzi should not be surprised when something like this happens. You stalk people daily. Shoving your cameras in people’s faces. I think it’s just a taste of your own medicine. Don’t you think princess Diana was freaking out when her car was being chased through the streets. It’s a little hypocritical this story.

  43. Lurline

    “Fuck these actors. They’re fucking losers anyway. What, you can stand in front of a camera and recite memorized lines? Good for you. Get a real fucking job.”

    Fixed that for you.
    No need to thank me!

  44. Tim Osman

    Haha, that fucking rules.

    Kill’em all along with the dude who writes the poorly written articles on this website.

    Like, just post the nip slips and upskirts and stop writting.

  45. Lo

    Awww…did the poor little paparrazo get followed all over town? Sounds like poor innocent little bottom feeder got a taste of his own medicine.

    Kinda freaky when people stalk you. Even freakier when they call it a profession.

  46. Mearl

    Who is this guy? Shouldn’t he be happy someone is around him? Typical dumb ape with the posse of 15 guys to prove he’s a tough guy.

  47. Whaterver

    I cant see how an actor on a good show is being compared to Britany, Lilo and ugly Paris. To me they are nobady ’cause they dont have a job or as half as many fans as his show does. A nobady is a trash who would do anything to stay famous like Briteny, Paris and Lilo. They will never be on a popular t.v. show ’cause producers are emmbaressed to offer them a role.

  48. no1justminda

    What’s funny here is that this guy thinks he has talent…or something like it.

  49. Rachael

    #86 as much as i agree with you that Paris & pals are just trash i have to disagree that this guy has more fans (or his show has more fans). I know this guy by his face but i didn’t know him by name. Where Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Brit’s are all known not just in American but worldwide. Go ask your friends if they know who Gary Dourdan is and i’m sure you will get a confused look. But ask them if they know Paris etc – of course you will get a Yes!

  50. terry

    Really? You guys really defend these scumbags with cameras?

    I’ll tell you what. I would beat the ever loving shit out of every one of them that I saw, every single day of my life if I was a celebrity and I hate these self-important celebrities.

    If I was buying toilet paper and tampons for my wife and these guys popped out snapping, I would beat him beyond recognition.

    Yeah, the actor is the asshole? Not the guys who follow them every second of the day!

    “If they don’t like it they don’t have to be celebrities!”

    NO ONE, NO ONE should have to endure the constant harassment these people endure.

    Everyone has a right to a normal life.

    Give me a break. Let’s see any one of you deal with it for a year and then get back to us about the poor papa-rat-zi…

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