Gary Coleman arrested for domestic violence

Seen here taking the world’s angriest midget mugshot, Gary Coleman was arrested on domestic violence in Utah on Saturday. E! News reports:

Coleman’s latest arrest follows his wife’s bust last July for suspicion of domestic violence and disorderly conduct in the same Utah town.
The duo, who married in August 2007, had already started divorce proceedings and made an appearance on Divorce Court in 2008. They had since reconciled…until Saturday’s squabble.

Okay, let’s be realistic here, who is Gary Coleman really committing any type of traumatic domestic violence against? A shoe? The leg of a coffee table? Small kittens? C’mon. If I was the first officer on the scene and someone told me Gary Coleman assaulted them, I’d shoot them for wasting my time. Or suggest they buy shin guards if I’ve got Internal Affairs breathing down my neck.