Gary Coleman’s ex-wife had rights to pull the plug

June 3rd, 2010 // 25 Comments

So apparently Shannon Price did have the legal authority to pull the plug on Gary Coleman after all. Whoops. E! News:

“Mr. Coleman had completed an Advanced Health Care Directive that granted Shannon Price permission to make medical decisions on his behalf if he was unable to do so,” reads a statement released by Utah Valley Regional Medical Center to E! News.
“An Advanced Health Care Directive remains in effect regardless of a patient’s marital status, unless modified by the patient. It is a private medical document which the hospital does not have permission to release. However, we received permission to confirm that the document was in effect at the time of Mr. Coleman’s death.”

Just so there’s no confusion, let me make sure I’m reading this correctly: Shannon Price was well within her rights to end Gary Coleman’s life after her convenient inability to provide him first aid didn’t finish the job? Jesus Christ. If I had that kind of criminal genius, I’d be robbing Fort Knox not killing beloved child actors who, admittedly, got kind of weird toward the end there. That being said, what’s Shannon’s thoughts on marrying Dustin Diamond? I can make some calls.

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  1. Senior Pepe


  2. havoc

    This Ashton Kutcher Killers movie pop-up SUCKS.

    I know you’ve got to pay the bills, but damn…..


  3. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Its like Ive died and gone to Hell: Why the fuck is Ashton fuckin Kutcher all over the place? Are you people sleeping with his obnoxious ass?????

  4. mike

    Killers pop-up is killing me aaghaghhhhh

    Heigl looks like Kim Cattrail

  5. Hurf

    I nominate Kirk Cameron.

  6. How STUPID does “Killers” look?!!! It’s like “Mr & Mrs. Smith” wtih Brangelina, except for these charectars are even gayer than the Smiths!!! If you waste 2 hours of precious life on this you are an even bigger idiot!

  7. Jim

    Holy shit. I just listened to the 911 call. She didn’t help him ONE BIT. He was alive. Moving. Talking. But she refused to go help because of the blood and because “I have my dog.” She doesn’t even sound all that panicked. Talk about creepy.

  8. there is a reason why you people are called the “white devil”

  9. Looking at that picture, for a minute there I thought it was the Differnt Strokes reunion. You came and you rocked Gary. As for Gary’s parents, man I would not want to have your karma.

  10. Taz

    would you do her?

  11. get adblock

    It took me a while to realize that you must not have adblock since you are bombarded with ads. I have it and never see any.

  12. bugman

    @ Taz: No. No I would not.

  13. Down with Diamond

    Start dialing Fish!! I’d love to see this buck tooth dimwit take his skanky ass out!!

  14. Dr. John "Always at Your Cervix!"

    Wow! Gary Coleman, Art Linkletter, and Dennis Hopper…

    Isn’t it interesting how things like this seem to come in two-and-a halfs?

  15. Greenman

    I will not see Killers due to the pop up. Also I will tell everyone I know not to see it. Also, I will pirate a copy and sell it to Mexican kids and give the money to Bruce Willis. Good job advertisers. You just cost yourself about 100 bucks.

  16. Dank

    That dude next to Gary Coleman has the whitest fucking teeth i’ve ever seen. Maybe its just because of the contrast.

  17. tard

    As f**Ked as this situation is it was ultimately a doctor’s recommendation. There is no plug and he was gone. They are kept on life support so family can say goodbye.

  18. jackie

    Uh, nice shoes.

  19. Bob


    Not everyone reacts the same way in those situations. Some act in a calm and calculated manner, some panic, others become detached.

    In any case, conspiracy theories are fun, but they are just fantasy.

    Gary Coleman was conscious and lucid when he was brought into the hospital. I’m willing to bet he told the hospital and police how he fell.

  20. captain america

    …….and she was delighted after that.

  21. Burt


    Oh, geeze. What’s this? Victorian England? “She’s guilty without a doubt, your honour. Just gaze into her eyes. Her face has murderess written all over it!”

  22. DjCorbijn

    As someone from Utah (don’t rub it in), this is your typical Mormon princess. All those years of polygamy and inbreeding and you thought they all looked like Elizabeth Smart. She is a beast, looks like the guy from Mask.

  23. Gary, we will miss you!

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