Gary Busey was very protective of his cocaine

I have no idea how Gary Busey got a reputation as an out-of-control drug addict back in the day. From the way he describes it, he was perfectly reasonable in his approach to intoxicants. According to the National Enquirer:

Wildman Gary Busey had bottomed out big time when he went bow-wow-wowing for coke!
The Buddy Holly Story star who claims he’s been sober for years admits he went cuckoo for canine after his dog rolled in the priceless china white.
“I went in like a crop-duster with my nose flying first and snorted the cocaine off the dog,” Busey said in a recent interview.
But Busey got more than coke up his nose as he snorted dog stuff up as well.

“You get a little bugs, you get little hairs, you get grease and goo from the ground; it’s not at all a healthy thing to do.
“But when you’re an addict, you don’t think of health, you think about destruction of yourself unconsciously.”

That just seems like not being wasteful to me, but then that’s just the way I was raised. Whenever I tried to push the coke mirror away from me at the dinner table my mother would say, “Do you know how many children in Africa who go to bed every night without any blow? Three million, 287 thousand, four hundred and twenty two. And I’m controlling each and every one of them right now with my brain waves.”

*Sniff* That woman was a saint!

Photos: WENN