BREAKING: Gary Coleman’s wife might have killed him

June 2nd, 2010 // 74 Comments

In a bizarre twist to Gary Coleman’s death, it turns out he was divorced from his wife Shannon Price. A fact she failed to mention to hospital officials before pulling the plug on him. TMZ reports:

Gary’s divorce lawyer, Randy Kester, tells TMZ the couple divorced on August 12, 2008, and as far as he knows they never remarried.
Kester does not know if Price had a power of attorney to make medical decisions.
A hospital official tells TMZ they have “become aware he may not have been married to her.” But the official said she was portraying herself as Gary’s wife and they didn’t require further proof.

Couple this with the 911 call showcasing Shannon’s staggering inability to place a towel on an unconscious midget’s head, and it looks like Gary Coleman’s life may have been cut – *takes off sunglasses* – a little short.


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  1. gogo

    please tell me that s not true..

  2. bugman

    She looks a little crazy.

  3. ooh

    Whatchoo talkin ’bout Willis?!?

  4. robynnn

    her teeth are sexy!

  5. Ahahahah, nice ending.

  6. gogo

    so I actually managed to get a 1st and a 2nd.. I knew this was a special day!!

  7. OJ's Mom

    Steve Harvey looks dumb as a fucking box of rocks in that first pic. That’s Steve Harvey, right?

  8. Gweb

    Wouldn’t you want to kick the shit out of that little bastard if you were married to him? I would.

  9. quake

    She has always creeped me out. Gary said they didn’t even have sex the whole time they were married.

  10. Rasputins Liver



    ….Burt? You around, kid? Seems others may be speculating along the same lines as I, given the circumstances of their history together, the details above and news reports elsewhere stating there “was blood all over the place” and on her.

    Like I said before, mere speculation of course. Buty not an unreasonable line of inquiry to consider.

    Hope you had a fine Memorial Day, Burt ol’ trout!


  11. oh i know

    just listened to the 911 call, ummmm, she could authorize pulling the plug but couldn’t put a towel under his head??!?!?! well, water DOES find it’s own level….no matter how low it has to go….sorry Gary….you got what you paid for….RIP….

  12. bob

    @9 Maybe he’s too small to have a penis?

  13. Fati87

    I am sorry to say this, but what kind of a normal sized woman marries a midget? That’s just not normal. That should have been a clue.

    • If they were in love that is all that matters not just with them, but with anyone minus the color, height, or size. That is the problem and the reason a-lot of people are single trying to be picky.

  14. snarky comment

    He was PUSHED!

  15. amoi

    LOL! Nice finish, “H.”

  16. KIKI

    I hope they prosecute her to the full extent of the law if she murdered Gary.
    Other than that I hope she is featured on the excellent show “Snapped”.

  17. Peanutty

    This poor little guy made us laugh and then cry. RIP Gary.

  18. SuperFan

    Don’t get fooled again….DON’T GET FOOLED AGAIN!

  19. Look at Steve Harvey. He looks like he saw Casper.

  20. Why couldnt Bret Michaels girlfriend have done the same thing?

  21. Fruit Loop

    I thought it was kind quick how they pulled the plug on him. Didnt he fall on like a friday, and then by monday they took him of life support.

    “Go ahead and unplug him, I know he wouldnt want to live like this”

    “But Mrs.Coleman, its only been 48 hours”

    “trust me, this is what he would want us to do”

    Hell, give the little bastard a chance to fight for his life a little longer.

  22. Weaselmouse

    she already naturally towered over him and she still wore those shoes…?

  23. Charlie Caligula

    The CSI Miami joke was probably the hardest I’ve laughed at any post here.

  24. Webster

    It was the evil republicans !

  25. Do_FreeBird

    Justifiable Homicide.

  26. AZrock

    leave him alone…

  27. LinLin

    wtg! I didn’t see that CSI Miami meme coming hahaha

  28. question

    who is that next to him in the photo
    bald richard pryor?

  29. Don

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  30. ROUGH vs the status quo

    I thought your “Rest in Peace” was sincere, what’s with the postmortem low blows.

  31. Jon

    I just heard the 911 tape and she was more concerned about how disgusting the blood was than helping an injured man. Even if they were divorced a while back, she should have done something instead of insisting to the 911 operator how she just got sick and doesn’t want to go near the bleeding Gary Coleman. She sure was near him when he was giving her money, but when the poor man needs helps, all she could talk about is ” I heard a loud bang….I don’t know what happened” really? at least help the man.

    She’s a self centered, money grabbing bitch! Poor Gary, always trusting the wrong people!

    The police should investigate this more because the whole thing sound fishy.
    I think she had something to do with Gary Coleman cracking his head open.

  32. Although they were divorced a little 'back, he had to do something instead requires its operator as 911 became ill and did not want to go next to Gary Coleman bleeding.

  33. Babo Balls

    What I can;t believe is listening to the first few minutes of the 911, she sounds like she’s ordering a sandwich. Perhaps she’s not very socially skilled but it seemed odd. What a horrible way to die.

  34. Actually, they were divorced at the time of his death.

  35. oh, you said that.
    *feels dumb*
    your headline was misleading.

  36. captain america

    suuuure, SHE WAS WHITE!!

  37. ShoeWearer

    INCREDIBLE Caruso reference!

  38. Fati87

    Why does everybody find the CSI “joke” funny? It wasn’t even a joke.

  39. fugface

    she did him a fuggin fave …

  40. Burt


    Simple…There was blood everywhere because he severed an artery (I’m guessing temporal or occipital) and his heart was still beating.

    Oh, and…

    “Mr. Coleman had completed an Advanced Health Care Directive that granted Shannon Price permission to make medical decisions on his behalf if he was unable to do so. An Advanced Health Care Directive remains in effect regardless of a patient’s marital status, unless modified by the patient.”

    The simplest explanation is usually the correct one.

  41. Burt

    Or rather, an artery was severed by the impact of his fall.

  42. Hadrian

    Poor Gary Coleman.. RIP

    To the Horatio CSI Glasses joke…. Kudos from Aus…

    I just randomly stumbled onto this site and started reading the article and did not know what writing style to expect. Let me say, I am glad that I accidentally stumbled on this little gem.

    Nice Work lads..

  43. Sorry to hear that..

  44. A&F

    it is good post !

  45. thank you for sharing

  46. XX

    Superficial Fail! If you’re going to impersonate Horatio from CSI: Miami, you should at least know that he puts the sunglasses ON before the whole “YEEEEAAAAHHHH” thing. He takes the sunglasses off when he gets to the crime scene.

  47. Metaldiva

    Regardless of the public problems Mr. Coleman may have had, he didn’t deserve to be harmed by anyone physically. There should be a thorough investigation into this “Ex-Wife’s” actions prior to his death. It isn’t a stretch to believe that 1. They had a knockdown fist fight his last day at home 2. She was a golddigging hayraker out for notoriety and ” photo-opularity” (my word) 3. She thought she might gain by his passing. Something just doesn’t sit right.. the police need to investigate.

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