Gary Coleman dead at 42 (1968 – 2010)

May 28th, 2010 // 125 Comments

One last unfortunate update, folks, Gary Coleman died today after being taken off life support, according to RadarOnline:

Coleman had been hospitalized in Provo, Utah since Wednesday, May 26, after suffering what his family called “a serious medical problem.”
As previously reported, Coleman had slipped into a coma and was on life support after suffering an intracranial hemorrhage, according to ABC News.

You really can’t say anything bad about Gary Coleman considering he was doomed the minute he stepped foot on the set of Diff’rent Strokes. Everything that transpired afterward was out of his hands, and I for one don’t begrudge the man a few random head-buttings while trying to navigate through a world that must’ve seemed built for only giants.

Rest in Peace, Gary. May you find what Willis was talkin’ ’bout on the other side.

Photo: WENN

  1. OJ's Mom

    @50 – Douche.

  2. Rasputins Liver


    #51 O.J’s Mom – “Douche”


    Nope. Not at all. Interesting, however, you are sporting one of the douchiest of douches names in your handle and yet would call others a douche.


  3. Rhialto

    R.I.P. Gary Coleman.

  4. sorry ass

    now that means that “POSTAL 3″ the game never be created?

  5. Randy

    Rest in Peace, Gary! God bless your family!

  6. cc

    If he’s going to be cremated, all they’ll need is a lighter.

    Yes, I just made a joke, and yes, I am a bastard.

  7. Mancomb

    I can already see the mall kiosk airbrush artists now, making shirts with Gary Colebro on them. Different Strokes sprayed down the back in a scripty font.

  8. Rasputins Liver


    @ #51 O.J.’s Douche

    By the way, murderer’s douchbag, since you were so quick off the mark there I guess you hadn’t seen my earlier post at numero 21.

    Further, there’s real reason to consider the possibility put forth in my post at #50. Just a cursory perusal of their history together makes this not an unreasonable consideration. I hope it doesn’t turn out that way. But something I’m sure will be looked at regarding the circumstances of how Gary wound up in ICU and finally passed on.

    You should, instead, put all that misplaced anger towards “your” murdering douche of a “son”.


  9. turd da third

    He should be able to get a 1/2 price funeral

  10. Burt


    Not unreasonable? It’s based on conjecture. It’s not even known if the police are investigating his death as anything but an accident.

    In any case,

    I’m sad to hear the news.

  11. me again

    hmm. Well, at least you’ve given Gary Coleman a respectful tribute. After the way you reported on Britney Murphy and her husband’s deaths, I was afraid to see the same thing here. I am glad you’re not trashing Gary Coleman. He was a happy person – something just went wrong towards the end of his life. I think all of the medication might have something to do with it..

    Anyway.. rest in peace gary.. he brought m a lot of smiles.

  12. Kevin

    Such a sad day. R.I.P. Gary. He has gone through a lot in his life from success to difficulties. The man was a true icon in the entertainment world and will be truly missed. I found this list of the Life of Gary Coleman, which I found very interesting. I think it is definitely worth checking out to see what this man has gone through. The heavens above will welcome you with open hands Gary and may God bless your wonderful life here on Earth.

  13. RIP

    So sad. I would have cast him in a second if I was a big director or a director period, but alas it seems the ones with hearts are the ones without any power. Guess that’s because your heart dies when you become powerful. I’m not religious, but in cases like this I really hope there is something awesome after this tough old world for all the people who deserved so much better.

    RIP Gary, you were too good for this nasty place.

  14. Racer X


  15. Rasputins Liver


    Burt, #60 – “#58,

    Not unreasonable? It’s based on conjecture. It’s not even known if the police are investigating his death as anything but an accident.

    In any case,

    I’m sad to hear the news.”


    Well…DUH!…it’s conjecture. I never said it was fact, kid. I was indeed conjecturing the very reasonable possibility based upon their mutual domestic abuse, the size differences and his ill health.

    The vague report is he suffered the brain hemorrhage from a “fall”. Many people have supposedly met their deaths due to a “fall” only for it to turn they were either purposely pushed or it happened accidentally.

    Let’s say Gary and the missus were arguing. It heated up to the point where it began to get physical. And she, maybe to defend herself pushed him and he fell ahrd enough to cause the hemorrhage.

    Perhaps it even happened with her being the aggressor, but not intending by any means lethal harm.

    Consider their history together. It is indeed reasonable as a possibility. And when there’s an unusual death, especially in someone so young, why, they always look first at the spouse. And in this case, they both had faced domestic abuse charges.

    “Conjecture”? Of course. But a reasonable one, among others.

    Now back to your TiVo’d episode of Jersey Shore.


  16. Gweb

    Who gives a fuck? An unremarkable end to a singularly useless creature.

  17. Ivan

    His death brings back so many long forgotten memories. As kid I was very fearful of developing the genetic disease that runs in my family (several of my relatives have since received kidney transplants). Watching Gary Coleman on TV, knowing he was an organ recipient, was very comforting to me. I wish I was able to thank him for having thought me a thing or two about hope, courage and resilience.

  18. Tek

    @ Rasputin’s Liver

    Like you, the first thought that popped into my mind were the domestic disputes he had with his wife, some of wich resulting in him getting hurt phisically. I’m not trying to look too much into it, but I guess we’ll see what – if anything – happens next.

    Again, RIP.

  19. Fudge Flower

    I really can’t stop crying. I always had a crush on Gary and had hoped to meet him one day. And then I found out that he married that horrid she-devil witch. He was sooo cute!!!
    I know he wasn’t gay, but I had hoped to at least recieve the grace to give it a shot.
    Farewell darling.

  20. Elle

    Nice tribute, Gary Coleman has to be in a much better place from where he came. He had such a difficult time all the way around. Hope he is at peace now.

  21. few random head butting while trying to navigate a world that must have seemed built for giants only.

  22. Thinking about how he and his wife had such a turbulent, even violent, realationship, and given that so much detail about how he "fell" is zero, and in secret, I wondered if we will talk about what the investigation is progressing normally.

  23. Jeff


  24. Parker

    I would like to do her up the bum, while squeezing the milk out of her titties.

    (Have I got the right thread ?)

  25. Such a good article, caught my sympathy!

  26. pappy smeary

    oh look its a raisin wearing an L.L. Bean jacket

  27. Fati87

    Superfish, did you really just say something nice about someone?.. Quick, someone turn the weather channel on to check if hell has frozen over!!!

  28. Ripper Owens


  29. BennyfromThames

    His life was a good example of how people love to build you up, use you up, and then watch you fall. Good job fish & R.I.P Gary Coleman.

  30. That stinks. Life gave Gary lemons, he turned them into lemonade…then someone stole the lemonade.

  31. @ 21 (and 64) – True. I think Gary had some spare charisma left over after DS. Where’s Emanuelle Lewis?

    I open new windows. Leave main page open separately.

    @ 41 – Alan Thicke, master songwriter! Fact of life.

  32. I feel sad for his untimely death. May God give strength and patience to his family to bear this irreparable loss.

  33. Franck

    Anyone has a cigar box for the cremation please?

  34. bmose

    I remember hearing that the bitch wouldn’t give up the pussy long after the wedding, so I would definitely be looking at her.

  35. Burt


    The hospital stated that his fall was accidental. So, your explanation is apparently not as likely as the many other possible reasons of his fall.

    “Kid”? Sadly, not for decades. Jersey Shore? Even if it was available where I live, I’m not exactly in its target age demographic (besides, it caters to the lowest common denominator). How often have you seen it? More often than I have, I would assume.

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  38. Willis

    Did he die from something related to his midget condition? 42 is damn young.

  39. Rasputins Liver


    #86 Burtie – “The hospital stated that his fall was accidental. So, your explanation is apparently not as likely as the many other possible reasons of his fall.

    “Kid”? Sadly, not for decades. Jersey Shore? Even if it was available where I live, I’m not exactly in its target age demographic (besides, it caters to the lowest common denominator). How often have you seen it? More often than I have, I would assume.”


    That’s all they could give as they’re merely the medical folks who attended his medical needs. Even they said they couldn’t offer anymore than that or the circumstances. And, as you had before, Burtie-boy, I was merelt speculating based on the and his current wife’s violent life together. A reasonable line of speculation indeed, kid.

    As to your latter portion of your bleatings, Jersey Shore and Snookums sounds right up your country-ghetto alley.


  40. cc

    They showed a clip of him freaking out (justifiably) on some tv entertainment show. When did that happen? Anyone have a link?

  41. cc

    Never mind, I found it…it was with some huge asshole name Linda Bloom.

  42. Burt


    Explain to me how your argument isn’t based on an axiom and an ad hominem attack.

  43. Mama Pinkus

    the only peace Mr. Coleman could get

  44. Burt


    By the way, the Police Chief stated in an interview that there is nothing suspicious about his death and so there is no criminal investigation going on.

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  46. Gando

    Despite he has been struggling all his life with personal issues.He was a pretty successful actor.Rest in peace little man.

  47. Nero

    May the winds sail you save across the river Hades little man.

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