Gary Busey was very protective of his cocaine

October 22nd, 2008 // 36 Comments

I have no idea how Gary Busey got a reputation as an out-of-control drug addict back in the day. From the way he describes it, he was perfectly reasonable in his approach to intoxicants. According to the National Enquirer:

Wildman Gary Busey had bottomed out big time when he went bow-wow-wowing for coke!
The Buddy Holly Story star who claims he’s been sober for years admits he went cuckoo for canine after his dog rolled in the priceless china white.
“I went in like a crop-duster with my nose flying first and snorted the cocaine off the dog,” Busey said in a recent interview.
But Busey got more than coke up his nose as he snorted dog stuff up as well.

“You get a little bugs, you get little hairs, you get grease and goo from the ground; it’s not at all a healthy thing to do.
“But when you’re an addict, you don’t think of health, you think about destruction of yourself unconsciously.”

That just seems like not being wasteful to me, but then that’s just the way I was raised. Whenever I tried to push the coke mirror away from me at the dinner table my mother would say, “Do you know how many children in Africa who go to bed every night without any blow? Three million, 287 thousand, four hundred and twenty two. And I’m controlling each and every one of them right now with my brain waves.”

*Sniff* That woman was a saint!

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  1. bah


  2. britney's weave

    now THAT is the original wonky eye.

  3. bah

    i would pay 11.50 to watch gary busey do lines off a dog for 90 minutes.


  4. jonny monstikio

    good thing he stopped all the destructive behavior before he did any damage to his looks…… oh

  5. allison wonderland

    this post made me laugh so hard, fish.

    so hard.

  6. There was a day I’d have jumped on a dog to snort the coke off it. I have evolved since then. Now I would just smoke the puppy..

  7. lordofthisworlrd

    I’m with you #6!

  8. lordofthisworlrd

    I’m with you #6!

  9. If the puppy were in pill form… maybe. I’m getting too old to recuperate from anything else.

  10. Mmmmm, yummy satisfying yet highly addictive pills…..

  11. nna gmaa

    uhm… you guys are all coke addicted cunts.
    how dare you say you’d SMOKE a PUPPY.
    thats soooo fucked up. i suggest the next thing you do would be to check yourself into some kind of treatment center.
    because you are a verry sick human.

  12. i'd

    Hit it

  13. #11 oh, don’t sit here and act like you wouldn’t smoke a puppy. You know you’d smoke a puppy.

  14. roline


  15. lame

    wow, that is one ugly dude!

  16. brue

    I want to inform you that someone here is keeping saying you are seeking a sugar woman on **fitnessloving. com**.. recently.. maybe you need to stop the slurring!

  17. lidsay

    Really? I don’t know about that! but one thing maybe true, he’s hooking up with some hot cougars on __Agelessdate.com__ anyway, it’s a good place to recapture some your youth and start a May-December romance!

  18. brue

    uhm… you guys are all coke addicted cunts. Someone saw his profile with some photos on ***fitnessloving. com*** , where celebrities and singles hook up. He feels lonely, doesn’t he?

  19. I'm calling bullshit

    What? This can’t be true, everyone knows that Lindsay Lohan is the only one who snorts coke in Hollywood. She’s the bad one and everyone else is good.

    I don’t know how, but she was somehow involved in this. Maybe she was gestating in Dina’s womb and Gary Busey somehow sensed it telepathically, causing him to snort coke off his dog in order to honor the goddess of coke that was about to be born.

    If we could just get rid of Lindsay Lohan, who is 5’1″ of pure Irish evil, all morality and honor would be restored in this country. Hollywood professionals would be free to go about their work, building the character of our nation’s youth through upstanding programs like Ugly Betty.

  20. sameshitdifferentyear

    A little early for Halloween, Gary.

    Take off the melting-skeleton-zombie mask.

    …Exactly what promises did he keep to end up like this?

  21. Sport

    Looking good Gary. Luckily your lifestyle didn’t damage your body or face.
    Hey is this Nick Nolte’s child or something?

  22. Slipstream

    Gary Busey & The Soup Dog Lou

    This clip shows you the morning after the night before.

  23. So glad to be Canadian

    You ever wonder what cocaine would look like if it were a person? That.

  24. Stiles

    Cocaine’s a helluvadrug.

  25. stoplookingatme

    #21: I was just about to say he’s looking more and more like Willem Dafoe every day… but I’d compromise for a Dafoe/Nolte hybrid.

  26. ……………………………HE’S AMERICAN, folks?

  27. starship

    Holy fuck, batman!

    It’s like this asshat had a stroke every time he snorted a line.

  28. AMG

    Coke is sooo 1980s… I’m way too old for that shit nowadays.

    However… I’ll definitely give a resounding second to the notions in #9 & 10 – pills make everyone happy… not to mention all warm and fuzzy.

    Just remember that Jerry Lewis agrees – Percodan is everyone’s friend!

  29. Phil Ashio

    Tara Reid’s stomach = Gary Busey’s face

  30. Bigo

    Looking at his face makes me glad I never did drugs!!

  31. Jeezy

    China white is HEROIN!!! Fucking idiots…

  32. Deacon Jones

    Ahhh, I love the nose butter……

    If I was famous, I’d be dead for sure

  33. Deacon Jones

    Oh, and @ 11. (pulls out hard on) Stick this in your mouth, I have zero tolerance for your kind today.

  34. Yeah, China White is heroin, like Jeezy said. Jesus. Get your hards straight, kids.

  35. meee

    hahaha #29

    what is wrong with his eyes? ones like twice the size of the other & it droops. & the lips? & teeth? what the hell is going on here?

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